10 Signs That Shows You’ve Found Your One And Only

10 Signs That Shows You’ve Found Your One And Only

Not all signs pointing to the one you’ve found are good enough to convince you that you’ve actually found the special one. You can even misunderstood friendship signs with no string attach for signs of being in love with you.

This article started in my previous post which you can go back and read how it began HERE, and then come back to complete the rest. I have already highlighted 5 points in the initial article and the remaining 5 signs that prove the one you’ve found is the special one, are going to be discussed below.

Signs That Shows You’ve Found Your One And Only6. You can’t imagine living another life without him or her

The journey to finding your one and only is not always easy and when you found someone you cannot imagine living your life without him or her, it is a very good sign that you’re on your way to the promise land. This is how you can experience this point; try to imagine living with another person and see how you think you can cope, does it hurt you or you feel it is just another nice person. And again visualize living without the special one you have now, if the thought of not living your life with him or her really hurt you beyond what you can comprehend, then you have actually found your one and only, the special one.

7. You can easily make sacrifice

When you consider living with a partner and you don’t feel it difficult making sacrifice of things you never thought possible, you’ve probably found your one and only. Making sacrifice is never easy, you’ll find difficult to make sacrifice for someone out of love, even when you do, deep down within you, you’re not feeling good about it. But if it is someone you love, you’ll feel happier and comfortable doing it before and after.

8. You desire to share all and everything

It is only when someone is so special to you that you will want to share everything about your life with the person without reservation. Why is it so? It is because you have found in the person worthy to know about your past, present and still ready to share about your future. It is not to say you can’t share your past with anyone you love but you can’t just share it all except it is the special one. You’re ready to share it all, knowing fully well that, you can live the rest of your life with this person without any regret or whatsoever.

9. No pretension – you are who you are

When you feel completely yourself in the present of your partner, when you’re not trying to put up some defence and ready to showcase who you are in his or her presence, you are actually with the special one for you. It is just like when you’re in your father’s house, you can’t try to hid anything from your parents, because your in and out is known by your family and you feel comfortable with it. You’re even going to feel more comfortable when you’re with your special one. Both of you just love each other irrespective of your shortcomings.

10. Your attraction never dwindle even after being together for longer

When a relationship is just starting, there’s so much attraction and passion compare to when you have been in the relationship for some time. In a new relationship, there will be way more flirting and sex than a long term relationship. As the relationship moves from the initial stage to more advance stage, the attraction will reduce when you begin to create some doubt within yourself if actually you’re not wasting your time with this person. But when you’re sure of him or her being the special one, the attraction never get dwindle, it will always remain and that’ll keep you happy at all time when you see one another.

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These 10 signs that I have shared with you in this article are there for you to spot, and be sure that the person you’re going out with is your special one. But if you can’t find them, you might be in that relationship for longer time without realizing your ambition to be with the one. These are not what you can read at once, but it can take some months if not years of different life involvement before you can beat your chest and say, this person is actually the one and only special one.

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  1. Wow!!! Thanks Anthony. This is great. But there’s a question.
    All there signs, yes they are a great sign but there are sometimes one of the partner pretends to feel the same way because the other partner has something he or she wants. Then at the end, the other partner that was not really into the relationship leaves. How would we know he/she wasn’t into the relationship when he/she can posses all the characters you’ve mentioned here.


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