8 Ways to Make Your Man Miss You More

As a lady, are there often times you wished you could do something to make your man miss you so much?

Are there times you feel your man is taking you for granted and you want to do something to make him pay for it?

Well, if your answer is “Yes” then I know just how you feel.

There are certain times in a relationship a woman dares to act in some ways just to see how her man would react.

She does this to know how much he loves and adores her.

To make your man miss you more, you must do the following:

Act like you don’t care:

8 Ways to Make Your Man Miss You More

This can be hard to do but see it as just a game you are playing.

To make your man miss you more, do not put too much interest in what he says at the time. This would surely make him wonder what’s going on.

When he does or say something, act lackadaisical and I bet you he would be curious to find out why you are acting this way.

And of course when this happens, you’ll have to beat around the bush until you’ve had enough fun.

Don’t call him too often:

When you call a guy too much, he tends to get used to it so to make your man miss you more, limit how frequent you call or text him.

If he notices this, he will definitely be the one to call or text you more because he will be scared that something is wrong.

Make him jealous:

8 Ways to Make Your Man Miss You More

Sometimes in relationships, it’s good to do something in order to make your man jealous.

Hang out with friends, talk about other guys and spend less time with him.

All of these are sure to make your man miss you even more.

Don’t make him the center of your life:

Doing this means visiting him less and caring less about him.

It means doing less of all the lovely things you normally do for him.

If he sees that your attitude towards him has changed, he will want to do all he can to change that.

Stop opening up to him:

Normally in a relationship, ladies like to tell their man everything that happens to them.

So if you stop doing this, it will make him wonder if you are seeing someone else and surely make him jealous.

If you transition from a chatter box to a loner, it will make your man miss you more.

Stop being romantic:

Ladies are often more romantic than guys and so to make your man miss you like crazy, stop telling him sweet words.

Imagine not telling him “I love you” for a week. What do you think that would do to him?

It would make his head spin and his mind race. He would wonder if you want to break up with him and that would make him think of all the nice times you’ve had together.

What do you think would be his next line of action? He would want to win you back.

Treat him casually:

Do not treat him the way you would usually treat him. Rather than acting like he is your man, act like he is just a casual friend.

This would make him miss that loving and fun side of you.

Act happy without him:

Do not let him know you miss him when you are not together.

Usually you would tell him you miss him a lot but instead act like you’re really happy even when you are not around him.

Mind you that these tips should be practised for a short period of time and should not be prolonged.

You are only doing this to make your man miss you more which works just like magic. And after this, you can go back to being the sweet loving babe you have always been.

Men need to be put to the test once in a while, don’t you agree with me?

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