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Love is a very powerful feeling that can make a person romantic, poetic, and admirable. Regardless of gender, race, nationality, or social status, everyone has a way of expressing love. And one of the best ways of expressing love is by sending relationship love messages, and love quotes to those you admire and care for the most, maybe your special someone, parents, or friends.

Looking for romantic love messages or sweet love text messages that you can send your partner day and night? You can find lots of them on this website, which I can assure you. Check below the inspiring sweet love text message that is listed here and if you’re not still satisfied with all these, look down in the link below and click any of them down there, they will surely lead you to more than you want in sweet love text messages for your romantic partnersweet love text messages1. The fate of love is that it is always too little or too much. Don’t live your life with someone you want to live with; live it with someone you can’t live without.

2. “I trust you” is a better compliment than “I love you” because you may not always trust the one you love, but believe me, you can always love the person you trust for the rest of your life.

3. You might find it easy to fall in love with someone, the hard thing is how to keep that someone forever. But that is the challenge of love, fighting, without knowing how to win!

Guys, here’s something special if you want to turn any girl into your girlfriend and not making this big mistake, that anyone who made it, should just forget about turning her into his girlfriend.

4. We never know how this closeness has started. We will never know how it would end. But whatever happens, when our closeness is gone, I will never forget how you made me smile once in a while

5. I had been believing that there is a paradise beyond the skies. But now I realized that heaven is just right here on earth, because what would an angel like you be doing here if heaven is somewhere else?

6. We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

7. A great love? It’s when you shed tears and still you care for him, it’s when he ignores you and still you long for him. It’s when he begins to love another and yet you still smile and say I’m happy for you.

8. If love fails, set yourself free, let your heart spread its wings and fly again. Remember you may find love and lose it, but when love dies, you never have to die with it.

9. Loving is not how you forget but how you forgive, not how you listen but how you understand, not what you see but how you feel, and not how you let go but how you hold on.

10. In love, very rarely do we win but when love is true, even if you lose, you still win just for having the tingle of loving someone more than you love yourself.

11. There comes a time when we have to stop loving someone not because that person has stopped loving us but because we have found out that they’d be happier if we let go.

12. If you really love someone never let go, don’t believe that letting go means that you love best, instead fight for your love, that’s what true love is.

13. It’s best to wait for the one you want than settle for one that’s available. Best to wait for the one you love than one who is around. Best to wait for the right one because life is too short to waste on just someone.

14. Sometimes the one you love turns out to be the one who hurts you the most, and sometimes the friend who takes you into his arms and cries when you cry turns out to be the love you never knew you wanted.

15. Many believe that love is forever, that love never dies, only to be disillusioned in the end when we find our hands empty and our hearts longing. We mistakenly have looked at love as a need to be fulfilled, but love is only a gift given to us. We should not hold it in our hands, for we may never find the strength to let it go when it decides to leave. We should only embrace its warmth and glow while it lasts and freely open our arms when it’s time to say goodbye.

16. Don’t tie your heart to a person who has nothing to offer you. You may say you’re in love, you might even say he/she is your soulmate. But is that enough to fill your need for love? Let go. It might hurt for a while, but when you get over it, you’ll find it’s for the better.

17. You deserve to be happy not in the arms of someone who keeps you waiting, but in the arms of someone who will take you now, love you forever, and leave you never, right?

18. Never doubt someone’s love for you. If you find some imperfections, let it be. If you survived the pain, the happiness is satisfying. Never find the perfect love, because love without pain is impossible.

19. 70 million people are having sex right now! 40 million are planning to have sex. 30 million are dreaming of it and one expert is busy reading this message! =)

20. Love can never be wrong, sometimes, you blame the situation or even the person. But no matter who you blame, if it really wasn’t the will of God, it just wouldn’t be.

21. If I never met you, I wouldn’t like you. If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t love you. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t miss you. But I did, I do and I will.

22. Someone misses you so much, its not your family nor your relatives. Its not even your best friend nor your closest pal. Its just the simple ordinary me, who misses the extraordinary.

23. You are the reason why I have sleepless nights. You’re the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight. It’s you that I’m thinking of when I lay down at night. And you’re the reason I can’t sleep without saying goodnight.

I hope you enjoy the sweet love quotes and text messages on this page.

Remember that love and relationship can bring different and extreme emotions, including euphoria and misery, especially for those who are left behind. Every person has the right to love someone in the best way they know. With the above quotes, you’re constantly reminded that love will always stay no matter what and regardless of time and distance.

Indeed, love is ever-lasting, sweet, and kind in various forms and ways. But sometimes, love and relationship hurt. If you’re broken-hearted and need to talk to someone, a therapist in Vancouver can help you. A professional counselor can be your friend and therapist in one. They can help you manage the stress and problems you’re facing with love and relationship, including your overall life and well-being. So, seek expert advice to protect yourself from your ill emotions, thoughts, and behaviors caused by love and relationship.

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  1. Digital Vaporizers

    This is such a fabulous post about love and relationship. It is very much difficult to maintain the relationship with your loved one because you have to become honest and trustful person if you love someone as well as you should give respect in every work of your partner.

    1. love is like a golden chain that link our heart together and if u ever break that chain you”ll break my heart forever…..that how two love each other

  2. Wow, I never heard it said so well! “In love, very rarely do we win but when love is true, even if you lose, you still win just for having the tingle of loving someone more than you love yourself.” Thanks for a great post

    1. Crossfavour you’re welcome, that’s why I’m here to help people better their relationship in my own little way. God help all of us Amen.

  3. Hello
    I am marzieh
    I love my Cousins
    but he dont love me
    he said me: I like you
    but he do not want marry me
    I do not know what can i do
    he lives In another country
    I really love him
    I wanna stay whit him Lifetime
    please help me


    1. Since your cousin don’t want to marry, you just have to let him be. He has his reason why he did not want to marry you, maybe you should ask him what is it why he didn’t want to marry you, and let him know how much love you have for him.
      But if he insist, let him go, you can’t marry him against his wish.

    2. Did you ever think that every night before I go to bed, I raise my hands to God with my loneliness and pray, that one day I will have you and your love for me only, I pray to God to release you from all your sorrows, take away all your tensions, give you all my happiness…

  4. Being honest to a situation and being honestly attached to a situation are two different things. If you were honest on your part , never think of results because they may be different. Confine your satisfaction to your role only….

  5. Mr Anthony am becoming the best reader of your sweet messages and at the same time Iam getting more and more love from my wife due to your love and sweet messages. May the Good good Lord continue to bless you and give you more wisdom to write more and more

  6. Never read a better one that discusses love like this….Never knew such an awesome blog exist. You simply amazing with this writeup. Thanks a bunch Anthony.

  7. oladimeji sherif

    xup bro, gud pm. Hw i wish i cn b god talented lyk dis, bt all dsame weldone an keep it up , may god bless ur hand work an u shall never wipe b4 it is been given to u. Lov u bro.

  8. Hello Anthony, how are you doing hope all is well, pls I need ur help I am a man of two kids, but I have a problem with my wife and she said she is no more interested in our relationship pls advice wat can I do , but I still love are sooo much pls advice.

    1. You woman that has already has two kids for your want to get out of your relationship with her. If she cannot stay on in that relationship because of you, she should be able to do that because of her children. If none of it will make her to wait, then there is serious problem underlying your relationship.
      With just this your stamen here, I cannot actually tell you what to do because, there are more fact I may need to know before I may say this is what you need to do to make her stay.
      However, you should first of all look into yourself and see those areas where she does not want or some certain behaviour she cannot cope with, and amend your way. You should have her sit down and discuss the issue together, find out what has gone wrong, why do she want to live the relationship and see how you both can compromise in making everything work out. Remember her of the children as well, I know women don’t joke with their children and that maybe a point where you can calm her down.
      Every issue she raises must be addressed without any reserved. If she is not yielding, you may have to consult marriage counsellor within your locality to help you out of the situation. I pray she stay back

  9. super love this message
    “Loving is not how you forget but how you forgive, not how you listen but how you understand, not what you see but how you feel, and not how you let go but how you hold on.”

    1. Yes, that is very possible and again you will need to let your partner understand this so that there won’t be any fighting because of that. Although it is very difficult to do but I have seen it happening. If you guy could understand it, there will be no problem but if not you will continuously be quarreling as a result of it.

  10. I love my girl so much tht if I don’t see her I can cope,
    D fear I have if she really me in returned. Why can I do to knw

  11. Captain Goodrich

    Thank you a lot, these wonderful message help me build my 15 years relationship back. I owe you much thanks dude

  12. hey there anthony i need help i just wanna ask if the guy i love really love me too cause he always asked for sex with me and im thinking he might love me bc he only want to get that on me and be my first…even though i said to him a lots of time that im not ready. do u think hes serious with me?:(

    1. Hi Ijalyn,
      Why would he put sex as his priority, any one that does that does not really love and after you give in easily like, he will not have that much love for you anymore. Another thing you should consider is his age, if he older like 28yrs above, then take a look at the situation around him and try to understand his background to enable you know the kind of person he is. Has he ever been in any relationship before, if yes, what went wrong?
      Just get your statement of fact before you give in, else you may not like the end result. Sleeping with you is not a guaranteed that he love you.

  13. Thanks Mr. Anthony its cleared now to me…
    thanks a lot! Have the best on you .. Godbless you had a really nice quotes.

  14. Mr anthony pls i have a question to ask and is can someone fall in deep love……and yet you cannot date that person you are deeply in love with?

    1. Why not Patrick, if you fall in love with anyone, you can date the person except it she doesn’t want or perhaps, she has been taken away or her heart belongs somewhere else.

  15. Prince S Ferdinand

    thanks a million times to you brother Anthony for your powerful and encouraing messages,,am very very inspired.I Lost My Fiance In November 2013 and i really want her back.what can i do?

    1. Hello Ferdinand,
      Thanks for visiting my blog, your kind words will only encourage me to write more. As per your question, I have a post written on this blog where you can get your ex back and also how to know if your ex still want you. Please go here to read the 2 post. Click Here Now!

  16. Abdullahhi Aliyu Lilly

    At dis point in tym, i jst hv 2 confns dat dis is my 1st tym of comin acros lov tex messages dat tauches d hat nd feelins of person. tnx 4 ur nble effort.

  17. I hav a gf and i want her 2 knw i luv her so much how can i do dat brother. Coz i new true luv wen i met her pls advc me

    1. It will show in the way you treat her, the way you communicate with her but you must be very careful here, don’t over trust her that she is the very true love you’re seeking for. If you start to do that now, she may take you for granted, wait until the both of you are truly mature in that relationship.

  18. hello sir,tank God we hav sm1 lyk u on internet…i toast a gal,she 1st told me she has a bf bt i dnt agree wit her i kip tryin on he until she acpt me as he bf,bt sir d gal hav nt shown me any love,if i text her wit grtings n love mesage she wont reply me,and i ask her she told me she love me even she had never cal me b4 am d 1 caling her,can u plz sir tel me what kind of love is dat.08162591674.

    1. Hi Tolu,
      Some girls are just like that, the possible reason is that, she is not really into that love she profess for you. You may need to continue to show her that you really love and care for her. But after like 3 months the situation remain the same, just know that her heart belong to somewhere else where she is concentration more of her attention. I’m sorry, you may have to let her go and look for some other girl who will really have your time and show you love as much as you wanted.
      I hope this help you Tolu.

  19. Favour Maureen

    My name is Favour, i am in love with this guy of 27 yrs old and am just 24 yrs old. when we started dating our focus is on marriage but now it turns out different. recently a man of 40 yrs old proposed to me and another 37 yrs old with two kids. right now am really confused. please advise me.
    Regards Favour Maureen

    1. Do you mean your boyfriend of 27 do not want to talk about marriage anymore? There are various reasons why he may not be talking about it now, but is he still showing much care and love as it use to be when you guys first started dating? If yes, both of you should sit down and discuss it, there is something somewhere that will make a man not to talk about the future of his relationship with his girlfriend.
      But if he’s not showing much love and he doesn’t feel concern about the relationship anymore, you may just have to find your way out of the relationship, it is possible is heart is somewhere else and not with you anymore.

      I believe a man of 40 is already looking for who to marry and not just boyfriend and girlfriend stuff, you’re comfortable with him and you find him attractive enough to be your husband, you can go for him.

      For the 37yrs old man, with 2 kids, there is nothing wrong marrying someone with kids, but can you live with a man that already has kids and not having problem with his children, he may love you now but if you begin to have problem with his kids, the love might dwindle because he will not want any problem happening to those kids. It is not easy to live with someone with kids if you’re not mentally prepare to live such life, kids especially when they are not yours can create some feelings within you when they seems to be stubborn.
      Just think about it and go for what you believe is right for you.

  20. 1 & 4 are mai favourite, i now know wat to do wit my gf, after readin some issue related to mine. Tanks alot and God bless u more.

  21. I am SULAIMON OLADAPO by name. I have gilfriend that stays in oo state. I am a student of mooshood Abiola Polythecnic,ojere.Abeokuta.ogun state. The girl love me so much than i do. She call me more than i do.she sacrifices more to the relationship. There is still long years ahead of us. Am afraid if i do not reciprocate she might turn her heart away from me. The distance cant allow me to show the care because am afraid i might be loving the wrong person. Other than calls and messages what are other ways of showing love to a girl at far distance. Hence,we met via one of these social networks. Though,she is also a student. I would be glad if my issue is responded to very well.
    Moreso, i love your messages @ anthony. God bless u and ur family

    1. Hello Oladapo,
      I’m afraid your girlfriend will sometimes leave you, you have seen the difficulty already, long distance relationship is not always encourage. She still continue to do all that for you because she has not seen any other guy that interest her enough to forget and once such guy show face, she will surely leave you. I’m not discouraging you but the truth has to be told, I don’t think both of you have seen each other, it is a kind of blind dating.

      If you’re serious about being the real man in her life, you’ll need to find her, go to her school and meet her. Access her to know exactly who she’s, you might really be loving the wrong person just as you said. Remember that OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND.

      That’s my little advice for you dear.

  22. Olabisi favour

    Gud day sir, im having serious issues abt my rxtship nd i need ur advice. I hv a boyfriend frm a far distance dt i luv so much, i luv nd care 4 him, i called him d most, but he doesnt showed me any sign of love nd care, he never calls, pls wat shuld i do?

    1. Hi Favour,
      The truth is that, there is every probability that he’s already having another girlfriend over there.
      Personally, I don’t like distance relationship because often times, it does not work out, it is not easy be in relationship with someone you don’t see for some time. Out of sight is out of mind, even if one of you is still trying to keep the second person, there is probability that the second person will not be able to hold on long for such relationship.
      Whenever you call him, ask to speak his church mind, what he thinks about the relationship, why is he not showing much commitment as it was before, if he has gotten another women, he should just let you know so that you can move on with your life.
      And one more important thing, don’t be emotional about it, because your heart will not be able to bear it if he said he’s considering ending the relationship.


      1. well you write so well dear friend, but you must understand that, so many men, don’t love saying good bye ear sly like you think , yes it may be truth that he had another woman, something times wrong, i can use my self as example,, i have a girl that i have never seen she called me always, but the truth is that things are not going well with me this time i don’t even have money to eat,,earthier to call , her,, please check if that guy is in my chose right now, and remember that woman always complain so easy my name is Tony E

        1. My response is base on what I was told, since we’re not talking one on one so as to ascertain what really went wrong. I can only assume base on experience and research work.

  23. i am really deep in love wit a girl call Camilla who made me to love him so much but now he doesn’t accept to date me for love but just friends i am so mad please help me .

  24. i am really deep in love wit a girl call Camilla who made me to love her so much but now he doesn’t accept to date me for love intimately but just friends i am so mad please help me .she is the only one i have ever loved .

  25. I’m Elias,21 years old I met this girl on facebook I proposed her nd she denied my proposal but a did win her nd she’s crazy about me we nvr met b4 wht can I d to save awer relationship cz a can’t affrd to luz her she mean the world t me. Help me Mr Anthony if posible you can use my email.

    1. Make arrangement to meet her in person and do confirm that it is actually the person you saw on facebook and you like what you see physically.
      It is a different story when people appear in real life, they look different from what you do see in the virtual life (facebook kind of life).
      when both of you meet, you can discuss things further on how to better your relationship and that’s when you can begin to know who you’re dealing with, else you’d find it difficult to cope with.

      1. Prove to her how much and how genuine is your love for her.
        She has not been convinced of your love yet or maybe she’s into another guy already. Why not find out before offering your undiluted love.

  26. hie mr man. am getting how to love someone through these love messages. bt most of time i become shy as aresult i failled to say what i want to my lover. help me how can i deal with it.

    1. Hey mr man is not the best way to address someone you need advise from. Correct yourself I actually you want my input. Thanks

  27. great work Anthony!! ur love quotes are very practical and sensible,they came to my need very greatly when I was in the hour of need!!! keep going!!! love u bro!!!

  28. Their is girl dat I love so much bt some time she we behav dat am shetin her bt am nt doing dat to her if I told her dat am nt doing she we say is a lie so wat can I do .

    1. Prove your innocent to her, she’s suspecting something and until you come out to tell her about it, she won’t belief you. You can have a heart to heart talk with her to figure out why she said you’re cheating on her.

  29. tanks i really got an answer frm dis nd dis gave me sumtin 2 write on tanks i love u its inspiring though i am just 12 i knw nd undastand wat it means to doubt ur luv, love sum1, nd be hurt by love but over everything u loved sum1 tanks

  30. There is this girl i meet on facebook we got admission in the same university the first day i meet her in the school she was such a nice girl she trusted me and i never opened my mouth to tell her that i want both of us to date, but the first day i told her that i love her but she never believed me. and she love’s me and i know that, we are even morethan that close friends but i dont actually know how to show up to her that i love her truely. What do i do?

    1. You’ve already told her you love her, the game has started, the fire of love is burning right now and you don’t have to go to any extreme to satisfy, just be yourself, care for her and don’t forget to show that you’re a man too which mean not being too nice at all time. Continue to tell her you love whenever you have the opportunity, it is not something to shy away from if truly you mean it.

      You can take her out even if you think you don’t have much with you, it doesn’t matter, anything you buy for her will show you care for her, at least she knows you’re not working, the little things you do now will mean a lot to her.

  31. king blings salvadorian

    love is a four letter word that takes u unaware,love is natural,love brings out the best of a person,as day gets older the love become stronger,with love ur lost nd never found,love is the key to a broken heart,love is sensitive,love finds u where ever u are.

  32. there is this girl i love so much but she dont love me back want can i do for her to love me coz i have done anything possible

  33. Hi,m inlove wif this girl m sure she loves me too….we r already dating. when we started I showered her wif love n attention, I mean calling texting n everything but nowadays she doesn’t call hardly replies my ping n get angry at little things. v tried not to call her but dude the spirit is willing but the body is week it’s like if I don’t hear from her I might die… I really need help,I don’t wanna lose my baby….What do I do

  34. I have a girl friend, I bought phone for and I will be the to subscribe on the and is using the phone to chat with another guy in my presence and when ever I said I don’t like it she said is just online chat. which kind of girl is this?

    1. She’s not the serious type of girl, at least she should have given you that honour for being with her at that moment and not chat with any other person. she’s not serious, she still want to flirt with as many guys as possible. You can’t really blame her anyway, she might still be young and not ready to any kind of serious relationship you want.

      Make your stand known to her, if she try it again in your presence, then don’t pay for the phone subscription again, you deserve the respect and if she cannot give you that respect, it’s sure, the girl is not for you.

  35. i am having a serious problem with my girl friend about rejecting my calls,she normally use to reject my call,if i ask her why she will tell me she was,nt with her phone,and she has been doing this about three time,but the one she done today made me really angry,so i just want to send a text message to her,just to tell her i will never call her again.SO WHAT CAN I DO,SHOULD I SEND THE TEXT MESSAGE, OR I SHOULD JUST ENDURE?

    1. Hold on, don’t send her such text for now. Confirm your finding, why is she suddenly rejecting your call. There must be something behind and until you find out, you can’t really know why she’s not picking up your call.

  36. hi friend pls i need your advice.my ex girlfriend is getting marry this year and i knw .but she
    kept on telling me she still love me that she cant forget me.she said its not her wish.but her dad’s.she said her dad dont like (YORUBA) im really confuse

    1. Just forget about her and move on with your life. Don’t create confusion for yourself in the future, since you know she’s marrying this years, you don’t need to bother yourself about her. Close the chapter to free your heart for other eligible girls available else you won’t see them since you’re still thinking of your ex.

  37. You are the reason why i have sleepless nite, you re the reason why i tend to hold ma pillow tight, its you that i’m thinking of when i lay down @ nigth and you re the reason i cant sleep without saying GOODNITE… WOW NYC POST

  38. About a month ago,mygirl fwend’s reaction towards me has change,i decided 2 discuss wit er dat i suspected som changes bt she never told me d reason.she has stop calling me,until i call her yesterday she told me she is busy with her studies.i wondered about this,cos we both just get admission dis year in different institution.now she hardly pick my calls,pls wat can i do

  39. I love this special girl but I can’t walk up to her and tell her how I feel and I am also a type of shy person, she also is a shy person. Wat can I do in such situation.I am afraid of her telling me no.

  40. I was datin a girl for abt 2years. Suddenly i can’t meet some of her needs bcos of financial challenges. She met someone and quit our relationship. Early dis year she came back to me beging me to forgive her dat she can’t found Joy wit d new guy dispite his money. The issue is dat i just started new relationship wit anoda girl whom i luv so well but we neva hav enough time to study each other well. Pls i need ur advice.

    1. Follow your heart, you’ve seen both of them and you know the one you like most. I can’t tell you to chose one over the other but you should try and chose the one you’re sure of staying with you despite the ups and downs you’ll still face in life.

  41. senator gabson

    mr Anthony, your love quotes are awesome and wonderful. in fact they are on point. more grease to your elbow.
    Am in love with a girl but dont feel loved in return, pls what can i do to salvage the situation.
    need your urgent advice.

    1. You need to continue to prove to her that you love her, she’s taking her time before she finally accept the fact that you really love her. Women are like that and you can’t blame her which maybe due to her experienced in the past with guys. You need to prove beyond doubt that you really love and when she finally fall in love with you, she’s in for big time if you don’t fuck her up.

  42. master authony! im in love wit a gurl but seriously anytyme i was wit her, she seems to be tinking nd if i ask her wat happen she would tell me, i always tried 2 do my best for her.

  43. Benjamin David

    Good day sir, I really appreciate ur effort on relationship issues. May God persist to bless u. I’m into a relationship with a lady of 26yrs old, and am 29yrs old. I love her but ain’t convinced if she does likewise for me. She had an ex-boi friend who calls her all the time begging her to come back to him. I live in lagos while she lives in osun state with her parents where her ex stays. She visit me whenever I ask her to come. She shows more keen interest whenever she’s with me or having sex with me. But the moment she leaves my place she would hardly call me. We’ve had several misunderstandings on this her ex guy who keeps calling her and sending her love text messages. Does she really loves me? Can I go ahead and marry her?

    1. Hello Benjamin,

      I don’t think she really loves you. My guess is that, she’s not even sure of herself about who to actually follow between and her ex. The problem here is that, she lives in the same state with her ex which makes it easier for her to go visit him whenever she feel she really need someone.
      I’m afraid you might lose her to her ex if something urgent is not done.
      Invite her to your place and have a serious discussion with her about your intention for her and you not being comfortable with what’s going on in your absence right there in Osun State. Ask her if she really want you or if she want to go back to her ex?

      If she want to be with you, then tell her not to get in contact with her ex-boyfriend and that you need her attention more than they way is were before now.
      If she continue to receive call from her ex, she’ll definitely give in one day to the plea coming from the guy and because they are within the same state, it makes it easy for them to reunite again.
      Your case is more of a distance relationship which require her sincerity at all time because there’ll be lots of suspects from both side.
      Let her tell you who she actually want and stop wasting your time.
      Remember that a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. It will only pain you for some weeks after which you will move on and find someone who lives in Lagos with you and that you can have access to her every time you desire.
      I wish you best of luck with her.

  44. Hello mr anthony my name is kayode please I have one big problem with the girl I love, I love the girl and am trying to show my feelings to her but since last year december till now she did not accept me please mr Anthony what can I do?

    1. Give her some break and if need be, just move on and find other girls who might be interested in what you want to offer. There’re lots of them out there waiting. It is because you don’t take your eyes off her that’s why you seem not to see another girls. Just leave her alone if she’s not responding and move on.

  45. Hi,i nid ur help i love sum1, hu claims to love me back,his so caring nd understndg to me,bt he has nvr talk if e wants to marry me or nt,aldough we just a mnth in d relationship,we nvr talkd abt us our relationship,but on difrnt issues aldough funny bt nvr abt us or our relationship,i dnt kno if e loves me or nt just romantic

    1. Please note; if you want me to response to your questions of comment, write your words completely, I don’t like reading people’s short or abbreviated words, it doesn’t make sense to me.

      Your relationship is too young, take your time to study each other. He can tell you that he wants to marry you now until he’s convince of who you are, he does not know much about you I guess and you too don’t really know much about him. I’m sure you’ve not seen the other side of him and knows how he can handle things.
      Please take your time to know more about him. Thanks

  46. sir thank God u ar here.i met a gal nt ùp to a 3weeks now we started dating each other,i slpt wit her on her birthday and d folowing day her behavior change to me totaly….i ask her what my offence tø her she said (have did what i want,sex is nt love)i told her i love her.since then she dnt pick my calls oo and i love her i dnt wanna löss her; please sir what can i do to please her i love her ooo,sobinng.

    1. According to her, it seems you’re after sleeping with her and since you’ve done that, it’s mission accomplished. If truly you love her, then you still have more work to do. Ask her and demand to know what makes her change after you slept with her. Women are emotional being and it mean something might have gone wrong with her in the cause of you sleeping with her. You need to find out what exactly is wrong with her and promise to help her get over it and both of you can work together to help the relationship grow.

  47. i ask her,she said she’s menstrating then although she said so when am meeting her but i dnt beliv it mean anytin,if i may ask sìr those it mean anyting and please sir what can ì do to please her cus i löve her so mush.

    1. Yes, it mean something for many woman when they are menstruating, especially for the unmarried ladies, they don’t like to have sex during this period because of the bleeding involve and the fear of pregnancy, it is even unclean.

      You will need to really talk to her to convince her and apologize if truly she’s in her period as at the time you sleep with her.

  48. Mr Anthony, i can see many people love your post and contribution in love matters,you are really impacting life pls keep the good work.
    more so i have a little hitch in which i want you to intervene, i have a lady she is university in which i love her so much with passion,i love everything about her but she insisted of not dating me without any good reason always saying she is not ready to date, i have done all i could by persuading her in terms of calling, messaging and other several convincing process even to the extent of informing her sister while she agreed to talk to her on my behalf yet no straight answer and is difficult for me to let go,because each i remember my mind is always with her, plsi need a serious advice and your attention on this

    1. Are you aware that some girls love to form as if they aren’t interested in the guys talking to them or guys trying to woo them. She might be playing too hard to get, which mean, you need to learn to be patient with her and continue to show her love.

      You might even device another strategy by ignoring her for sometimes, and watch from afar her reaction toward you. This will help you to know if she’s interested in you or not. If after you let her be for some times and she’s not showing any signs of wanting to talk, chat or text you, it mean she’s not interested in you. There’s possibility that another guy is in her life which make it difficult for her to give you even a small chance.
      The decision is in your hand, if she’s proving to hard for you, please let her go if after you’ve tried my suggestion above.

  49. am confused o mr anthony,she have accpet my apology but according to what i think actualy am expecting some money in which she’s aware of it and she as been askin of it.is he not because of money .

    1. You need to be careful then, if you suspected that she accepted because she’s aware the money you want to collect. If she ask you for money or demanding you buy something for her within the shortest period from now, that should raise lots of suspicion except if that’s how you’ve been with her before.

  50. the girl just put me in thinking,i ask her that did she love mè she said no bt she wil try to love me again because she cant lovè two guys,actualy she told me she have a boy friend before i toast her and
    she agreed … I had sex with her since then she has been flurtuating but i love her i dont wanna loose her,evrything
    have been going well for since the day i slpt with her,….,,,, please help me sir i dönt wanna let her go off me i love her(08162591674)that my number sir help me

    1. You have an issue at hand now, I can’t help you to her to leave her relationship with the other guy, that’s not ideal on my part. If she not ready to leave the other guy as she has told you, why not let her go, it is matter of time before you find another girl and which you have left her early enough to see other beautiful and useful girls around that will meet nearly every of what you want in a girl.
      Let her be and stop giving yourself unnecessary headache.
      If you’re the one in the position of the other guy, will you be happy is this kind of situation?
      Remember, what goes around comes around. She’s is not enjoying her relationship with the other guy, that’s a different case, and it can be easy for you to convince her to leave the relationship.

  51. Hello bross, There s dis guy dat hs been distobng me 4 relatonship 4 som 3years back but i keep rejectn hm becaus of hs moda and his brodas nd sisters are nt gud 2 lev with nd h’s d lst born, Although i did’t tll hm all dis. But his moda hs now chang nd d sisters hs gotten maried far away 4rom d family house. So i’ve began 2 love hm nd he hs anoda girl. Wat should i do?

    1. It is better for you leave him as his family will still remain his family. If you don’t see them then as people you can live with, you cannot see them as change people in the name of you’re falling in love their son.
      I’ll advice you to go look for other guys and let him be.
      Don’t put yourself into unnecessary trouble trying to tell him you love him now, he may even just use you and allow you to leave since he’s already in love with someone else.

  52. Prince Ajibade Olawale

    My brother well done I pray for more grace for u IJN. Just come across dis site, looking forward to hear from u. God bless u

  53. I love sex be cause it’s one part of life. Be cause I realy want to give a lady number one sex. Wanted

  54. It has dis girl i asked out and she said i should wait till shes out of skul and i knw she has a boifriend but she is a church member so she came to my auz and wen we were talking we actually kissed xo i apologised for wat happened xo she wount feel i forced her but it has her very best friend i told cos two of dem do every ting togeda dey even live togeda xo dis her friend told me d reason she didnt tell ha was bcos a fight arouse abt her boi friend and her about her kissing anoda guy xo her best friend adviced me dat i should just let her go dat shes nt my type and i love dis girl. PlEASE WHAT DO I Do

    1. I think her friend has given you the hint, to let her be and focus on her relationship with her boyfriend. That should be an ideal things to do, but something is might be real that she has a boyfriend, in case like this, you will need to pursue her to a satisfactory end.
      This particular issue is NOT like that, you’ve already said she has a boyfriend, so why not let her be and look for other girl elsewhere. Girls are everywhere if you know how to calm yourself down and make proper observation, you will surely see the one you like and give her a try.

  55. Gud evening boss mi, am ADEGBOYE 4RM OAU, infact am deeply in love wt ur site and ur prompt response to pplz issues, Mr Anthony i think i will be needing ur help olso, there’s dis lady am crazy in love wt but she never seems to understand me or sees things from my angle but instead she will get thrown up over little issues and this is giving me concern, and there’s also another lady that has crush on me that even myself know of dis but I’ve not for a day look at her side.
    please boss i need ur advice on which way to go cause i don’t want to dive into a river and later be complaining of being shivering..

    1. Sometimes, maturity matters a lot. Most girls that behave this way are not really that mature to know how to handle situation like this. The funny thing is that, she even like you but just want to let you feel as if you can’t easily get her to your own terms.

      But seriously, I think it has to do with her temperament and immaturity on her part, you need to be a person that’s full of patience before you can really get along with her. It will take her more time before she can really get you and during this time, your patience may have been worn out.

      If she’s not fort-coming, please let her be and move on with another girl that you both can understand each other. The other girl that has crush on you can even be the game changer. But ensure you’re going in for her for real relationship and also ensure she’s real because, there’s a lot of pretense out there even from female folks.

      You can also give the first girl something like, giving her some break and let her know that, the way she takes things is the reason for the break and use that opportunity to get close to other ladies and then watch her reaction. If she doesn’t feel anything about it, please don’t go back to her, she’s likely not for you and your kind of person.
      If everything work for good between you and the other girl having crush on you, you can give her a try and see how it goes. Don’t allow one girl to tie you down into what you can’t accept in your relationship.

  56. You really have an issue at hand now. The reality now is that, you have 50-50 chances of getting her especially if the other guy mean business. Assure her of your love and mean every words to her. Ensure you don’t take any chances at all by giving her room to talk deep with the other guy. Ensure you always call her and let her understand that, everything that glitter is not gold. Fine, he may have gone to UK and come back but that does not equate to success or she’s going to have a wonderful relationship and family life with him.
    You may not promise her heaven and earth but promise her your real love and let her understand how much you cherish her since ever you met her. Shower praises on her and talk about her good attributes that will make her head swell, don’t say anything that’s not real about her but say everything that you find interesting about her and tell her that, girl like her is very hard to come-by.
    If you can do all of these and she’s not after fake fame or success the uk guy try to bring to her, she’ll surely reason well and want you instead of the other guy.
    You need to let her know that, most of these guys that travel abroad, always have girlfriends around them over there and when they return, they continue their life there, while she will be here lonely even though, they may be communicating. At the end of the day, she will wait and wait and wait and along he line she’ll be fed up.
    Just try your best and if she sees that your best is not enough, well, just move on. But I believe she will reason with you

  57. Thanks and Godbless you mr Anthoni,i realy appreciate for your advice.All what you said was cool and awesom.Even when she called me about this uk guy on the tenth of this month,i had to tell her that it not everything that gliters is gold.And she ask me on phone if im jealous.And i told her that im jealous.But she promised me no one is lossing each orther.She told me the guy gave her 5thousand naira on that 10th of this month.I had to stop her,but since then she told me she had started ignoring his gift.But as for me,i always try my best in satisfying her with calls and your love text guide me along,and most of the time,i do hear from her mum and her brother.Is it adviceable to let his brother know about this issue,bkos his an understanding type.Or no need.

    1. It depend on your rapport with her brother, if you guys are good friends, you can let him knows about it but if not don’t bother telling him, she might not like.
      I would rather not tell her brother about it, if it were me.

  58. mimi j kelvin

    please anthony i need i little advice from u. i find it difficult to talk to a woman…. what should i do about it???

    1. The best advice I will give you is to face your fear, just go and start talking to women. You may fumble today, tomorrow but next tomorrow, I can assure you that, you will not fumble again.
      You will now see that, after all, they are human that has the same flesh just like you.

  59. Brother, dre ds guy dat i love so much, we have datd 4 2yrs nw b4 he enter schol, he use to be carin nd lovin bt nw i dnt undastd if he stl lovs me or nt. Each tm i complain dat he s datin anoda gul, he wl deny dat he s nt datn anoda dat i sud remba dat i have hs blod in me (convenant), bt he dosnt cal, or talk abt love to me or evn text me. Alws clemin dat hs avin a tough time. Wat sud i do pls, am worid, i reali do lov nd care 4 hm?

  60. mbongo osmïsh

    1) how do you know you are in love or you are being loved?
    2) how can you control and direct your emotions to b particular girl at b time? thanks

  61. I think I am mad. I love her like it’s my breath. She does same too hers is hmmmmm. We are both perfect. We talk about sex and think it’s great but don’t partake in it. Are we normal? I think she is mad.

  62. I have a girlfriend and she told with her own mouth that she is double dating and i still love her what can i do? Bcoz i can’t afford to loose her pls advice me on what to do……thank you

    1. You need to work more and show her, you’re the best guy she will ever meet. Go ahead and prove your authentic love for her. If she really loves you, she will stay, but if otherwise, don’t get crazy about it, there’re many more beautiful and well behave girls outside there, you just need to do your search properly.

  63. Wow,,,Mr Anthony, am become ur best reader here & i realy love ur quote always ooh, i dnt knw wht to say again but only remain bless, God “ll always keep u 4 us here,,tnx Alot:)God saint@

  64. Who is single all around teh world for me and who is the perfect guy for me<3
    What is perfect for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<3

  65. l am really deep in love with a girl for 2 years now but she don’t allow me to have sex with her. she say till we marry and when l ask her for marry she said, she is not ready.
    pls help me.

  66. I was in a relationship for 7yrs when we started the guy had nothing but despite that I still love him, so as time goes on the he gained admission and entered school, before then we’ve promised each other marriage, but unfortunately the guy disappointed me and started calling me names that am not up to his standard that he is dealing with classic gals now that even if he want to marry me he will not see my mum’s family, at a time he call, he call me when he have had sex with other gals and he will be telling me how those gals are sweet in bed. He did so many things that got me upset and i started dating someone who can help me and my family though the person is married. Now my mind is judging me that I over reacted but people are saying that if I should go back to him am a very stupid person. Though he apologised after he had come back to his senses, before he apologise i have started another relationship .what can I do friends

    1. Even if you want to let him go, you shouldn’t have gotten into relationship with a married man, no mater the circumstance surrounding.
      The mistake most guys and ladies make about issue like this when one of them gain admission into higher institutions is the promise that, when I’m through, we are going to get married. 95% of it doesn’t work and this is exactly what is happening to you right now.

      I’m not sure of his coming back to you execpt if you’re an exemptional girl who he realised you’ve got what other ladies he has been meeting don’t have.
      Don’t fall for him easily just like that, but I will beg you to get out of the relationship with the married man.

  67. Gud dy mr anthony,I love my gf but d issue is dat are parent don’t want her to marry me,am nt from there state,she is from Enugu and am from Cross River state so wot shud I do.

  68. Pls help i hav a glfd i love her and she also loves and cares for me but the problem is this she don,t want me to have sex with her and i need sex should i go to another gl

  69. HI MR.ANTHONY I AM SO IN TOUCH WIT UR LOVE QUOTES MAY GOD GIVE U MORE KNWLEDGE.sir i seriously need ur advice.it ws about a girl i met in secodary school she is in ss3 now,back den when i ws in ss3 ad she is in ss2 i proposed 2 her,buh she said she wil think over it.since den tynz stated goin smotly bftween me and her.buh d problem i hav wit her iz dat when ever i ask her of her numba she would’nt give wat iz nw d excence of lovin some1 dat could’nt give u his numba atleast

    1. Please don’t tell him as you’re not 100% sure he’s in love with you. This is just not to embarrass yourself if he turns you down. Being your friend brother has nothing to do with it.
      What you can do is to make move that’s clear to him that you have a feeling for him and wait for him to do the talking. Just make moves that suggest you’re falling in love for him but never outrightly tell him you love him.

  70. I Am Seriously In Love Wit A Guy But He Has A Galfriend B4 We Met, D Girl Also Loves Im And Can Do Anytin 2 Sustain Their Relationship, Wat Can I Do?

  71. Hello sire ………I just met a girl in my school and we have been seeing each other for past 5years but we had no feeling for each other but suddenly I just found my eye on her…..I don’t know what makes me love her like crazy……and she is so caring even when am broke, she will gave me money and she used to visit me at home…..sometimes she will call me and I won’t pick her call and she had to go by way from her house to mine to check me…..even if offend her, she correct me but I love this girl and I don’t know how to tell her……I used to tell that I want to tell something that is in my mind and she keep bothering me to her what is in my mind but she used to tell me we are just a friend……pls sire I need your advice

    1. Tell her what is on your mind, delay is dangerous, someone else might go ahead before you and once she fall for the person, you will be the one to lose her.

  72. Morning, i dated a lady tru out my university 2007-2011 but we were not in the same schl. My parents like her, because she was the only one i got right i show to them . as well as her family likes me, because i used to pay them visits. We were together 20013 Dec, she went to my sister spent 3day with her. January 12 20014 she backed with phone monituring till her destination as ussual, but come to my suprise since then, is that on the 2nd day i call her she ask me who is on the air, we both not familiar with such joke, but dis became a reallity, nest phone switched off, few days i got tru to her i noticed she was on bus, but not tell me where she was going, few 5hrs later call me never in m life to call her number again….immediately her numbers switched off still in hope to be on…. Untill i heared the number u are calling have been removed and damage from mtn and glo services. Pls bros what do u think is happled, i asked my sister said she discurse notting with her.

    1. If she has actually told you that, you should never call her again, it means, she has moved on with her life and has nothing to do with you anymore.

      I don’t know what you might have done wrong or what she saw in your family before such abruptly change of mind, but she has moved on and you have no way to contact her anymore.

      Just forget about her and look elsewhere to find love again.

  73. Good morning sir. I want advice fm you pls help me. I ave a girl den I really love so much, she normally say so too me i usually call her everyday too show her love but she did’t call me but she like too text me call back to me i want too ask dat i would be keep call her or nt

    1. Is like both of you just like each other and there is no agreement to be boyfriend and girlfriend to each other.

      You will need to keep in touch with her, it’s part of the chasing game at this stage of relationship.

  74. Thanks. But I have nt see her in my life b4 den she still a students of kwarar university,we just met on 12-8-2015

  75. i av been proposing to a girl i love so much but her reply is she is not ready for a relationship..so i need ur help on how to win her heart and make her love me

    1. If she’s not ready for a relationship, you should try and show more care to let her made up her mind. Though I don’t know her age, there’s possibility that, she’s not mature enough to handle relationship challenges.

  76. Hy.
    I meet a lady and express my feelings by asking her out through text msg but she turns me down. she started giving attitude, even if I call her she won’t pick up nor reply when she’s less busy. I stopped calling her like before. just of recent she beep me and I called her bck and we talk. I invited her to my place, getting to my place she refused of going inside wit me den i suggest we should go to a nearby bar to discus.
    I went in to pick up my car key and drove her out of my compound to dt bar. we talked and I ask her for date and she agreed to go out wit me but she was clamming we are just friend dt even if she we date me I still need to give her time. I gave her ride to her house dt same day.( during our discussion I told her am scarred of his guy and she told me she is not up to my level dt dia is noting to scare of) dey are in same school and she invited me to d school… she was d one dt wake me up wit her call d next day.. pls should I let go her cos am doubting if not dt she want to chop my money.. what should I do

  77. thanks so much for dis awesome tips.I pray it work out for me as I use it cos my relationship is really complicated. I don’t know weda I love d wrong prsn or is becose of distance DAT makes my friend to give me hard time.I will love to get more of ur advice..

  78. I’m 26 year old man. I met a woman 7 years ago we had a connection and attraction that I couldn’t explain. Put it this way she completly forgot her boyfriends name at the time she wanted me to be her boyfriend and she was gonna leave him for me but I didn’t comit so she stayed with him. And we stopped talking , a classic case of unfinished business between us, it’s 7 years later now and I have a dream about her and I try to contact her but it’s been 7 years since we spoke so I have no idea how to find her phone number or anything else, I finally found her on Facebook now she has a newborn and I fiance, a different guy the 7 years ago. I message her some deep message’s about how I like her more then she knows and long story short they would piiss of any guy if your girlfriend was getting messages like that from her ex flame. So I keep sending these messages from facebook to her and add her as a freinds she put me on her restricted friend list so she didn’t have to ignore my friend request. She didn’t respond to anymore my Facebook messages its been 1 and a half years I’ve been sending them she hasn’t said anything to me and I said enough times in the message’s if you don’t like me tell me and I won’t contact you ever again, she doesn’t respond to any hasn’t spoke a word she didn’t block me for almost the whole time then she accepted my message request on Facebook then blocked me later that day out of nowhere, then I send flowers to her work few weeks later then she unblocked me And I kept getting calls from private Noone would answer wen I said hello they would isten on the line hearings me say hello. I kept messaging her on Facebook for a while and sent. A message saying im guna call her at 330 pm the next day through the Facebook messenger application cuz I don’t know her phone number, that same night I sent that message I get a call at exactly 330am from blocked number they just listened to me say hello for 30 seconds? Is it coincidence? Then she blocked me on Facebook again . I made another account moths later and messaged her to see if she just. Bloked me because her husband, she accepted my message request for the second time then blocked me again. What is this woman thinking. Why is she giving me mixed signs does she like me do.I have a chance and if not why not tell.me she doesn’t like me I have repeated in messages. Plz tell me if. Your not interested and I’ll. Never call again, whybwint she answer what is her thoughts of me?

    1. Why are bothering yourself about her.

      You’re her past now and I guess she doesn’t want to have anything with you.

      Please leave her alone.

  79. pls sir what should I do..I have girlfriend she love me and I love her also, she know am married before she said no problem but now she have get pregnant for but her mum her take her away over a month now…..I love her and I don’t want lose her.

    1. You need to find a way to get across to her mum and settle everything she wants settle.
      Once you’re able to do that, you will have your woman back.

    1. You don’t tell us the whole story, why she do not want to marry you.

      She might have been fed up and she does not consider a future with you.

  80. Weldone Mr Anthony,your love text make me feel cool whenever i read or send it to my love one. Keep the good work going. YOU ARE BLESSED!

  81. He love her, but she love me! He said that he go kill us both i dont know why, please help me, what should i do?

    1. Who want to kill the two of you?

      That’s not possible my friend.

      If the person threatening you too much, go report him to the appropriate authority.

  82. Meet her online started chatting going to two months now, we are not in the same country presently but we are from the same country and love her,Though have told her but she still said no how can i win her hearth

  83. I Love A Man Bt He Z Oda Dan Me,he Z 29yr,bt Am Only 2oyr,nd Am Seeking Admission Bt Dz Man Wat 2 Settle Down Blc His Parent Z Disturbin Im,pls Wat Shud I Do

  84. hello sir, pls help me out on this issue, the man am dating happened to be a married man bless with two kids which I knew before started dating him, now the issue is his wife latter knew that his going out with me she Brocken all things inside house and she want to devious his husband. upon on this issue her husband still calling me disturbing me and I love him but I don’t his marriage to damage what can I do plss

    1. Flee from his life.
      Everyone that sees you and know about your in his life, will not think right of you.

      End everything with the man and never have anything to do with him and any other married men again.

      If you’re in the wife position, what do you think will possibly going through your mind now?

      So, avoid the law of Karma.

  85. Hello sir, i and a girl ve bin in a relationship for good four year, but the way she behav now is totaly defrent to the way i use to no, she’s no more caring like befor, even she select the time to tell me she love me and she atimes won’t say it even if i tell her to and even if she’s in some place she won’t at all, what can i do?

    1. Someone else is already occupying her space and she’s getting carried away with it.

      Call her and have a really thought provoking talks with her.

      It’s not easy to be dating someone for 4years without encountering some issues.
      Talking with her to find out what’s wrong, can turn the relationship on the right path again.

  86. #oluwa__lhukman#

    I need ur advice sir, ma partner do doudle date buh she always cares fr me… Dnt knw maybe she z jst tricking me… I’ll like to get an advice from u Sir

  87. Sir,I the person am dating sooo much likewise she too,bt My own Mummy Did Nt Wnt me to marry her,wat shld i do.is only my own mum b obstacle of our relationship.

    1. YOu’ve got to convince your mum about her.

      It’s very serious, from what I have seen around me and experience.
      Mother influence is very strong, that’s why you need to do all you can do to get her convince, else, you might not find it funny even if you go ahead to marry her.

  88. Akinsola Dickson

    I have a relationship based on marriage and we have taking oat together but in some months now the lady as finally changed and I need an advice on what I can do

    1. Why take such risk, nobody does that in this 21st century.

      Anything could happen and you might not even meant for each other.

      If she’s the one that has change, then you don’t need to worry much.

      Call her and remind her of the oat you both made and if she’s not seeing anything wrong with it, then you got to move on.

      Or are you going to get mad if she does not marry you? God forbids.

  89. Ibidapo-obe israel

    Pls my qustion is dat me and a lady will be friend for most 5year wen she came to my house i told her dat i want to marry her and she told me dat she will think about it and after 3 to 4 day she told me yes dat she agree with me but the follow day she told me again dat she will think about it again after tell me yes she will marry me pls put me true wat i will do to get her back i love her very much

  90. Its really nice to discover this kind of romantic text messages. Our relation-ships are now stable due to the sweet messages.

  91. Hello pls advice me I’m in love with this guy and he really loves me too he talks abt our future together nd I would really want to marry him.the problem is he’s not to marry next yr he wants to make enough money..i hv suitors coming to ask me for marriage n I’m not getting any younger. I love him but I want to get married. wat should I do?

    1. If he’s not ready for marriage and age is not on your side, then you’ve got to look elsewhere in my opinion.
      Beside, how long have you guys been together?

      If anyone is coming to ask you for marriage, how long has you known him?

      Don’t just rush into marriage because age is not on your side but actually do your home work on the person very well.
      Those that rush into marriage without proper finding on the kind of the person they are being married to, they get to rush out because, what they thought it’s going to be good turn out to be worse.

  92. my boyfriend stop calling and doesn’t pick my call bcos I sent him a text that he has hiv .l pleaded to him to forgive me and he refused .should I forget abt him or not,I love him so much.

  93. There is a girl i just met like two weeks age, she agree to be in a relationship with me but each and everyday she keeps complaining we can’t be together due to we live close to each other, love doctor what should i do?

  94. Kudos ! More grace. Please have a little problem, my girlfriend is 25years, works with CBN @ maiduguri while am 24years and a soldier serving in lagos. but we love each other very well though we are just 5month now.can things work out? considering age,distance n work?

  95. Hello Mr Anthony, just arrive at did site today and I av gained a lot from ur rightups and advice’s. Kudos to God in ur life

  96. Patrick Bechila

    pls i wish if u can help me wit an issue am married but am having problem,i wish if i can get ur number so that we cheat in whatsapp dis my number 08039731768

  97. olamilekan useful

    Hello sir, i have one girl in my area. i love her but she did not love me, i ask her out. she said we can only be friendship. but what amazing is that she care for me alot. sir what can i do?

    1. Don’t give up, you can both from friendship enter relationship, except if she has been occupied by another wonderful guy like you.

  98. Gudday,pls am in a relationship where we are both AS,and were conscious of it from d onset,that when anyone gets a person,we can call off d relationship, but presently am gradually loving this person,what should I do?

  99. good day sir.my sister in-law have seen a lady that she thinks she is the best for me to marry which she suggest that i should date the lady which she show me her picture and indeed the lady is beautiful and she look decent ,she even told her elder sister because they are friends ,the sister insist that I should meet her elder brother. I call her brother on phone but he is not on my side cos he told me that someone asked for his permission before me but he said he is going to call me when he is in town and discuss about the issue but he never did. i look for her phone number and i fnd d number which gave me access to speak to her and she show interest in me cos her sister have shown her my picture but she give me excuse that she is with someone ,and the person she is with is a friend to her brother that called…we are still talking on phone and i phone and I don’t want to loose her cos she possess all the qualities I want from a lady.. what should I do

  100. Great posting buddy. I like it so much, and i get a lot of information from your site.
    Thanks admin for sharing your hard working with us and keep it up the work and keep sharing.

  101. Aboloyinjo Benjamin Oluwabunmi

    praise…. please think of ur future not now..
    if u later marry him …there ll be problem later.

  102. Wow! great job here sir, am really feed up with this inspiring qoutes, i thought am love expert but i only got a high school certificate on this journey. God be with u

  103. Hi sir, I have a question please, I havea girl friend her name is AISHA I love her too, I start love her fm 2015 since she is in primary school when I finish my secondary School in 2015, but not tell her at the time because of their house, I tell her that I love her 2017, when she see me she is running shame and also, but she agreed, I don’t know that there’s her made that loving her, yet they are together, I will not get enough time with her, if I shun her, she back and invited me to come over beg me and tell me she loves me seriously then re avoiding me again.
    How I’m I tex her about to show her that I love her but I can leave her alone please

  104. I need your help sir, there is this girl i met some months ago, i ask her out but she turn me down, i got angry and started avoiding her,
    but her behaviours of recent has changed she calls me every hours even i didn’t pick her calls, she keeps sending me messages even if i didn’t reply and with that i stop avoiding her and we are now so close to each other, what should i do???
    ask her out again? Or remain been close to her

    1. Hey Barry,

      In the first place, you don’t need to get angry because she turn you down. It is normal, it only mean you should try more.

      Anyway, since you’re both close again, it is not out of place for you to give it a go.
      Make sure both of you are in a happy mood without any tension around and then ask her out again or remind her of the last conversation when you ask her out, that you’re still much interested in her.
      Goodluck Dude!

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