Signs That He Will Not Ask Your Hand in Marriage

Signs That He Will Not Ask Your Hand in Marriage

He has been the man after your heart and you love him so much and think your present relationship is far better than your past relationship. There is no doubt about how you consider one relationship better than the other, you are the one who can decide that, and no one will be able to rate how better any of your relationship is.

Signs That He Will Not Ask Your Hand in MarriageThe question you should be asking yourself is, is this my present relationship will lead to marriage? If your previous relationship did not provide you the answer to your marriage question, then, the present relationship should be able to give you the answer you’ve been searching for.

Now, to find out if your present relationship could answer your question, then you will need to look out for these signs I will be writing about in this post. They are going to give you a clue that will determine if your guy will take it a step further than the past guys you’d been in relationship with in the past and walk you down the aisle.

Consider below the signs that he will not ask your hand in marriage and take the necessary step to reconsider your relationship with him, so as not to break your heart when you will need him most.

Commitment Difficulties

If your man is finding it difficult to really commit himself into the relationship, even when you give him some time to really understand how serious you take the relationship. That is a sign that he won’t be committed into the relationship. He may try to run his mouth, smooth talk you and be all kind of romantic guy you’ve ever come across, he still fear commitment into the relationship. He may have been a great guy at the beginning of the relationship but as times go on, things started taking new dimension. He knows deep down in his heart that he will not ask your hand in marriage. Take a pulse, think about your relationship, does it worth wasting your time on with man that fear to commit himself to the relationship. How long will you be waiting for him to start investing and committing into the relationship? Decide now on what next to do, continue wasting your time or look elsewhere for love where you will be taken seriously in your relationship and take you to the altar for marriage and you having a fulfill life you dream of having in relationship. [Read; 5 Signs of guy fear of commitment you need to know and run]

Complain and Excuses at the Mention of Marriage

You can sit together with your partner and talk for a very long hours, you can play and tease one another, do all sort of romantic play but when it get to the point where you try bringing in issues relate to marriage and wanting him to be firmed and say something good about it. His countenance changes, he tries to change the topic, you observe uneasiness in his body reactions, and he show disapproval with his body language. All these signs are pointing to one fact, that he will not ask your hand in marriage.

A man that want you to be the mother of his unborn children, will not show you signs like all of these when you mention marriage or bring in marriage discussion into your conversation.

Since he knows that he won’t marry you, he will begin to give you reasons and excuses why you should not be talking about marriage for now in your relationship. Someone like that can give you excuses like; he wants his marriage with you to be elaborate, he is going to invite the best marriage planner, get a very big venue where families and friends will come from different part of the world to celebrate with him. There is nothing wrong in all that he want for the marriage but when you look at his income and the potential of what he can earn in one or two years, he cannot afford that kind of marriage.

If he is a serious man and really feels concern about marrying you, even with the little he earns, marriage can be done in a little or small capacity and when he earns big or get more money, he can still celebrate your marriage which may even be in form of marriage anniversary if he so much desire.

Get You Pregnant but Ask You to Abort It

This will be at the highest of it all; lots of guys can’t hold themselves even when they are aware that it is unsafe for you. Any meeting at that particular time can result in pregnancy, yet they still want your canal knowledge. They will believe the use of protective will not allow pregnancy to occur after meeting you at your unsafe period. Mistakenly you conceived, the only option they will give you is to go and abort the pregnancy. If you refuse, they will threaten you with ending of their relationship with you, which is of course what will come after at the end of it all. Think twice now, this is a very serious sign that he won’t want to marry you.

You Are Not Known to His Family and Friends

When your man has not made you known to his family and friends and he’s not making any effort to make that possible. That tells you that you’re just wanted for his sexual gratification. He knows that nobody will ask him any question when he dumps you; he’s not responsible to anybody about his relationship with you.

A friend of mine posted something contrary to this on her facebook wall page, she said, taking you to know his family in this present days is just a mere formality, it is not a guarantee that he cannot dump you if he want to. Yes there is an iota of truth in it but is not that common. When you’re made known to the parent, there is already a commitment and not many people love taking different women to their family and friends as their potential wife.

You will need to reconsider your stand in your relationship with men when you begin to experience all of these signs I have highlighted above. They are all letting you know that any man that shows you any of these signs will not ask your hand in marriage and it is better for you now to start thinking of your life away from the hand of the men that shows all of these signs. [Also Read; 3 Sure ways to know if a  man is going to marry you]

Your thought about all of these I have mentioned above, use the comment box below and let me know what you think and how you think anyone can help herself with this kind of situation.

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4 thoughts on “Signs That He Will Not Ask Your Hand in Marriage”

  1. Akaahan Terungwa


    You’ve hit the nail on the head…I’m particularly concerned about the ‘go, abort the baby part’.

    You see, if a guy really is in love, pregnancy will give him the opportunity to propose, no matter his financial condition. Why? Because he loves you more than risking you for an abortion and does not want the stigma of a bastard to hang on you.

    Girls, wisen up!

    – Terungwa

    1. Oh! Thanks Terungwa for dropping by, really girls just need to be wise up and save their life fron uneasiness experience by the time the guy ask them to leaves.

  2. What if the man has showed her to d parent and yet demanding for abortion. What should be the hope of the girl?

    1. There must be something missing somewhere.
      Maybe he’s not ready to be a parent for now, but if that’s the case, there shouldn’t be any form of having sex with each other.
      Abortion is never a good thing, let him accept the responsibility and try as much as possible to do all he can to settle down with the marriage, even if there’s no money, it can always be done on a low key, and later when there’s much money to spend, he can call the whole nation to come celebrate his marriage.

      As per the hope of the girl, I can’t specifically say here but, it has to do with what both of them agree upon. She doesn’t want to abort it, let her make it known to him, that she’s ready to keep the pregnancy.
      The problem in situation like this, is that, it is not enough to conceive when you have been shown to your fiancee parent, or when nothing has been paid on her head.
      She should have avoid the pregnancy or have a better discussion with him about, in case, anything like pregnancy happen along the line when both of them are not prepare for marriage at least for now.
      Let both of them sit down and really talk about it.

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