What values are you teaching your children? Learn to do it right

What values are you teaching your children? Learn to do it right

I see children, young boys and girls on the street, church, schools and everywhere, I begin to wonder where they learn the kind of ways they are behaving.

Is it that their parents never bother to teach them what values they hold or the children just refuse to follow the teaching of their parents?

I will not want to dwell much on these children for now, my focus in this post is on the parent.

What values are you teaching your children? Learn to do it rightWhat values are you teaching your children? You should remember that, one of the primary role of parenting is to teach children values. Teaching your children values will require you to be patient with them, you’ll need to give them instruction and explain these values you’re teaching again and again, and that is when being patient come into play.

As a parent, you must live by the value you’re teaching your children especially the value of telling the truth, don’t lie and don’t tell half-truth.

Children will always listen with keen interest to the teaching and lessons receive from the most important person in their lives as they are growing up. Whatever you say is accepted as absolute truth, a fact that will stay with them for longer time. [Read; Which is more important; Spending more or Spending Time with Your Children]

You need to be careful with whatever you say, because it will be absorbed like sponge. The description of your value will be written on their soul, at their tender age, their soul is just like a wet clay, as they are growing up, it get solidify and remain there permanently and that is the exact way they will see the world and relate to life.

So, whatever you do, just remember your children are watching you and they will try to do just as their parents do. Whatever you do, teach, preach and practice are going to be emulated as they are growing up.

As you teach your children the values you upholds, remember to also teach them financial values at their early stage of life. [Also Read; Teaching Children How to Save Money]

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