Would You Date A Guy For Money Or Love? 5 Reasons Love Is Important In A Relationship

Is love important in a relationship or is money more important? This is surely one topic that will bring about lots of arguments.

When it comes to relationships, so many people have their different views on what is most important to them. To some, they would consider money to be more important than love in a relationship while to some others, love would be more important than money.

Why will a lady date a guy, is it for money or for love? Here also I would say different opinions will surely arise if asked.

In this article, you will get to see some of the reasons love is important in a relationship.

Love conquers all:

One thing about love is the strong effect it has on the two people involved in a relationship. If the love they both share is genuine, it is able to withstand any difficulty or challenge they may face thus making them win.

Love is important in a relationship because if things are not going so well and it seems there is no other way out, the only thing that can make both of them stand strong is love. If their love is real, it can enable them defeat whatever they are experiencing together.

Love is what brings two people together:

5 Reasons Love Is Important In A Relationship

When two people are in a relationship, it means they are either in love with each other or they are in the process of actually falling in love. The bottom line is that it is love that allows their union.

If there is no atom of love, there can’t be a relationship in the first place. This is why love is important in a relationship.

Love stands the test of time:

5 Reasons Love Is Important In A Relationship

Couples that have been together for a long time have only been able to do that because of love. Love is that element that keeps spirit, soul and body together. It is the only thing that still stands firm amidst trials and temptations.

Why do you think a woman in love would still forgive a man who cheats on her even though she knows? Why would a woman still love a man who treats her like trash? Why do you think a man will still keep a woman whom he knows does not love him that much?

The answer is simply “love.” If you take everything else from a man or woman who truly loves, the one thing you cannot take away from him or her is the will to love.

Love is sacrificial:

Anyone who is sincerely in love with another will tell you that they are willing to do anything for the person they love. This is how far one can go just for the sake of love and this also shows you that love is important in a relationship.

The ability to inconvenience oneself just for the sake of someone else’s happiness is what love can do.

Some people can give all they have to the person they love; this is what being sacrificial is.

Love sustains a relationship:

Why do you think people break up in relationships? Why do people fall in and out of love in their relationships? It is either they are not ready to be in a relationship or they do not love the other person.

One of the things that keep a relationship going is love and if you take love out of the equation then there can never be a meaningful relationship.

When love is eminent in a relationship, it is noticeable because it will reflect in the way both of them do things together. Love cannot be hidden as long as it is real.

There are so many other reasons I can give that portray how relevant love is in a relationship but I do hope that you agree with me that the reasons stated above are indeed true about love.

These are therefore some of the reasons I am of the opinion that love is important in a relationship.

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