Sure Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love You

Relationship love at times can be confusing when you get to a certain stage of your love life, you will begin to wonder if the relationship you’re into really worth it. You will come to think of it that does this guy really mean this love and question like this will want to help you to know where exactly you’re standing in his life.

There are signs that show if your boyfriends truly love you and these signs are all you need to know to really access the kind of love he’s showing you.

Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love YouWhen you first get into a relationship, issues like this, don’t even come to your mind really but as time goes on, even if it is an infatuation kind of love, it gets faded away before true love can set in.

But you need to be sure of your position in his life, you wouldn’t want to waste your life and time with someone who doesn’t have a future with you. The earlier you know these sure signs that show if your boyfriend truly loves you the better it can be for you.

Feeling insecure sometimes is a part of experiencing love, it’s normal and at times all of us feel it now and then. But what matters is what your lover does to reassure you, and make you feel more loved which will build your confidence level in your relationship.

Signs that show if your boyfriend truly loves you

Take a look at these signs that show if your boyfriend truly loves you and make your decision on where exactly is your position in his life and this will help you to get more focus as to concentrate on the love or move on to secure a better relationship that has something positive to offer you.

1. Communication

If your guy really loves you, he will want to communicate with you at every point in time no matter what. He will talk more often to you than any other person in his life, even his friends will receive much less communication than he talks to you.

You will become his number one priority and if he tells lie in his communication, you can easily find out through Eye detect and discreetly made it known to him without getting him offended.

2. He gets captivated by you

Have you ever caught him in the act staring at you when you’re busy doing something else? It’s a sure sign that he really loves you and he wants to get more of you and can’t wait till you’re free.

3. He can go all the way for you

if a man truly loves you, he can do all things for you to make you happy at all time even if it’s something he does not enjoy doing ordinarily. He can even go all the way with you to the market and help you in your shopping.

4. Together time matters to him

A guy will go all the way to look for how he can spend more time with you than any other person in his life, spending time with his best friends or family will surely take a back seat and the time he’ll be spending with you will take the front seat.

5. The impression Continue

The impression he gave you that won you over will not stop after you’ve become his girlfriend, he will continue to make it happen again and again and even extend it to your family members as well.

6.  He Loves hugging you

He will hug you for no reason at all and hold you for more than a few seconds thanking you for being part of his life though he may not open his mouth to say this but right there in his mind is making the statement.

8. Your thoughts are always on his mind

He can’t stop thinking of you always because he has you as a top priority in his life. For you to know this, call on his attention at times when you know he will be busy doing something elsewhere to come to assist you in sorting something out, he will go all the way to come around and help you out.

9. He flaunts you

Because he loves you, he can talk about it in front of any damsel that he knew before and make you proud because he is sure of his love for you, something guys who don’t really love you cannot do.

10. He let out his secrets

He will share with you the secret he has never shared with anyone before, the secret that he’s afraid of telling his friends so that he will not be mocked. He will be open to letting you know those secrets because he trusts and loves you.

11. He’s not judgmental

He will not scold you even if you’ve done something wrong, he will just let you understand in a friendly manner what you have done and at times he may even try to pull your leg but is just to make fun of it.

12. He’s changed his world

If a guy truly loves you, he won’t mind changing his lifestyle all because of you, he can miss a crucial game of football that even you yourself know very well that he loves. He can as well miss a movie he wants to watch and put you first to attend to your need before his.

Now I believe, you have no further doubt about the love he has for you when you see these signs that show if your boyfriend truly loves you.

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422 thoughts on “Sure Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love You”

  1. He changes his attitude for a while whenever I discuss it with him and repeat his bad attitude,am a student so anytime I calls him or he calls he tells to learn hard to pass my upcoming Exams and also sends me when am in need of money.he used to deny me as his girlfriend in front of his friends but now he has stopped doing that and also I learnt he is cheating but doesn’t tells me the truth when I ask him
    I don’t know what to do now am confused because he sometimes shows care and sometimes too ignore me

  2. I asked him last three days whether he truly loves me and he said Yes he does n why did i asked that question,n i told him abt the lady n he didn’t say anything abt it

  3. I started dating a guy a couple of weeks ago ,it was like we had known each other for a long time communication everything was on point. Then he asked for sex which I told him I wasn’t ready we should take our time to know each other, from then he keeps complaining I don’t love him as much as he does he keeps telling me I’m not doing my part of the relationship right. I seriously don’t know what to do right now, I do like him alot but I don’t understand what he is trying to say and he won’t give me a clue because he tells me I know what I’m doing which I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. What should I do

  4. My guy posted a lady picture on his WhatsApp status and also make it his profile picture, tho he told me he has a girlfriend who is far from him. And yet he says he loves me , he calls me almost everyday but am scared if it’s from his heart . His family knows about the girl cos she stays close to them. Please sis I need your advice.

    1. Just run from him.
      He’s keeping you as an alternative if the other ones do not work out. I’m sure, this is not what you want.

      So, kindly take a walk before your heart is broken.

      1. I have a guy in my life although we talk al most a year before we started dating we have been two months now he his not a talking type when we sit out with friends self he don’t like talking he don’t call me like that but he show Conners whenever I have a problem he like advising me he help when never he know am in need he even tell me they way he want me to be dressing but my my problem is this guy has never for once tell me he love me even before we started dating he never for once told me he like me i only notice through his action n way he show Conners about my issues is he very boring when phone talk chat but he make me feel free n good when we are together what I don’t understand is does he really love me?

        1. Well, since he’s reserve kind of a guy, it’s difficult to read what’s going on inside of him now.
          The relationship is just two months, I will advise you to give him more time maybe like 2-3 months more and you should also tell him what you feel about how the relationship is going.

          Let him know that, he has to assure you of his love not only by his action alone but by professing it from his mouth, that he loves you.

          I hope his help.

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