The Gradual Effects Of Poorly Groomed Skin on your Beauty as you age

Poorly groomed skin means skin that is  not properly cared for. It is essential to groom our skin at least one hour daily all through our life; but often times we are guilty of not doing what is required to keep our skin healthy.

This article is meant to explain the harm you cause to yourself when you don’t groom your skin as required.

poorly groomed skin
poorly groomed skin

Childhood stage when you don’t have poorly groomed skin

During your childhood stage, you have better years of pain-free comfort, security and happiness.  Due to the fact that your skin is merely a bit folded, your movements aren’t disadvantaged and your body’s suppleness allow for unhindered acts.

The effect of poorly groomed skin on Your childhood/teenage Appearance

At the childhood stage, your skin complexion is very healthy and apparently obvious.


Nevertheless, as years pass by, the effect of your emergent folds on your look is clear and this leads to an incessant loss of beauty.

Thus, you transit from the beautiful and appealing baby to the standard beautiful looking child and from thence to the unattractive teenager. A few individuals experience this loss of seductive power at the early stage of their life.

The effect of poorly groomed skin on your body 

The more you grow, the tighter the folds that passes all through your body.
You wound much more t this stage of your life but your youthful vigor empowers you to neglect the pain.
Little by little, you start to increase your responsiveness for every form of pain that you experience.

Your look during adolescent stage

During teenage years, your skull becomes greatly enlarged and this leads to a boost in the stress on your facial skin.

If you have poorly groomed skin, this growth increases the pressure in the skin sufficient to rouse an expulsion of the sebum that was trapped in your wrinkle lines.

Thus, during your teenage years, you tend to have skin issues like acnes, blackheads and blemishes. These can give you considerably lower self esteem and constitute a great impediment to your social life with others.
If your skin is not poorly groomed and you maintain your beauty through this stage of life, you will have less of folded skin.

Nonetheless, a lot of teenagers will observe a few of their features grow excessively; due to the fact that their folds are getting bigger and becoming tighter hence, reducing their beauty.

Your body during the adult stage

As you grow older and older the effects of poorly groomed skin is that you tend to experience more and more pain and much more easily.

You are unable to do things for longer period of time too. Sometimes, your pains are spiky enough and make some of your movements uncomfortable.

Without conscious efforts and even observing it, you alter your body position while you carry out those moves in the least while you experience the pain.

However, you don’t identify these alterations because they; they occur gradually.
You begin to have chronic pain, caused by your main wrinkle lines.
You stop doing few activities and your life tends to be increasingly regulated by the ageing process that your body is undergoing.

Your beauty and appearance during the adulthood stage

During this stage of your life poorly groomed skin leads to folds that you refer to as wrinkles. The wrinkles gradually starts to become visible grow in number and get deeper as the days go by.

Your skin becomes thicker, loses its softness and your skin tone also gets dull. You, thus, become progressively less beautiful. Your skin now becomes visibly wrinkled all over.

Spots, marks and blemishes start to appear and debase the beauty of your skin more and more. Your hair starts to turn into white or begins to disappear.

Life begins to lose its fun.

Your body

Your entire body is currently held captive by the tighter and harder web of folds and wrinkles. Every movement you make leads to aches coming from great fold lines of gigantic proportions.

Your body positions, like standing or sitting, are now anchored in diminishing discomfort.

Your walking posture starts to become more awkward and lopsided, with reduced and every so often hazy movements. You reach the stage when you get hurt the majority of the time.

You begin to have Arthritis and rheumatism pains which merely names given to folded skin pain.

Arthritic and rheumatismal pain is frequently connected to weather and atmospheric conditions. Changes in temperature, moisture, wind, and barometric pressure greatly affects the skin. They vary the intensity of the pain you feel.

Similarly, the swelling on your skin increases the stress, and therefore, the pain you feel.

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