10 Powerful Questions To Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married

10 Powerful Questions To Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married

Everyone loves to have a marriage where everything will be heavenly, although it is understandably that it can’t be perfect, but with every challenges, they can be easily overcome if you get it right at the beginning or your relationship.

Experiencing marriage like this can be lot easier if only you ask the important questions before you get married to your partner. Failure to ask these 10 powerful questions you’re about to read here can make you to experience hell even while you are here on earth.

Marriage is complex, but you can overcome it complexity if only you know how to deal with the important stuff before you tie the knot.  Asking question before your “I Do” will help you identify potential problem you might face in your marriage and you would have been able to discuss out what you’ll do in other to avoid such problem.

Here are the 10 powerful questions to ask your partner before getting married.

Questions To Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married1. Question about relationship or marriage history

Ask your partner if he/she has ever been in any relationship or marriage before now, what happen in that relationship before breaking up or in that marriage before divorce. This will help you to know better about the person you’re getting married to and it will prepare you not to fall into the same act that led to his or her break up or divorce.

2. Family background

Lots of people omit this aspect, it is true that people change but sometimes, you’ll find it difficult to detach someone who has really engrossed himself into his family background. Is your partner from a strict family or is the family background of your partner forbids it that you get married to a person coming from certain communities? You need to know more and learn about your partner’s background, it will help you in adapting into their family.

3. Any criminal record

Ask and make your research too, if your partner has any criminal record that may even paint you as being a criminal or that may put a dent in your marriage. You can never know until you ask. Ask, ask and ask before you get lonely in your marriage when your partner might commit another crime that he/she will be taken away to serve the punishment deserved.

4. Addiction problem

Ask what addiction challenges is your partner passing through; is it something you can cope with? If you cannot, it is better and easier with less pain to call-off your marriage than getting divorce.

5. Number of children

Some partner may want to have four children, some might just be two and some might not even ready to have any children for the first 2 years in marriage. It is important you discuss this out with your partner and arrive at a conclusion that benefits both of you.

6. Is there any health challenges?

What health challenges is your partner battling with? Is it a problem from their background or it is just accidental. You need to know your partner genetic makeup and how compatible both of you can be in term of your genes, maybe your partner is a sickle cell carrier and you mustn’t get married to someone that’s sickle cell carrier because you too is in the same group. If you go ahead to marry such person, there’s every possibility that one of your children is going to be Sickle Cell because you and your partner already have it in your genes.

7. Sexual need

Can you meet the demand of your partner’s sexual need, even if you’re trying to meet up with it now, how long can you endure to continue to try. Some partners are super active while some are just passive about it. Know your capability before you get married in other not to cry foul when the need are being meant outside your marriage. [Read; Should you wait until marriage before you get naked with your partner]

8. Financial capability

Is your partner capable financially to handle the life that comes after marriage? What of if something happen to your partner primary source of income, can you still be in that marriage and be supportive. This should be discussed seriously and you both should have a backup plan to sustain your marriage if anything happen to the initial source of funding for the family.

9. More than just Love

Don’t just ask about how much love your partner has for you, although love cover all but before you get to that stage where love covers all, you relationship might have fallen apart. What you need goes beyond just love, you need to ask and test your partner of these 4 other attributes – Trust, Honesty, Respect and Forgiveness. [Read; Love alone can’t be enough for successful relationship and marriage]

10. You need to ask about your partner’s relationship with God

It is important you know what your partner stand for, when it is about God. Does your partner pray, are you both in the same religion, even if you’re in the same religion, you should ask about his relationship with God and if you can be going to the same place to worship together.

You and your partner will be a confusionist to your children when you’re at the other side of religion divide.

These 10 powerful questions is what you cannot hide from if you truly want to enter into a marriage that you’ll enjoy with less obstacle. Ensure you go through them again and understand how you can be able to ask them from your partner. They will help you a lot in discovery who exactly is your partner.


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