Easy Exercise Ideas For A Teeny Bopper

Among the many problems faced by parents of growing children, making sure they get enough exercise can be one of the biggest. This is especially true for pre-teens and early teens, and most of all for girls in these age groups.
By this age, they have stopped playing tag outside with their friends, and the TV, computer, and games console have taken over. One aspect of the problem, of course, is that by this age, nagging is useless, in fact, it can be counter-productive.
This means that, if the kids are going to get started on any sort of exercise program, they actually have to want to do it. Your first step, therefore, is probably to find out what their objections are, and how you are going to deal with them.
Easy Exercise Ideas For A Teeny Bopper

For most kids in this age group, the main objections, apart from the attractions of TV, computer and gaming, are likely to be, first, their friends or peer group don’t do it, and second, it reminds them of unpleasant PE lessons at school.

The ideal way to deal with the first point, if at all possible, is to see if you can get together with other parents to organize group activities. Although there may be grumbling at first, there is a much better chance of them getting interested if their friends are all doing it too.

It might also be an idea to take them along to watch some of the high-school teams; they can often be inspired by age groups just above them. If your teen girl is reluctant to eat because she is afraid of getting fat, point out that exercise is much more effective for keeping the weight off.

On the second point, it is important to emphasize to them that exercise doesn’t have to be confined to the kind of stuff they did at school. In fact, it can be anything they enjoy doing, as long as it gets them moving. Of course, what they enjoy will vary according to the individual.

  • One idea that is often successful is using fitness, yoga, or dance DVDs. Dance, in particular, is something most of them enjoy doing, and they can do it either at home or with a group of their friends. The big advantage of this is that the creators of the DVDs have already done all the thinking for you concerning the correct routines for fitness, so all you have to do is put the DVD in the machine. In addition, there is a good chance the kids will get fit without even realizing they are exercising.
  • If funds allow, arrange regular group outings to a bowling alley, ice-skating rink, or rock-climbing wall. These can be either family outings or groups of the children’s friends. A martial arts class might also be popular.
  • If you have home gym equipment, the kids can actually use it while watching TV or listening to their favorite music. For instance, you can use an elliptical trainer, a stationary bike or a treadmill. Alternatively, if funds permit, you can organize group visits to the local gym, but they have to be regular to be effective. If you use an elliptical machine, it has the extra benefit that all the family can use it too and set a good example.
Getting your kids or teens off the sofa can seem like pulling teeth if they are disinclined. However, there is actually a lot you can do to give them the boost they need and set healthy habits for the rest of their lives. Just be sure to make it cool, and make it fun.
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  1. Great article and very nice written. I will inspire my children to do more exercise than staying an playing video games or watching TV all day long. Thank you for sharing this beautiful article with us!

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