How to Treat Facial Acne During the Popped Stage and Healing Stages

I supposed you are already aware that picking or popping your pimple is bad skin care habit. If you hope to treat facial acne and completely get rid of the spots from your skin, you must never pick at your pimple.

It is usually tempting to do so once you look at the mirror but do all you can to resist the temptation. It is not a recommended practice for you. Acne develops through various stages; we have treated the first and second development in our earlier article.

This article is specifically geared towards how to treat facial acne at the popped stage and healing stages of development.

how to treat facial acne

How to treat facial acne during the Popped Pimple Stage

You must never pop your pimple because it makes your acne worse. However, if you aren’t initially aware of this and have got you pimples popped or aren’t able to resist the temptation, this section of the article tells you what you need to do to treat facial acne.

You can leave bad acne scars on your skin by picking on the breakouts without totally eliminating the blemishes.

By applying pressure in the wrong angle or applying inappropriate pressure, you can rupture your capillaries, which can lead to a redness of the skin which will in turn form scars that are very difficult to get rid of.

If you have fallen into the temptation of popping your pimples and have scared your skin badly, how you treat facial acne at this stage is to cleanse the area and afterward apply a spot treatment.

Experts recommend dabbing skin toning cream made up of glycolic or salicylic acid. These two active ingredients and chemical exfoliants promote clearer skin.

You must however resist the temptation of picking at it and actually stop it.

Yo must try to avoid popping pimples because it’s much more difficult to conceal up a popped pimple with makeup, but actually, you don’t need to be applying makeup on top in any case.

Doing this, could bring in additional bacteria and possibly irritating ingredients to an already susceptible area.

The best way to treat your acne at this stage is to let the area breathe and left untouched.

How to treat facial acne during the Dark Spots Stage

If your acne has healed but has left on your skin dark spots for a longer time, this s teaches you how to treat facial acne at the stage.

These spots surface on your skin due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which can be created after you have picked your pimple or if the wound was highly irritated.

Experts advised that the best way to avoid and treat your acne reaching this stage is to be careful about sun exposure. Cut down on your sun exposure and ensure you constantly put on sunscreen to prevent the rays of the sun from making the spots darker.

You may look out for skin lightening creams that are made up of hydroquinone, and kojic acid.

To conceal dark acne marks, you would make use of use a tactic related to the one you would use to conceal pimples.

Nevertheless, the color correcting would be varied since pimples are typically red-toned, whereas dark acne marks are typically purple or dark brown.

Wear your foundation first and after that apply a concealer to target the areas where you need more coverage. Again, select your concealer based on the color hue of the spot you’re concealing.

If it’s purple or dark brown, make use of a concealer with more peach or orange color.

When your skin has been properly healed up, you need to know how to prevent and treat facial acne so that it doesn’t re-occur again.

These are what you need to do:

  • Be wary of your skincare routine.
  • Wash your face in the morning and evening and never go to bed with your makeup unwashed.
  • When you stick with a good skin care routine, the result is always evident in a clear and sparkling skin.
  • Try to work with a dermatologist.
  • Amalgamations of skin care therapies at home and in the office are your best way to treat facial acne and avoid possible future breakouts.

The Healing Stage

Bravo, if your acne has reached this stage. The struggle is about to come to an end.  It is possible to easily cover up your acne this stage.

If your pimple is nevertheless, dry around the borders, here’s how to treat your acne and cover it up: Although you may not want to, you’d need to apply moisturizing cream to the area.

After that prime your skin and make use of a full-coverage foundation like YSL Fusion Ink. YSL Fusion Ink foundation gives you a good coverage.

The good thing is that it also gives you a matte finish, so you don’t need to apply too much powder to get it well-set.

Try not to apply too much powder to avoid drying it further.

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