Wedding invitation Card content: What Your wedding invitation Card Should Contain

Your wedding invitation card is an essential element that can make or break your guests’ impression of your event. It is important to be sure that your family and friends are able to attend the event and celebrate this special occasion with you.

In order to make sure that everyone gets there, while being certain that all of the information is correct, you need to know what to include on a wedding invitation:wedding invitation card content.

A wedding is a celebration like no other, and the invitation heralds the event and helps build the excitement leading up to it.

In order to keep up this excitement and not get your guests confused about certain information, your wedding invitation must be detailed and wedding invitation Card content must include the following:

What Your wedding invitation Card Should Contain

Wedding Ceremony Information

The time, date, address and venue of the wedding ceremony are key components of a wedding invitation card.

Remember that once you send the invites out, the time and date are going to be locked in, so check to make sure that your wedding is properly scheduled and the venue is booked for you.

Reception Information

You also need to have the time, date, and location of the reception. Add a direction to the reception venue if it is very far from the ceremony venue.

Family and Couple’s Names

Traditionally, wedding invitations start by listing the names of the parents, along with inviting the recipients to the wedding. The names of the couple come after this and should be written in the way it would appear in the marriage license.

Dress Code

What Your wedding invitation Card Should Contain

Because wedding guests want to dress appropriately for your wedding, it is important to include the dress code within the invitation as well.

In most Nigerian weddings, a uniform fabric also known as aso-ebi would have been chosen prior to the wedding date. But for your guests who don’t have this or if you simply didn’t choose a fabric, you can state the wedding colours in your invitation so guests come dressed in those colours.

Here, you can also state the theme of your wedding to guide guests in their dress choice.

Wedding Response Cards

Response cards, otherwise known as RSVP cards, helps ensure that your guest will respond to you if they are planning to attend. On these cards, guests tell whether or not they will be attending and how many will be attending.

This is important for weddings that are strictly by invitation. Your guests can either send this card back to you, call or email to confirm their attendance.

Directions Card

This is an optional part of a wedding invitation package but is very necessary especially if most of your guests will be traveling from other places or if you’re having a destination wedding. The purpose of including a map or direction card is to make sure none of your guests get lost or arrive late at your event.

Pew or Escort Card

This is important if you are very particular about the sitting arrangement of your guests. A pew card states where the guest will sit in the church or ceremony location while an escort card is a small card that indicates the place of your guests in their respective tables at the reception.

Travel/Accommodation Cards

Accommodation information cards are a good idea if you’re hosting your wedding at a vacation destination or if you have many out of town guests. As their hosts, it would be a hospitable gesture for you to make their trip as convenient as possible.

It can include detailed travel information for your guests including nearby airports, hotel options, rental car agencies, taxis, and so on.

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