How to Show You Missed Your Partner after a Long Time

Missing a loved one can sometimes be like a heartache which does not go away until you set your eyes on him or her.

Are you in a long distance relationship and do you miss your partner a lot?

I often hear people go on and on about how much they miss their partners and wish they could be back.

Do you wish to see him or her as you speak? When you eventually do, what would you do?

There is one thing about distance that makes the love between two people stronger.

While apart, you both long to be with each other again and you eagerly wait for that day to come.

At times, you may try to imagine how you would react or what you would do to show you missed your partner when he or she finally arrives.

Well, here are some things to do to really show you missed your partner.

Be excited:

How would you react on seeing your partner after so long?

This is the least you can do to explain how much you missed your partner.

Express your emotions by letting your partner know he or she is important to you and that being apart was unbearable.

Give him or her a warm welcome:

You can either do this alone or solicit the help of friends and family.

Arrange something nice and ensure your well-wishers are also in high spirits to welcome your partner.

If your partner sees how much you have done just for them, they will know you have really missed them.

Say it:

Some people try to hide their emotions rather than letting it show.

But I see no use in doing that if you truly missed your partner.

Say “I missed you” and shout it if you must. There’s no need being shy about it but let your partner see that he or she was indeed missed.

Hug your partner:

How to Show You Missed Your Partner after a Long Time

This is surely one way of showing you missed your partner. On seeing him or her, throw them a very big hug.

Hugging someone gives a calm and soothing effect and loudly says “I don’t want you to ever leave me.”

So when next you see your partner, hug him or her.

Kiss your partner:

How to Show You Missed Your Partner after a Long Time

Giving your partner a kiss does mean a lot most especially if it’s been a while you both saw each other.

It goes a long way in conveying the message of love.

Give your partner a treat:

Give your partner a surprise treat and make him or her feel special.

This should let your partner know the extent to which he or she was missed.

Don’t leave his or her sight:

Imagine not being with your partner for a long time and he or she just shows up.

You would want to spend every little time with him or her right?

If you actually show that you always want to be around your partner, it definitely means you have missed your partner.

Do things together:

If you’ve missed your partner, you will want to do everything with him or her.

Go places together, do things together, make plans together and have fun.

Doing things together will help fill up lost times and create a stronger bond with each other.

Talk about it:

To show you missed your partner, you can tell him or her how difficult it was being without them.

Give scenarios of what you had to do in order to ease missing them too much.

Generally chatting about those feelings is a good way to show that you missed your partner.

How well have you missed your partner and how far are you willing to go to show how much you have missed your partner?

The tips above can be used to show your partner that they are valuable and have been missed.

Put these tips to practise and see just how much your partner would appreciate it.

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