6 Possible Signs that Makes You Distrust your Partner

In relationships, there are bound to be trust issues which cannot be done away with.

How do you therefore know when your partner is not being honest with you?

I often hear people say that they don’t trust their partner and I came to the realisation that this is so common in relationships today.

So many things go on in relationships that lead to questions being raised on trust.

Often times, people question the sustainability of their relationships based on this issue.

Do you distrust your partner? Have you noticed some signs that make you think so?

Has he or she done something to make you feel like that? If yes, then I know exactly how you feel.

The first step is in being able to identify those distrust signs before finding a remedy.

For those who do not know what those signs are, here are some of them:

Hiding calls from you:

6 Possible Signs that Makes You Distrust your Partner

If you distrust your partner because he or she hides their calls from you then I do not blame you.

If he or she has nothing to hide then they should be able to take calls right in front of you.

Whether it’s a business call or personal call, it shouldn’t be too personal to hide it from you.

Being secretive about his or her whereabouts:

If this is the reason you distrust your partner then you are not wrong to.

Why should your partner not open up to you as regards where he or she is?

If he or she finds it difficult sharing where they are with you then they have something up their sleeve.

Cooking up stories:

6 Possible Signs that Makes You Distrust your Partner

One can often tell when someone is lying to them.

You should be able to know if your partner is saying things that are not true to you.

The only way you wont know is if you are so gullible.

Being so elaborate when explaining things is one sure sign that indicates that your partner can’t be trusted.

You ought to distrust your partner if he or she finds it easy giving explanations to you all the time.

Spending more time with others than with you:

One of the joys of being in a relationship is having companionship.

So if your partner spends more time with other people rather than with you then something is wrong.

He or she should be able to spend a reasonable amount of time with you.

Keeping his or her phone from you:

It’s not wrong to distrust your partner if he or she keeps their phone from you.

Sometimes I wonder why partners don’t want their phones to be checked by one another.

I feel if you are in a relationship, you should not hide things from each other if not there will be distrust.

But when you start hiding your phone from your partner, how is he or she to trust you?

Not telling you personal stuffs:

If you cannot share your secrets and worries with your partner then why are you in that relationship?

If you notice that your partner is always moody and is reluctant to voice out what the problem is then he or she cannot be trusted.

I have seen couples keep things from each other which eventually breaks up the relationship.

Some people are so good at keeping things to themselves even if it is killing them within.

Your partner should be your closest ally and not the one you keep things from or don’t you know that whatever bothers you also bothers the other person?

If you therefore distrust your partner due to the following signs above, you have every right to.

Look out for these signs in your relationship in other to know if there is any trust lacking between you and your partner.

If there are other distrust signs you are aware of, feel free to also share.

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