Why Skin Exfoliation: Skin Exfoliation Benefits

No matter what method you chose to use skin exfoliation benefits for a healthy and good looking skin can never be over emphasized.

The original method of exfoliating the skin is with the use of our nails. However, more recently there have been many different forms of exfoliation that has been invented by humans that exfoliates the skin.

The original method of grooming the skin with the nails has thus been thrown overboard.

Exfoliation is only an act of removing the dead skin cells from the surface of our skin. Dead skin cells need to be removed because they make the skin look and the buildup of it leads ageing process that results to ugly looking skin.

skin exfoliation benefits

How skin exfoliation originated

History has it that skin exfoliation was invented by the Egyptians since roughly four thousand years ago. From then till no, skin exfoliation benefits have been perceived more and more by humans. However, many people still neglect the practice on day to day basis.

The result is that the majority of us who have thrown skin exfoliation benefits overboard face the consequence of premature ageing and the appearance of creases on the skin earlier than normal.

Types of exfoliation and skin exfoliation benefits

From the time of the invention of exfoliation by the Egyptians, the methods used for skin exfoliation is basically three in numbers. The three forms of exfoliation are given below:

Mechanical skin exfoliation benefits and practice:

Mechanical skin exfoliation is the type of exfoliation that is done with the use of the following techniques:

◦ Rasps
◦ Stones
◦ Brushes
◦ Gloves
◦ Abrasive soaps
◦ Micro-dermabrasion
◦ Dermabrasion

Masks type of exfoliation

This form of skin exfoliation is done through the use of the following:

◦ Clay
◦Chemical masks
◦ Oatmeal

Chemical exfoliation:

This type of exfoliation is done through the use of:

◦ Exfoliating cleansers
◦Wine and grapes
◦Chemical gels, creams and lotions

What are skin exfoliation benefits?

The skin exfoliation benefits have been enumerated below:

The epidermis layer of your skin generates fresh skin cells every day.
They are transferred further up the skin surface as new and new cells are being produced.  As they make a 30 day’s journey to the surface of the skin they gradually become dried up.

And by the time they arrive the top skin surface, they are already dead cells that ought to be peeled off on its own through the process referred to as desquamation. Sadly enough, the process of desquamation frequently doesn’t reach its conclusion and finishing spot at specific portions of the body.

This unpeeled off dead skin cells thus stays on the skin surface and gets more and more pile up with time. This results to the eventual thickening of your skin.
The skin exfoliation benefits then is that it makes your skin look more attractive, lively, shinny and highly responsive. On the other hand non-exfoliated dead skin cells give you dull appearance, makes you to lack shine and become stiffer and insensitive. Non-exfoliated dead skin cells make you ugly.

Skin exfoliation benefits: The thickness of the skin is not visible to the mere eye

When you look at your skin from the top, it may appear perfectly even and flat.
Nevertheless, the thickness of the skin in reality differs significantly from one portion of your skin to the other.

In spite of its dept, the skin surface would still appear same but the fact remains; the thicker your skin, the more exfoliation it needs. This in extension means the more skin exfoliation benefits there are to your skin.

Skin exfoliation benefits of the nails

Your nails are your only tool that tells you where the thickness of your skin is more. The nails alone possess the receptivity and the gracefulness to sense where your skin is tough and thick and requires exfoliation.

Abrasives, masks and chemicals can’t distinguish between folded and unfolded or thick and slender skin.
In few portions of the body, exfoliation is not essential. Your skin areas that are healthy may readily be wounded by your insensitive methods and dominant products.

Scratching the skin, somewhere else than where it has thickened, can increase blood circulation to the surface and causing injury to the skin.

The use of nails for exfoliation

While grooming your skin by taking advantages of exfoliation benefits, try to ceaseless monitoring of skin tension and apply pressure merely where your skin is thickened of folded.

Make use of superficial grooming method in body parts that are much thin and go back to to pressure grooming strokes in ports of your skin that is thicker.

You take off a lot of dead cells when you scratch your nails on your skin that the room under your nails’ tip gets filled up faster.

Try to keep your fingers and nails tidied up and clean, though.

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