5 Signs of Guy Fear of Commitment You Need To Know And Run

5 Signs of Guy Fear of Commitment You Need To Know And Run

If a guy has nothing to offers you, you don’t have to wait around him; you need to run as fast as possible before you find yourself stuck in that relationship that will only waste your time and probably ruin the kind of romantic relationship you dream of having with a guy.

5 Signs of Guy Fear of Commitment You Need To Know And RunWhen a guy has commitment issue, there is possibility he’s going to use you and dump you for other ladies that caught his fancy no matter how long you’ve been with him. I just feel sorry for some woman that still go ahead to defend this kind of guy and ready to stay with him longer and wishing something positive comes out of the relationship. Some ladies go as far as saying the situation of their guy is different from every other guys out there. They make excuses for the man’s behavior and continue to allow him to treat them poorly because they are afraid to be alone.

Regardless of the situation, these 5 signs of guy fear of commitment will open your eyes to see the reasons why you should run and leave him alone with his life. So, don’t stick around if you observe these signs in the way your man behaves.

1. Behavioral inconsistency, he disappears at will.

This is one of the huge sign that shows a guy fear of commitment, he’s never consistent; he will only show up when it is convenient for him and not for you. Such guy will cancel appointment with you at the last minute, he stay away from you for long time and give you some unnecessary excuses. But if he want to meet you, he will create time for himself to meet you, anything apart from that, he’ll disappoint you when you least expected. So what are you waiting for? Put on your pairs of sandal now and run!

2. He will not accept responsibility, never at fault and put it all to you

Guys that are afraid of commitment often handle confrontational poorly; they’ll blame you for every misunderstanding that comes between you. When guy like that first loves you, everything will seems going on well for you but at a certain stage, thing begin to go in opposite way, be sure that he’ll blame you for everything, he’s not going to accept responsibility for any fault in his relationship with you. He will make you think there’s something wrong with you whereas he’s the one everything is wrong with. So what are you waiting for? Put on your pairs of sandal now and run! [Also read; How to deal with anger in relationship]

3. He will never put you at first in anything

You will observe that this kind of guy will even put his job and friends ahead of you in the sense that, he uses them for excuses not to see you for one reason or the other. Just as point number above, he’ll keep disappearing in your life when you need him most, he won’t even consider your happiness, he’ll prefer to happy than you being happy, your happiness will only take second priority in his life.  If he doesn’t put your wants and needs before his in the beginning he certainly won’t in the future, so what are you waiting for? Put on your pairs of sandal now and run!

4. He will not want you to know his friends and family

If a guy truly loves you, he will be eager to show you off to his family and friends, he’ll be happy to present you anywhere as his girlfriend, he’ll show the world that he’s lucking enough to have you as his girlfriend, but if he’s afraid of commitment, he will look for all possible ways to avoid you knowing his family and friends. Guys that are afraid of commitment will avoid events or outings that may include your family or friends. So do you need anybody to tell you what to do again? Put on your pairs of sandal now and run!

5. Short relationship history, more ex-girlfriends than friends in their contact list

When you take a look at the history of guys that are afraid of commitment, it is usually short history of relationships and they may never have been married. They will sure give you the excuses that, they haven’t met the right woman, or they justify their history by saying they still have more time to think of settling with woman and start having children and that children can even be gotten at any age. Check their contact list, you’ll find more ex-girlfriend on the list much more than the people they will call their friends. So, if you notice all these thing, wait for no one to tell you what to do, run! [Read; Bad habits that will hurt your relationship]

I’m sure these 5 signs of guy fear of commitment are very common among commitment phobic guy and when you notice any of them, please re-access your relationship with him and ready to run when these signs are prominent.

Do you know any other sign that tells you that the guy will not be committed to a relation he’s in? Please share with us your experience in the hand of these guys if you’ve experienced it before now. Please help to share this article using any of the social media icons below and also give my Facebook Fan page just a like and as you do so, remain lovely.

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