Pre wedding Discussions Couples must have: what are they?

Getting married is like a contract but this time around a life time contract between you and your spouse. While you are happy that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with your heart throb, there are some relevant discussions you need to table out with your spouse. These discussions are much needed as it would be good to have them out in the open so both of you are on the same page. Some couples like to avoid talking about some issues but the earlier the better. It’s wiser to talk about important matters early enough rather than waiting till later to do that. These Pre wedding discussions act as a pacesetter for your marriage.

The Pre wedding Discussions are:

Discussion on finances:

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One thing that is sensitive and  relevant in human relationship is finance. Whether you like it or not, this is one topic you must talk about and as a couple, you need to know how to manage and plan your finances. Since you’re both coming together to be one entity, it’s important to know how your finances will be handled. Will you both have separate bank accounts or joint account? If you have a joint account, what will the money be used for? What plans do you both have for saving? At what point in your finance, will you acquire fixed properties? All these are questions you must both have answers too. One thing you should realise is that the issue of finance if not handled properly can cause a rift in the home. This is why it is necessary to discuss it so that if any issue arises, you will know how to handle it.

Discussion on parenting:

Pre wedding Discussions Couples must have (3)

This area in marriage should be talked about. It is very easy to assume what is not and you’ll be surprised that after some people get married, one spouse either isn’t ready to have children or doesn’t want to at all. This is why it is important to discuss it with your spouse. How many kids would you both love to have? What spacing do you want to give your children? Do you want to do family planning? All these are questions you must have answers to in order to plan well in marriage. At times things might not eventually go the way you planned them to go but at least it’s a good start talking about it.

Discussion on careers:


If you’re both on a career path, you need to have a plan B in case anything goes wrong. With the state of the economy and the way companies now downsize, anything can happen so it’s best to envision such. Do the two of you want to build your careers? At what point does either of you quit? What long term plan do you both have for sustainability? Do you intend starting your own business? If yes, when? Some careers may make you relocate from one location to another, if it happens, are you both willing to move together or will you live separately? These are really important to consider.

Discussion on vacations:

Pre wedding Discussions Couples must have

In marriage, it is important for couples and families to bond and going on vacation from time to time is an ideal thing to do. So what plans do you have for that and how often do you intend doing that? Will you take the kids along or leave them with relatives so you have enough time to spend with one another? It’s very possible to neglect time outs due to work but it’s necessary to also spend time together.

Discussions on the past:

Some people do not like talking about their past life or relationships mostly out of fear of what the other person would think about them. Most times, it’s better to leave things out in the open so it doesn’t come back to hunt you in the future. If you feel it’s something important then let your spouse know about it. You’ll even feel relieved after doing that.

Marriage is not child’s play and as such a lot of deep thought, planning and Pre wedding discussions have to be dealt with.

Are you now ready for that really important discussion? All the best!

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