Attraction Killer in Relationship Men Should Avoid

Attraction Killer in Relationship Men Should Avoid

Everyone is talking about attraction, how can I attract the right man into my life, how can I attract the right woman into my life, I no longer feel attracted to my woman, there is loss of attraction in our relationship and the questions about attraction continues…..

Come to think of it, have you ever take a critical look at yourself, to see if the issue of attraction you’ve always been talking about, that there is something wrong from your own end, and not until you’re able to know how to handle it, you can’t make a headway.

Attraction Killer in Relationship Men Should AvoidThere are so many things that can get you distracted in your relationship and kill your attraction towards your partner. Some of them are external which are not difficult to handle but the most stubborn one are the one that are internal, they are within you and it takes time before you’re able to deal with them.

As a man, you should know how to avoid these attraction killers I’m about to let you know in this post. If you cannot get rid of them, you’ll continue to lose attraction in every of your relationship. I know, these thing are sometimes, not easy to do away with, but it take time before you’re able to master it, and when then, you will realize that, they really worth it.

Now, I present to you 5 attraction killers in relationship every man should avoid

Controlling behaviour

Man naturally, has that tendency to control and be in charge. If you look at all area of life and your nearest community, you will see how men behave, how they act, how they talk and how they do nearly everything, it is all about having control in every area they find themselves. This controlling behaviour, as good as it is for men in every other part of their life, it is not good at all in their relationship. Of course, you’re the man, the head you’ll say, in relationship is better to assume you’re equal, and not taking yourself as superior over your woman.

Maybe you should check it out yourself, any relationship, that the man is having a controlling behaviour, there is bound to be loss of attraction in that relationship. No matter how romantic the man can be, the woman can only pretend, deep within her, you’re not attracted to her as much as it is when you first started your relationship. What you need do here is this, learn to leave your bossing nature outside of your relationship and you will never lose your woman attraction in your relationship.

If you always allow women to lead

Another critical area, in which you need to look into your life, if you want to sustain your relationship attraction, is not to always allow your woman to lead. Take a look at the underlined words, that words is not telling you, that your woman should not take a lead at all, what it means here is that, you should always be in the for front of the leadership in your relationship. This is not about being in control of everything, which will amount to controlling behaviour. Yes of course, man are supposed to lead, you take the direction of where you want your relationship to head, but not a solely decision. She can add her input, but you will have to harmonized everything and give the directives of how it will all goes.

If you always allow your woman to lead, then you’re not a man of action. You will eventually look like a house boy, because you don’t have much say in that relationship. Your role has been taken by the woman and there is no way she can be attracted to you anymore, as I said earlier, you’re just like her house boy. So, how can she be attracted to her house boy? Think of it, what it mean to give a woman absolute power in your relationship.

Being Rude and Disrespectful 

This is just too simple for every man to understand but I will still say some little thing about it. You see, nobody want to be disrespected, in fact everybody want the place of honour. Even though a woman is like a subordinate to you, that doesn’t mean you should treat her with disdain, you should never be rude to her, else, you’re killing the attraction she has for you anytime you do that. Treat her as you want to be treated, which is just the plain truth here.

Putting woman under pressure

This apply to both men and woman, you can never be attracted to anyone that put you under any kind of pressure. So, men take something from that statement, and never try to put your woman under any kind of pressure under any disguise of whatsoever. A very good example here are, your continuous monitoring of all her activities, trying to know everything she does outside of your vicinity, trying to poke nose into her personal life and other many wrong kind of attitudes, can put any woman under pressure. Let her be, she has her life to live as well. If you don’t stop putting her under pressure, sure, the attraction she has for you will be gone without questioning.

Being boring and predictable

When a man is predictable, which means, every of his steps is already known ahead, then there is nothing intriguing about him. Such man will be consider a stereotypic man, boring and nothing new that can spark attraction for his woman. Tell me, as man, would you feel attracted to a woman that is stereotype and boring? The obvious answer is a capital ‘NO’. You may feel so much attraction at the initial stage of your relationship, but as you get used to one another, the attraction level begin to diminish, as there is nothing new as you continue in that relationship. So guys, you need to be dynamics, you need to come up with different exciting and romantic ideas every now and then, to keep her attracted to you every time she’s with you and when she’s away from you, the misses of the exciting talks, play, and pleasurable moment she always has with you, will keeps her wanting to be with you if possible, every time.

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Any relationship that is lacking in attraction, going separate ways for both parties, is inevitable. So, start building attraction in your relationship today, and put into practice ways to check yourself against these 5 relationship attraction killer men should avoid.

I will love to hear your experience, if you have ever experience loss of attraction in your relationship. Feel free to use the comment form below, let’s exchange ideas and make ourselves a better man in our respective relationship. Don’t forget to like my facebook fan page you really enjoy this article. I will be waiting for you in the comment section, until then, have an attractive romantic relationship.

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