8 Ways to Remain Indispensable to your Partner

In every relationship, both the man and woman should strive to remain indispensable to one another.

This would help place a value on each other so no one looks down on the other at any given time.

How many of you can boldly say that in your relationship, you remain indispensable to your partner?

Most relationships today end up badly because couples fail to realise that there is the need to remain indispensable in their relationships.

To remain indispensable and relevant in your relationship, you should do the following:

Earn a living:

8 Ways to Remain Indispensable to your Partner

The fact is that no matter how much your partner loves you, if he or she keeps fending for you, they will get tired at a point.

This is the hard truth since we are all humans and we do get fed up at some point.

You will get more respect from your partner if you have a source of income.

You could have a job or be an entrepreneur but as long as you earn something and can contribute financially to the relationship, you will be indispensable to your partner.

Don’t be idle:

8 Ways to Remain Indispensable to your Partner

I do not think anybody likes an idle person. So also your partner won’t be appreciative if you are idle.

To remain indispensable to your partner, try to be active.

You can’t just stay at home simply because you have no job. Learn a skill, do freelance jobs,or volunteer somewhere.

Your partner will like you more if he or she sees that you are making an effort to do something.

Have a mind of your own:

You will surely be indispensable to your partner if you have your own opinion on issues.

Nobody wants to be with someone who can be controlled or boxed around and so having a mind of your own is essential in any relationship.

Have your own time:

To remain indispensable to your partner, create time for yourself.

It is good to spend time with your partner but it is also good to have some alone time to yourself.

We all need time to think and reflect sometimes so I believe your partner will respect you if he realises you do this.

Be decisive:

For your relationship to run smoothly, you should know what you want.

If you are unstable in certain things you do, there is no way you can remain indispensable to your partner.

Make up your mind about issues and stick to it.

Know your worth:

If you do not know your worth as a human, it will be very easy for anyone to take advantage of you.

So to remain indispensable to your partner, you must know your value in that relationship.

If you have a high esteem of yourself, your partner will too.

Show support:

Every relationship needs the support of both individuals to make it work.

If you act like you are the only one in the relationship and do not support your partner in every way, how then can you be indispensable to him or her?

You should show support emotionally, financially and socially which is the only way to show that you are in tune with your partner.

Be trustworthy:

Being deceitful in your relationship will not help sustain it, it would rather bring it down.

To remain indispensable, let your trustworthiness be a hundred percent.

Your partner should be able to count on you on all the time without having any doubt in his or her heart.

You cannot be trustworthy sometimes, you have to be all the time. If you give room for doubt in your relationship, your partner will lose faith in you.

Not so many people can beat their chest and say they are indispensable to their partners.

And so to change this, take a bold step today and apply these tips in your relationship and watch what happens next.

Anyone who wants to remain indispensable to their partner should be ready for change, are you?

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