Decision making in aesthetic: The jowl and the neck

Face Lift is commonly an aesthetic procedure that is carried out to lift different sections of the face which include the neck laxity, the double chin area, nasolabial folds and the marionette lines. In this article, we are going to discuss especially the jowl area and the neck face lift procedures.

We will talk about what they are and how they are generally lifted with this aesthetic procedure to boost the facial features. The jowl area is represented in the diagram shown below:

The jowl area is represented in the diagram shown below:

jowl and the neck
jowl and the neck

We have provided images of the anatomic location of these facial features and as well provided images that showed these structures of jowl and the neck before facelift treatment and after treatment to make it easy for you to see what facelift can do for you.

In a much stricter sense, a facelift means pulling up of the facial muscles located above the jaw line.


The greater part of the effect of the procedure is noticed in the jowls, just about the mouth and within the cheek area of the face. A facelift that is carried out only on the part of the face above the jaw line.

A facelift that is carried out only on the part of the face above the jaw line alone will still show some effects in the neck. However, if you are looking for a much tighter neck, you’d be required to lift the neck directly through the jowl and the neck lift aesthetic surgical procedure.

Below are figures that showed the anatomic feature of the Marionette line, the locations of the neck bands and the naso labial folds.

naso labial folds.The first figure below shows the facial feature before a facelift and the second picture shows how the facial expression is enhanced through the facelift procedure.
This image shows a facial feature before a Facelift procedure was carried out on it to enhance the Jowls and the laxity of the Neck.

naso labial folds.

This image shows the appearance of the face after a facelift procedure has been carried out on it to improve the Jowls and the laxity of the Neck.

What normally happen during a Face Lift Procedure

Facelifts are usually described with different terms and are usually explained as a noninvasive surgical procedure that helps to boost the aesthetic features of their face.

A facelift commonly entails a pull on a sheet of tissue known as the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS). The SMAS issue includes the facial muscles and platysma as shown in the figure below:

Take note of the way that the platysma muscle intermingled and got unified with the facial muscles. This tissue layer is the fold that is usually lifted through the facelifts procedures to boost the facial features.

Lifting the SMAS in the jowl and the neck procedure enhances facial features because the SMAS is linked to other muscles of the face and the pulling of the SMAS changes or rearranges the other facial muscles that are situated near the features that requires improvements like the jowls and the neck folds as we have explained earlier.

Different variations of Facelift: the jowl and the neck procedures

There are different variations of the facelifts. The difference depends on the amount of depression the surgeon creates before the ear, the amount of dept he or she gives to the dissection, the duration of time taken for the incision and any other adjunctive procedures carried out to enhance the effects created by the facelift procedure.

The most common types of facelift procedures carried out for jowl and the neck are:

  1. Less invasive facelifts
  2. Advanced facelifts
  3. Advanced convoluted facelifts

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