Building Extraordinary Relationship solid foundation

Relationship solid foundation is essential for a long lasting and happy relationship. Just like any house that is not built on solid rock foundation is bound to fall apart, sooner or later any marriage that is not built on relationship solid foundation is bound to fall.

You must structure your relationship on relationship solid foundation if you hope to build an extraordinary relationship. When the foundation is strong, it can withstand storms and waves but if you build the foundation of your relationship on sand, you’d be heading to a crash and collapse.

Relationship solid foundation

What does it mean to build relationship solid foundation ?

You must know the divine purpose for love relationship and marriage. To build your relationship on solid rock means to know the divine decree for marriage and relationship and secondly to discover what that decree stands for in your life as an individual and what it is meant to achieve in your life and that of your partner joined together.

We are created sexual beings; we must live as sexual beings and die as sexual beings. Our sexuality is inseparable from us. We carry it with us wherever we go and anywhere we are. We cannot pretend over it. If we try to pretend, sooner or later who we are will unveil and become manifested physically.

Relationship is a sacred gift from God to man- Genesis 1-   “It is not good for man to be alone, Have many children” …..) Every man is destined by God to have a woman beside him just as every woman is destined by God to have a man in her life.  You are incomplete as a woman without a man. In the same way, as a man, you are incomplete without a woman.

Know the eternal truth about man and man relationship

You must go into relationship bearing this eternal truth in mind. That should be your foundation if you hope to build extraordinary love.

You go into a relationship with your partner because you are not complete without him; he is incomplete without you. He is a second part and an extension of you. He is there to make you complete and you are there to make him complete.

This truth will encourage you and spur you on when dry days strike ahead. For those days are bound to come. Preparing before hand is what you need to remain firm.

Knowing the divine plan that joined you both together and discovering your true sexual self is very essential and would serve as a guide towards helping you find the right partner.

Discover who is meant for you

Finding the right partner would further act as finding the right piece of concrete and building materials to add to an already prepared solid foundation. And bit by bit, the building is turned into a magnificent piece that wins the admiration and envy of many.

Just as the job of building a magnificent and befitting house is not an easy one, your journey to building an extraordinary love would not be a cheap one.

To succeed, you must plan correctly, have enough available funds and ensure that the work men you use for every part of the building is good quality one.

You will need to make choices every time but making the right choice entails using quality materials to build up your relationship.

Times of trial will come!

Remember that those days of ecstasy and feeling of intoxication with lust and sex will diminish. What will keep you going is the knowledge that you are meant to remain intimate with each other to be fulfilled and complete.

Relationship and marriage is built on love and any marriage that is not founded on true love  and relationship solid foundation is destined for doom. There must be love on both sides.

The man must have true love for her woman and the woman must also have true love for her man. True love would show itself in many ways. It must be exhibited outwardly. It must be acted out. It must never be covered in a bushel.

Set your purpose and goal

Entering into relationship without a set purpose and just because you are of age and nothing more is a grave mistake. You must know what true love is, be filled with love in order to empty it out into your partner.

You cannot give what you don’t have. Love must be two sided. You must be prepared to give and take.  Love is emptying you into another and allowing yourself to be filled by same. It is the most wonderful gift bestowed on us human by God.

I want to help you find and build extraordinary love. These truths will set you on the right path. If you put them into practice, you will build a lasting relationship that will attract the envy and admiration of many.

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