Top 10 True Love Signs of Relationship

Have you ever experienced true love in your relationship? Are you sure it’s not infatuation you call true love? I never once doubt true love because it exists but true love doesn’t just happen the way many people thought of it. If you want to really know if you’ve experienced or you want to experience true love, you may consider taking a look at these top ten true love signs of a relationship.

True Love Signs of RelationshipIt is possible to see someone for the very first time and the person makes your heart skip, then you fall into the popular belief of love at first sight which is not real love but an infatuational kind of love. This kind of love is not real because it’s a strong surge of emotional and sexual emotions that overwhelm you.

Before you can begin to experience relationship success, you need to take it slowly and that is when true love character will begin to manifest in your love and relationship life. I know that many of chase after true love but only a few really find it and experience it in totality.

How do these people experience it? Simple, they are not bound by the laws of human behaviour because human behaviour is easy to understand, for instance, human instinct will tell you to react immediately such as when someone hurts you, you get angry with the person, when someone steps on your ego, you will want to retaliate, these are human behaviour that true love doesn’t follow the such pattern of lifestyle. But when you experience true love with someone, your primal instincts and behavior change only towards this person. True love transcends typical human behaviour. It makes you a better human being towards a special someone.

The 10 True Love Signs of Relationship

Though true love may be hard to define, its signs are easy to read in every successful relationship. These are the true love signs of a relationship to for in your relationship.

  1. There should not be a give-and-take situation in your relationship, when you give, you do it without expecting a return from your partner.
  2. No matter how you’re feeling, the happiness of your partner will set you too in a happy mood when you watch your special one smile or laugh, that’s pure happiness.
  3. You sacrifice for their happiness and well-being even when they don’t notice it.
  4. You get hurt when you’re upset but their action never offended you.
  5. You’ll never want to hurt them in any of your actions, when you’re truly in love with someone, you can’t even think of hurting them either emotionally or physically. True love is a completely selfless act but revenge is a strong human instinct which can’t be found in true love
  6. You share in their burden even if you have yours to carry.
  7. You celebrate their achievement, even if it is a thing you’ve not been able to achieve. It’s normal to feel jealous of a friend when they achieve what you find difficult to achieve but in case of the true love, you rejoice in their pride.
  8. You will never want to fail in your promise to your lover, you’ll ensure you keep to your promise no matter what it takes to do that as far as you can feel happy doing it.
  9. Always think from your lover’s perspective and not your own always, you’ll think about their point of view before you make any decision that may affect them
  10. It is no more a single you in all your achievement but “we”, and ‘we’ will replace ‘me’ since he or she has become part of your life. In true love, that’s how it works, though you will need your personal space to grow at the same time you need your partner to grow together.

These are ten true love signs of a relationship, perhaps you’re in a relationship and you’re not feeling these, don’t worry, it is possible that your level of relationship hasn’t grown to reach that state of true love, it develops over time as you move on in your relationship toward emotional maturity that surpasses physical attraction or the stage of infatuation. If you find this post helpful, please like our Facebook fan page below

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52 thoughts on “Top 10 True Love Signs of Relationship”

  1. Gud day sir, i hve been dating a girl for so long, i call nd text her everyday bt she never call me unless i call her hw can i knows that she love me too

  2. Adeyemi Matthew

    Pls sir i ave a gf that we both luv eachother but a friend of mine said he is dating with her and i ask her is she dating with my friend she said no and ask her that did she luv me she said yes and she swear that she will nv leave me wat should i do

  3. Pls sir I hv a bf that love me more then I do not know, when ever he want to express is feels for me I always ignore him ad he promised never to live me wat should I do I need ur advice pls sir

    1. Show him you love him too.

      How else do you want me to help you.

      Since you know he loves you, then you’ve got to show him love and give him your attention.

  4. Gud day sir, I av a bf that we both love each other but d truth of d matter is that he don’t open up to me ,this is going to three years of relationship. Would this lead to marriage am confuse cux I so much in love with him and he has gone to see my parent that he want to marry me. What do I do sir

    1. If you can pull up with him for 3yrs with secretive attitude and you can no longer tolerate it anymore, I think the best thing for you to end the relationship and stop wasting time with person that’s not ready to be opened to you in the relationship.

      It mean, when both of you get married, you will remain in the dark for many years of your marriage concerning what’s going on in the marriage.


      Is it that you’re the type that don’t keep secret?

      This is another reason why a guy might decide to be secretive and be waiting for when you’ll change.

    1. It all depend on you and your partner.

      There’s no wrong answer in both of them.

      Your choice determine which is wrong or write

  5. Hello author
    Thanks for all your advice and this article has already thought me all i need to know but my question is like this, ”i have dated her for 4 years now and she neither cheat or flirt but all she does is being stuborn and wants her words to be final, yet i can’t let her go even if she’s at fault I’ll always say I’m sorry, that’s one sentence she won’t say easily, i can’t live a long without her by my side so i want to know weather this is part of true love. Thanks

  6. I hv dis grl dat we both love each other for d pass 3yrs, bt nw things r nt like b4, bt she jst txt me dat hr hrt doest nt belong to me bt i still beg hr never to go away from me bcoz of d lov i hv for hr is natural n true n she finally accepted, but still things r nt lk b4. Nw my question is dis, hw am i going to dat she still truely lv me?

  7. Good day sir, I have a gf and we’ve been dating for a year now. We had serious issues and hurt feelings in the first 9months and she complained that I don’t care and we both used to give each other a lot of attitude and show of ego. We still moved on and in the last 2 months we got extremely close with a lot of understanding. We talk everyday and of recent she sent a voice note that she loves me and I told her that we should take things gently but I like really her and we both know. I am 20 and she is 19. We hope to end up together in marriage. But I am beginning to think that I am scared of commitment because I did not respond that I love her back. Pls am I? We consciously have never been physically intimate before, not even a hug or a kiss.

  8. I have a girl that love me so much over year and now and she start mishavinglove me my friend in the name of bestie what should I do now

    1. Hey Izu,

      Can you clarify what you mean by “she start mishavinglove me my friend in the name of bestie
      Once I understand what you mean, I’ll be able to respond appropriately.


  9. Daniella(a k a) crazy angle

    Type here..i don’t asually believe in true love buh all i knw is dat love and support in a relationship gives ur the strength to push and move further no matter wats happens at dat point of the relationship.whether good or bad time of our lives

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