These 3 Toxic Relationships Will Destroy Your Love If They Find Ways Into Your Relationship

These 3 Toxic Relationships Will Destroy Your Love If They Find Ways Into Your Relationship

If your relationship is going to last long as you desire, then you’re going to avoid letting these 3 toxic relationships find their ways into your relationship life.

Lots of people are actually working dead in a relationship that has no future for them, they are there in the hope that, it can be worked out but the situation is not getting even better. Every day they do experience emotional pain, and emotional pain is something that even goes deeper and affects every other areas of one’s life.

Toxic Relationships Will Destroy Your Love People live in an unfulfilled and worse situation, emotionally neglected and sometimes abuse relationship, their intimacy is being suffered everyday as a result of toxic relationship destroyer they’ve allow to creep in into their relationship.

There are several toxic relationships but I will be talking about three most significant ones in this post. The three are; Criticism, Negativity & Avoidance.


Criticism especially destructive ones, if allow to enter into your relationship, you can be sure to start counting down the days when you and your partner will go separate ways. Ones you start criticizing your partner for no just reason, you make him or her feel demoralized.

Sometimes it comes as a joke, your partner can make fun of you but such fun to you is distasteful and you never let him or her knows how you feel about what has just been said, you’re still going to hear more of it and it will gradually build up inside of you, which will one day explode into great anger that may even shake the foundation of your relationship.

My friend once told me about what led to a breakup in his relationship with his ex. He said it all started with criticism, he’s is always criticizing his girlfriend for excessive spending habit and the woman don’t like the criticism, but in return she started criticizing him for his sexual inadequacy, not being able to go for several round per night. These words really affected him and that was the genesis of their relationship breakup. That’s really toxic!


This is another demoralizing toxic relationship habit that will not allow you see anything good in your partner once it gets to a certain level. Seriously, being negative can make your relationship life seem hopeless. You will feel that all the positive thing you’ve done to make the relationship works is in vain, sooner you’ll be overwhelmed with the negative energy of being negative.

Ideally negativity isn’t, it will block your mind from thinking about doing anything good even for yourself because your subconscious mind has been overtaken with negative thought, no relationship can work when one partner’s mind is being occupied with negativity.


This is another relationship killer; avoidance is a passive relationship toxicity and get worse overtime if not properly taken care of. Sometimes, you may make up your mind to not allow it into your relationship and ready to clear the air to let your relationship move forward but only for your partner too to disappear into the air, which can be frustrating on your part. Most times, avoidance leads to silent treatment which is very bad for any relationship if intended to be healthy and be successful. [Read; How Silent treatment can hurt your relationship]

This is not to encourage you to leave you relationship too early; it can be worked out if your partner is willing. But don’t sit there when your partner is not ready to work it out with you even when you’ve tried your best to get it working with him or her, it is time to take your leave. Staying too long in toxic relationship has a deleterious effect on both of you and you may never recover from it on time, even when you get into another relationship.

Has any of these 3 relationship toxicity affected your relationship life? I’ll love to hear from your experience on how you deal with it. Please feel free to make use of the comment box below to let me hear your thought, view, experience and contribution.

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