Top 10 True Love Signs of Relationship

Top 10 True Love Signs of Relationship

Have you ever experience true love in your relationship? Are you sure it’s not infatuation you call true love? I never once doubt true love because it exists but true love doesn’t just happen the way many people thought of it. If you want to really know if you’ve experienced or you want to experience true love, you may consider taking a look at these top ten true love signs of relationship.

True Love Signs of RelationshipIt is possible to see someone for the very first time and the person make your heart skip, then you fall into the popular believe of love at first sight which is not a real love but infatuational kind of love. This kind of love in not real because it’s a strong surge of emotional and sexual emotions that overwhelm you.

Before you can begin to experience relationship success, you need to take it slowly and that is when true love character will begin to manifest in your love and relationship life. I know that many of chase after true love that only few really find it and experience it in totality. How do these people experience it? Simple, they are not bound by the laws of human behaviour because human behaviour is easy to understand, for instance, human instinct will tell to react immediate such as when someone hurt you, you get angry with the person, when someone step on your ego, you will want to retaliate, these are human behaviour that true love don’t follow such pattern of lifestyle. But when you experience true love with someone, your primal instincts and behavior change only towards this person. True love transcends typical human behaviour. It makes you a better human being towards a special someone.

The 10 True Love Signs of Relationship

Though true love may be hard to define, but its signs are easy to read in every successful relationship. These are the true love signs of relationship to for in your relationship.

  1. There should not be a give and take situation in your relationship, when you give, you do it without expecting a return from your partner.
  2. No matter how you’re feeling, the happiness of your partner will set you too in the happiness mood when you watch your special one smile or laugh, that’s a pure happiness.
  3. You sacrifice for their happiness and wellbeing even when they don’t notice it.
  4. You get hurt when you’re upset but their action never offended you.
  5. You’ll never want to hurt them in any of your action, when you’re truly in love with someone, you can’t even think of hurting them either emotionally or physically. True love is a complete selfless acts but revenge is a strong human instinct which can’t be found with true love
  6. You share in their burden even if you have yours to carry.
  7. You celebrate their achievement, even if it is a thing you’ve not been able to achieve. It’s normal to feel jealous for a friend when they achieve what you find difficult to achieve but in case of the true love, you rejoice in their pride.
  8. You will never want to fail in your promise to your lover, you’ll ensure you keep to your promise no matter what it’s takes to do that as far as you can feel happy doing it.
  9. Always think in your lover’s perspective and not your own always, you’ll think on their point of view before you make any decision that may affect them
  10. It is no more a single you in all your achievement but “we”, ‘we’ will replace ‘me’ since he or she has become part of your life. In true love, that’s how it works, though you will need your personal space to grow but at the same time you need your partner to grow together.

These are ten true love signs of relationship, perhaps you’re in a relationship and you’re not feeling these, don’t worry, it is possible that your level of relationship hasn’t grown reach that state of true love, it develop over time as you move on in your relationship toward emotional maturity that surpasses physical attraction or the stage of infatuation. If you find this post helpful, please like our Facebook fan page below

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  1. Christie says:

    This publication has actually answered some of my questions regarding how I can know it is true love. I believe it’s going to help me deal with that issue and to recognise if he truly loves me. Thanks a lot.

  2. dia was a gal……. I luv so very much….. all she does is to hurt me every minute of the day……I keep on enduring it….. till she slept with my friend……I have no other choice than to ask her to leave my house nva to come back again………… but I still love her so much……. Pls what should I do?

    • Save your heart ache now and allow all thought about her to be completely off you. If according to what you write here about how she treated you, then she’s not the right woman for you, let her go and look for another woman who will not be hurting you.

      If a girl should sleep your friend, then she’s not worthy to be call your woman and that your friend too is not worthy to be called your friend, both of them are your enemy. Just do away with them now and find another person, once you’re able to find new woman, the old woman’s feeling will soon left you and you’ll be free from the hurt she’s always bring you.

  3. forevermore says:

    i have a girlfriend and we both in love each other but people dont like us to continue our relationshpi since weve both very complicated persons . we have been trying to break it off our relationship but its seems we will die soon . what shall we do to stop this feeling without feelin pain…

    • Both of you need to sit down and be honest with yourself, if it is right for both of you to go separate ways or not, you can’t base the judgment on what people say, you know yourself better and you’re in the position to determine if the relationship is going to work out for both you.

      If you agree to part ways, then go ahead and stop seeing each other, yes the feeling may not be good initially but overtime, everything will be alright. It is better to experience the awkward feelings now than regretting to make the decision now.

      Nobody has ever die for going separate way which come from the heart of both partner. You won’t die and if you can’t cope with it, you’d better stay together because people’s opinion does not matter if you really love each other.

  4. yash chouhan says:

    I am very frenk boy
    And my co. MA

  5. Nic site nd my fvrt site.

  6. Am a shy guy bt i love one gal bt i dont knw hw to tell her nd am also her friend bt am feelin shy to tell her nd i dont want lose her,pls help me out

    • Face your fear and tell her what you feel about her, she can’t beat you, just be bold and approach her with confidence, it is very possible that, the way you’re feeling nervous withing you, she will also feel nervous when you want to approach her too. There’s nothing to lose but rather many to gain. Just face your fear and be man enough to face her.

  7. I have been dating this lady for two years now.
    In the beginning, we are more than lovers…
    We joke, we share ideas and even plans for our future.
    After four month, she told me to hold onto our good old day until
    We appear before the alter which I complies till now.
    After one years of studying her, I required her to take me to the parents, guess what she said; “she don’t have any responsible family member, that she will take the bride price of herself. Which I know is a lies and insult to my demand.
    I got furious by hearing this but didn’t react to it… Another six month later I again approach her of her mind about the relationship and she got angry and said “what ever you have in mind just tell me and stops pretends” this time I became mad at her and asked what she is doing with me. She then said she is not ready for marriage…
    She loss her mother four years ago, being deprived as well. Considering all this, I always tried not to hurt her under no circumstances…
    During our argument over this issue I secretly discovered she had a child hidden from me at her village…
    A week ago I travel to that area and tempt to confirm it but she was communicated and the child being between seven years was hidden and I couldn’t see her. I later came back and she got angry over the issue and denying to the mother of the child which the acting mothe and her ex in-laws have already confirm.
    I really don’t want to hurt her cus she has no where to go but she have been avoiding and hurting me for two years now. What do I do now?

    • If you’re sure of what you’re saying, it is time to let her go if she cannot tell you her situation. A relationship or marriage on false pretense is never going to last because, there will be lots of trouble in the marriage.
      I will beg you no to marry anyone out of pity. For that fact that she lost her mother does not make her to be the best woman for you. Before you know her, has been living her life even with other men possible and if you leave today, she will meet another man tomorrow.

      Stop giving yourself headache and tell her you want to quit the relationship if she cannot open up to you.
      That’s my advice for you about this issue.

  8. The problem i have with my lover girl is that any time i tell her about how much i love her and would like to spend the rest of my life with her as my wife and the mother of our kids,she will start up by saying that her mom may not let us been togther as lovers because she wants her to marry a rich man and am scared if her mom may decide for her whom to marry for it sees she cant make her own decision when her mom is still there, pls how can i do

  9. ibrahim e says:

    i lov my woman very much, but she hurt me with no reasing. on sallah day she sleep with my friend in my house on top my bed, but yet i did’t even talk anything to both of them. pls what is my solution to dis problem?
    I’m hurt with that and i love her still

    • You better let her go. Such girl is no good for you. I can tell you, she will do it again and in other for you not to give yourself heart attach, just let her go.

  10. I have a girlfriend that i love so much, i told her about my felling,she agreed to be my girlfriend after a month i confirmed that she is inlove with my friend what shall i do

  11. never give up

  12. Pls I think that my gf is cheap, the reason is she give her number out to anybody that ask wow, toast, or ask 4 it, I have ask her several time’s that why, She told me that she said nothing that she doesn’t like to be disturb. I’m worried!.

    • Yes of course, you need to be worried. It shows your girlfriend does not really love you and she’s ready to go with another person that she fancies enough more than you.

      Please let her understand that, you don’t like such attitude and if she feels, you’ve done something that got her annoyed in the past, she should let you know and you need to apologize to her so that she can stop the nonsense act.

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