How to Be Romantic

It’s easy to be a romantic person, right? I don’t need help in this department; I’ve been cursed with the hopeless romantic sensibility. This condition means I cry in heartwarming movies, want to curl up in a ball with warm touches and gentle cuddles. I actually believe in the power of love. I strongly believe that true love is as “magical” as it is “destructive” and even “dangerous.”How to Be Romantic

I am not here to discuss the nature of love, though. I am here to explain how to be romantic and melt any man’s heart and soul.

There are two main ways to be romantic: via communication or by some sort of action that you do.

#1: Text him something sweet and short completely randomly

I miss you.

I can’t stop thinking about last night.

I can’t believe you exist.

It’s crazy that we met. I feel like I’ve known you forever.

You’re so familiar to me.

I love you. More than you know.

You’re so attractive and fascinating. It’s kind of unfair.

 #2: Do something sweet for him (for example: breakfast in bed, giving him a relaxing massage, doing something he loves and enjoys and fully participating. Or going for a walk with him along his favorite walk-path because you know he used to do that with his favorite uncle as a kid, for example).

Other examples:

Watch a movie with him because it makes him happy.

Cuddle up next to him and lay gently against his chest.

Hold his hand.

Quick Exercise for You

Think about the guy you like and are dating/in a relationship with (or a person you have in mind that you would want to be romantic with.)

Jot down 5 things you like about him that make him unique. Write what you would say to him if you had no guard up. Still unable to think of anything? Maybe you need to really step back and relax yourself because I promise you there is no reason to fixate on how to be romantic. If your relationship is good, enjoy it.

Perhaps emotions are difficult for you to express and even identify. That’s OK.

Once you are comfortable with the idea and/or meet the right person, it won’t be difficult anymore. Being romantic basically means being sentimental. Passionate. Out of control (in a good way). Breathless. Butterflies.

And finally…

Ultimate Romance Tip: Pretend You’re In A Movie (Just Kidding Except Not Fully)

Pretending you are in a movie is the least romantic thing you could possibly do. Why? Because Hollywood portrays a complete lie about what love is and actually gives you a recipe to have your relationship fail. Your “inner romantic” cannot come out unless you are able to be yourself. If you watch a movie and think being cruel to a guy and being difficult while playing hard to get is going to win his heart you’re mistaken. A lot of movies show women being difficult and then having the guy chase them and profess his love in a hopelessly romantic way. This is not how real life works out most of the time.

One tip to take from a movie, though, is the way that sex scenes and kissing scenes are portrayed. Mimic that intensely passionate, uninhibited sensual energy and be comfortable being intimate and sensual.

And finally… Notice what makes him special and unique. Notice little things he enjoys. Pay attention and do something sweet. When the time comes and if you really do know him, you will know what to do and say.

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