Why You Need Not Going Into Open Relationship

Why You Need Not Going Into Open Relationship

As described in my last post, open relationship is where one partner has an intimate romantic and sexual intimacy with other partners out the relationship. You can read the last post about what it open relationship and more details about it here.

It is an established fact that open relationship is prevalent among the college educated middle-class young people. People who lack parental guidance also are more open to open relationship.

Why You Need Not Going Into Open RelationshipThe following reasons are why people sometimes go into open relationship.

  • When one has not ended his or her relationship and is in love with new partner
  • People in distance relationship often fall into open relationship
  • When people are in relationship just for convenience without mutual attraction
  • Lastly, some people go into open relationship because they’ve been cheated by their partner, they do this in other to take a revenge on their partner.

If you decide to go into open relationship, it can only be beneficial if you’re still young and not ready to settle down for a serious relationship or trying to test different partner so as to know which particular one you can really form a true relationship with. But you should be aware that, going into open relationship can cause you more harm than you can ever think if not properly handled.

Avoid open relationship for these obvious reasons

Partner going into open relationship are more concern of personal interest, which mean you’re liable to develop less interest and as well pay less attention to your partner.

Going into open relationship will expose you to more higher level of jealousy, once there is a third parties, you automatically triggered jealousy within you and you should know that such jealousy is not good for your relationship and your health, it can even lead you to do thing you can never imagine doing, thing that can put you into trouble or behind bars.

When you begin to desire for more partners, it mean you’re not having a true relationship. If you love your partner, you don’t have to even make an attempt to go into any kind of open relationship.

So, before you begin to consider the idea of open relationship, please consider the options in term of what benefits you’re going to get from going into open relationship and the devastating effect of going into open relationship on you and your partner. If your love for your partner is truly genuine, you have no reason going into any open relationship.

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