Top Beauty Mistakes That Makes You Grow Old faster

Choosing the right makeup can be tricky. The majority of women, thus, make make-up and these top beauty mistakes on a day to day basis. The majority of things you do with your make-up rather than adding to your beauty may actually be aging you.

Read these top beauty mistakes today to discover top fashion mistakes you need to break away from immediately.

Top beauty mistakes

The use of mismatching or wrong foundation

There are a lot of different forms of foundation out there in the market.  Take time to study and test out the coverage and finishes option to help you to stay away from top beauty mistakes that woman makes.

Testing the foundation out is also the perfect way to find out the perfect match for your skin and its shades of color. A good guide to this  is to know the look and feeling you want for your face.

Once you have been able to determine how you want the final result to look like, take your surroundings into consideration and check where the majority of your time is being spent on day to day basis.

Again, do not apply too light foundation. Too light foundations make your wrinkles more conspicuous. Older women need to make use of warmer shades of foundation.

As you approach the later stage of your life go for complete liquid foundation with light-reflective particles. Such foundations will make your weary skin appear vibrant, healthier, younger and radiant. Remember during application to stick to a thin tone.

Applying very thick foundation is one of the top fashion mistakes you must avoid. It makes you appear older than your normal age.

Applying Facial powder close to your eye-lines is among top beauty mistakes

When applying facial powders limit the quantity you apply. If you are fond of applying compact one as you grow older change from dense application to thin application.

It is better to avoid applying powder to your eye area and any portion of your skin with noticeable wrinkle signs.

After applying your foundation, slightly dusting power on your chin and nose area is good. They help to minimize the lustre and shine and balances off the appearance of your skin.

You must not apply powder close to your eyes because it will lead you into one of the top beauty mistakes. Powdering makes any fine lines close to your eyes more noticeable.

Applying eyeliner on your lower lashes leads to top beauty mistakes

When you apply eyeliner to your lower lash line, you make top fashion mistakes of making your eyes look tinnier. This in turn attracts undesired attention to any dark circles you may have.

The same thing is applicable to the way you should apply your mascara. All you need to do is to curl your eyelashes and apply eyeliner to your upper eye lids with a specific line that is more condensed closed to the outer corner of your eyes.

Apply two coats of black mascara on your upper lashes alone. This will make your eyes to bulge out and appear larger, brighter and younger.

The use of Harsh shades of lipstick lead you into top fashion mistakes

Your lips naturally get thinner as you grow older. Avoid the use of dark colored or harsh color hue of lipsticks.

You are better off in color hues that are bit darker than the natural color of your lips. Do not use matte formulas, which have limited moisture.

Again, ensure you use lip liner to prevent your lipstick from feathering into any lines in the region of your mouth.

Sticking to one fashion style for a long period of time

If you have had your hairstyle unchanged for a long time, it is the time you do. Out-of-date and old fashioned hairstyle constitutes top fashion mistakes.

The can make you appear older than your true age. Adding new form of hair style makes you look younger and livelier.

Try your best not to stick to one style of hair for a long period of time. Always renew your styles from time to time to keep renewing and refreshing your look.

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