Wedding Accessories Checklist: Everything You Need For Your Wedding Accessories

Congratulations, you’ve got the man of your dream! You have also fixed your wedding date. Now, is the wedding preparation period and you are looking for wedding accessories checklist to ensure that your special day is made as great and wonderful as it can be. There are a lot of things to purchase and organize for your wedding that you can easily forget if you don’t start planning on time and wedding accessories is one of those. Nevertheless, getting your wedding accessories right as insignificant as it may look to you is one of the most essential things that that make your wedding exclusive and inimitable. We have provided this wedding accessories checklist to enable you ensure that you get everything right.

Wedding accessories checklist
Wedding accessories checklist

Wedding accessories checklist for the groom

Wedding day is one of those wonderful opportunities the groom has to appear elegantly and handsomely dressed. Thus, having the complete accessories makes you look as amazing as you can be for your bride and for your wedding day special occasion.

  • You need a wristwatch to  ensure you arrive at the wedding service on time
  • You need pocket hankie to wipe away sweat or perspiration and possible tears of joy
  • You need few cufflinks to incorporate a special touch to your outfit
  • You require a buttonhole that corresponds and matches your wife’s the bridal bouquet
  • A tie, cravat, or curtsy tie taking the time of day into consideration
  • A waistcoat or cummerbund if required
  • A wedding hat and gloves if you are going for an extremely formal wedding

Wedding accessories Checklist for the bride

The most significant thing on every bride’s shopping list is the bridal gown. Every bride knows this; what you may not know is things that need to go with it to accentuate the beauty of your dress and make you look more glamorous. The following are the rest accessories you need to appear the beast you can be on your wedding day:

  • The bridal veil, headpiece, or accessories for your hair to harmonize your bridal gowns’ look
  • You need a comfy pair of wedding shoes to enable you move freely and dance around on the wedding floor. A clutch bag for wedding day essentials
  • A covering, shrug or sweater to cover your shoulders in the event of a cold weather.
  • Wedding jewellery to produce that additional spark
  • Your bridal garter for a little nod to tradition
  • Bridal lingerie for more support and ensure you feel sexy on your wedding day

Wedding accessories checklist for the wedding party

Apart from getting the bride and the groom’s accessories right, you also need to get a good accessories for the members of your wedding party to ensure that your day look and appear as best as it can be. Your bridesmaids, ushers and parents of both bride and the groom require a few additional accessories to make it evident that they are members of the wedding party. The following are wedding accessories checklist for your wedding party:

  • Bridesmaids’ jewelry. This will help to accentuate your wedding day look and as well act as a sign of appreciation from you that they made themselves available for your special day.
  • Hair accessories or bridesmaids tiaras to perfect their look
  • Bridesmaids’ shoes to balance of  the beauty of their dresses
  • You need ties, waistcoats, and crown hats for the ushers and fathers
  • You need to get buttonholes for the male members and wrist corsages or corsages of your choice for the mothers
  • You need a wedding ring bag or wedding ring cushion for the best man or ring carrier
  • You need one or couple of baskets for your flower girl or girls depending on their number for use during the time you walk down the aisle

Wedding accessories checklist for the service

The wedding occasion or service tend to be practically forgotten when planning for accessories and embellishments but they are absolutely necessary if you want that perfect wedding you’ve been dreaming of. These are what you need:

  • Confetti, rose petals, foam, or rice for guests to shower you with
  • Orders of service s to enable your guests follow the wedding ceremony
  • Minor fragrance candles to enhance  the aura of the atmosphere  you make your vows

Wedding accessories check list for the reception

The wedding reception is a clear time to use reception accessories, and your tables will be enclosed with trinkets and a few extras to make them exceptional and special.

  • You would need to get escort cards, affix names and seat plans to assist your guests locate their seats
  • Get bomboniere as a way of showing appreciation to your guests for attending your celebrations
  • You need a wedding cake topper, knife, and stand together with cake boxes
  • You need table jewels, table cloths, candles and serviette loops
  • Wine glass pearls and colorful glassware
  • Throwaway cameras and videos for those archetypal wedding flashes
  • A wish well gifts to your guests

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