Pimples And Acnes: Free Yourself From These Top Daily Habits That Cause Pimples

Free Yourself From These Top Daily Habits That Cause Pimples

Pimples and acne are not good for your skin. You don’t only feel bad about the look of your skin but you as well lose some amount of confidence. Hormones and the environment sometimes are the culprits for breakouts on the skin. Your day to day skin care routine can result to a healthy looking skin. If, however, you indulge in bad skin care habit, you run the risk of ruining your skin. The following facial habits can cause outburst of pimples. You’d be better off avoiding these bad skin care habits.

Habits That Cause Pimples

Constant Touch and Pressure causes pimple

Your hands come in contacts with a lot of things on a day to day basis. The majority of times, these things you lay your hands on are dirty and are infested with bacteria. When you unconsciously touch your face and jaw line with infested hands, you may be transferring the bacteria to your face. Making mindful effort to avoid pressuring your face with your palms as well as with your mobiles could free your face of these dangerous bacteria that results to breakouts. If you must touch your face, wash your hands properly and to avoid infestation from phone, get earpiece for your phone.

Use of dirty Makeup Brushes

You should never use expired makeup products on your face to avoid being infested by harmful skin bacteria. Not cleaning up your makeup brush and tools can cause breakouts. Your makeup sponges, brushes and applicators can be loaded with bacteria that clog up skin pores resulting to pimples. Skin care experts recommend that make up sponge should be washed after every use. Other makeup brushes ought to be washed every week to keep them safe and free from infection.

Hair Products sprays on your forehead

A lot of hair products are oily and are made up of silicones and plasticizers that clog skin pores. Constant use of hair sprays could cause pimple on your foreheads. Extra care must be taken when using these products to ensure that while trying to make your hair healthy and beautiful, you don’t cause trouble for your skin and face.

Desist from using these oily hair products and go for fragrance-free, natural hair products that don’t block skin pores especially if you want to style your hair to touch part of your face.

Constant use of very Steamy Showers can result to pimples

Steamy showers are nice and enjoyable especially during cold weather but they are not especially good for your skin. Very hot shower can damage the epidermis of your skin and result to dangerous acne. The skin by nature is made up of tinny coating of oil that helps it to preserve protective moisture. Hot shower deprives the skin of this oil and leaves it vulnerable and dried out. To avoid this, only shower with hot water occasionally.

Poor hygienic condition of your towels and bedding

When your bedding are dirty and infested with bacteria, you could contact acne-causing-bacteria lying on a dirty pillow case. You can as well contact bacteria by using infested face flannel and towel. Your bedding must be washed every week and you should never use face flannel or towel twice without washing it.

Perfuming your face can cause acne

Avoid spraying perfumes near your face. A good number of perfumes are made up of oils that block skin pores. They are also made up of alcohol which has drying effects on the skin. Although, it is advisable to wear perfume, you must take care not to spray it on your face to avoid breakouts and acne.

Avoiding the Shower after sweating and perspiration

You should never leave your skin unwashed after sweating. Having a shower after sweating ensures that excess oil and body perspiration are done away with. When left on your body, they can cause skin clogging bacteria which may cause acne breakout to grow.

There may be temptation to skip shower especially when you are tired but that would do more harm to your skin and health. So, ensure you desist from these bad skin care routine habits to ensure you have and sustain a healthy and bubbly looking skin.

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