How To Choose Best Bridal Bouquet: Bridal Bouquet Best Tips (1) 

Your best bridal bouquet is an accessory you got to use once in your life time. Apart from your wedding day, there is no other such occasion or day in your life. No other day requires you to grip a gorgeous bunch of flowers for the entire day. This is why it is good for you to choose the best bridal bouquet to ensure that you glitter and shine as much as you could be for your special day. Your entire wedding celebration can be organized just about that particular bunch of your best wedding bouquet. For brides that have no knowledge about flowers or bridal bouquets, the following questions may come to mind.

  • What selection of flowers should make up your best bridal bouquet?
  • What flower colours or shape will be a perfect match for your bridal gown?
  • What is the perfect size for your best bridal bouquet; is it big, moderate or small?
  • What is the best way to hold your bridal bouquet?
  • And how on Earth are you supposed to hold your bouquet?

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This article hope to provide answers to these and many other questions you may have about best bridal bouquet tips. Now see the tips below:

Shop your bridal gown first to enhance your choice of best bridal Bouquet

When you book appointment with your florists, you need to take your bridal gown with you to enable help you choose the best bridal bouquet. The design, shape and color of your best bridal bouquet would completely depend on the style, shape and features of your bridal gown. The main point to note is that your bouquet ought not to swallow you up or conceal your beauty but complement it. It is also not supposed to conceal the outline of your wedding gown or derange its contour.

Cautiously put into consideration the shape and size of your best bridal bouquet

You don’t need a sprawling bouquet if the element feature of your dress is on the skirt. However you may need a more spectacular if you have a extensive train or flurry at the back of your dress. This will help to harmonize the look and the beauty. Do not conceal your waist since it should in all certainty be your slenderest part. Your best bridal bouquet should thus be much more tapered than your waist. Bouquet fashion trend change from time to time but whatever the trend is ensure that your bridal bouquet compliment the beauty of your dress and add to your sparkle and shine instead of concealing your fine details.

Focus your choice of best bridal bouquet on flowers’ seasons

No matter how you like a flower, if your wedding day doesn’t fall on its particular season, it will be difficult to include it in your bouquet. Therefore, put seasons of flowers into consideration  when planning for best bridal bouquet.  Some flowers are merely out of stocks at specific seasons of the year or are just very exorbitant during those seasons. 

Reflect of the color hue of your wedding gown

The color of your wedding gown is the major determinant factor in your choice of the best bridal bouquet. This is especially the case with white wedding gowns, ivory wedding gowns and creamy wedding gowns. There are a lot of color shades to select from. Get a florist to offer you professional advice on the correct type of flower to that matches particular colors of bridal gowns. Your florists should also be able to advise you on the flower types that would compliment your bridesmaid’s dresses. Take a sample of your bridesmaid dresses as well to help your florist advice you well. If you are sewing a custom made wedding gown or bridesmaids dresses, you can always ask your dressmaker to give you any spare fabric that you can send to your florist for a perfect match and a best bridal bouquet choice.

This is the end of part one of this article. To get part 2 and complete lists of tips to ensure you get the best bridal bouquet for your wedding day follow this link.

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