How to Keep the Fire Burning in Your Relationship

Do you find yourself constantly picking irrational fights with your partner just because his face infuriates you? Are you slowly running out of excuses to avoid him every time he asks you to go out with his friends? Does his signature laugh the one you used to find adorable makes you wish the earth would just swallow him alive because for some reason you find it downright annoying? Yes? Well here’s more.

How to Keep the Fire Burning in your RelationshipHas it reached a point when you would rather hang out with your boring office-mates than spend a few hours on the phone with your beau? Are there moments when you visualize yourself kissing someone else? If the answer is still a yes then it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that something is terribly wrong with your relationship. Either you’ve fallen out of love or you’re just bored with the predictability and monotony of your relationship.

When it comes to situations such as these breaking up isn’t always the solution especially if you still care about the person in a romantic way (but if it becomes platonic and talking it over still doesn’t work then it would be best if you two mutually decide to part as friends). As I was saying, if you think that there’s still hope for the two of you to rekindle the fire I suggest that you peruse through this article. Your relationship doesn’t have to end with you guys being platonic friends, all you need to do is to spend time fine-tuning your relationship to bring back the youthful, madly in love couple that you guys once were. [Also read; Keeping the love alive]

Below are tips I’ve gleaned from couples who were able to survive the storms and turbulences of long term relationships.

  1. Take your partner out on dates, regularly. Yes you read that right. Regularly. It doesn’t have to be in expensive restaurants, an afternoon in Central Park for a quick picnic or front row tickets to a baseball game would be enough. Just as long as you find time to be with your partner.
  2. Engage in meaningful conversations. If your partner is the silent type then be the instigator and initiate the conversation. You can start off by asking how his day went or what she and the girls talked about yesterday at brunch. Open communication will keep yourselves updated with each other’s lives and you’ll know how she/he feels about your relationship.
  3. Experiment in the bedroom. A healthy sexual life is as important as oxygen. It is one way of ensuring that your relationship is still heading in the right direction. If you are having problems getting it on or if your libido is betraying you, you can try to taking a dose of Tongkat Ali extract as this helps with sexual problems.
  4. Forgive easily. It is normal for couples to fight. I mean those who don’t probably don’t talk at all just as long as violence and abuse aren’t involved. The best thing about a fight is the kiss and make-up part because then you get to cuddle with your loved one and talk about what started the fight and the two of you can collaborate and find healthy solutions to avoid the same fights in the future. It is very important that you don’t hold grudges because this can absolutely ruin your relationship. No matter how angry you are you have to forgive. Don’t let the sun down on your anger.
  5. Invest in out of town or out of the country vacations. Couples who travel and explore places together will more likely be happy and in love than those who stay in one place. Renew your passports, have it stamped and book tickets to places you’ve always wanted to travel. Seeing new sights and learning new cultures will bring your relationship a notch higher.

These tips have been proven effective by couples who have been together for so long. If it worked for them then it should also work for you. Your relationship will only go smoothly once the two of you decide to make it work. To keep the fire burning both you and your partner should invest time and energy to nurture your relationship. Trust me in this. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself walking towards the altar on your wedding day.

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