Leaving the Bachelor Life: What to Expect from your Wife

Living the bachelor life is like living a carefree life. You answer to no-one but yourself and you make decisions that will benefit solely you but when you get to that level in life where you need to get married, it’s a different ball game entirely. Everything about you changes when you take on a wife. Some men don’t even want to get married when they imagine that they can no longer be as carefree like a bachelor while some are bold enough to take the next step in life.

  • Do you find yourself transitioning from one phase in life to another?
  • Do you wonder how life would become once you are married?
  • Do you wonder what it feels like to no longer be a bachelor?
  • Do you imagine what it would be like living the rest of your life with just one woman?

If all these questions bother you, waste no time in reading up tips in this write up on what to expect leaving the bachelor life.

Leaving the Bachelor Life:

Expect to dish out a lot of love:

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It is said that women are the weaker vessels. By this statement, it would mean that men are stronger than women, right? When a woman gets married, she sees her husband as her everything. She sees him as her hero, warrior, protector etc. She’ll expect so much love and affection from him because he is no longer her boyfriend but now her husband. Women are naturally emotional and expect their husbands to be as well. I guess this is one aspect of a woman a man might not fully understand. Men are wired differently from women and so may not react the way they do. As a loving husband, give all the love you can give and she will love you for it.

Expect a lot of talking:

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Naturally, women talk a lot so expect that your wife would do lots of that. Women express their emotions by talking about it so learn to listen to her even if you don’t feel like it. Women get upset if they feel that you don’t care about things that matter to them. When they talk, all they want to do is pour out their emotions and they actually feel relieved when they do so and most especially feel loved when you listen to them. You have no choice but to get used to their banter because it is in their nature and not a bad thing. Do not worry as leaving the bachelor life should be fun as well.

Expect to see acts of jealousy:

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Gone are those days when you freely chat with women or hang out for long hours with your friends. Your wife would prefer you spend all your free time with her and to her, it is a symbol of your love towards her. Do not take her doting on you as been choking but accept it in love. You love her as well, don’t you?

Expect her to be nosy:

A wife always worries over her husband and wants the best for him. So, do not be surprised if she always wants to know about your business as she is only concerned. This is why it is advisable not to hide anything from her but keep her in the know. I have seen husbands who hide things from their wives and at the end of the day when things go sore, it is the wife they run to for help. Rather than letting that happen, carry her along whatever you do and you may be amazed at the advice or suggestions you receive from her.

Expect her to be romantic:

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Which woman doesn’t like to be showered with love? She’ll want lots of it from you. If you tell her you love her today, she’ll still want to hear you say that tomorrow. Its not that she doesn’t know you love her but it is just a way for her to always feel reassured that you do.

Men sometimes say that women are complex beings but one thing you should know is that our complexity is what makes us unique and special.

Do you now see what its like leaving the bachelor life? Being a husband is a great experience and I am very sure you would enjoy being one. Good luck at that!

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