12 Sure Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love You

12 Sure Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love You

Relationship love at times can be confusing when you get to a certain stage of your love life, you will begin to wonder if the relationship you’re into really worth it. You will come to think of it that does this guy really mean this love and question like this will want to help you to know where exactly you’re standing in his life. There are signs that show if your boyfriends truly love you and these signs are all you need to know to really access the kind of love he’s showing you.

Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love YouWhen you first got into relationship, issues like this, don’t even come to your mind really but as time goes on, even if it is infatuated kind love it get fade away and seems to be true love can set in but you need to be sure of your position in his life, you wouldn’t want to waste your life and time with someone who doesn’t have a future with you. The earlier you know these sure signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you the better if can be for you.

Feeling insecure sometimes is a part of experiencing love, it’s normal and at times all of us feel it now and then. But what matters is what your lover does to reassure you, and make you feel more loved that will build your confident level toward your relationship.

Take a look at these 12 signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you and make your decision on where exactly is your position in his life and this will help you to get more focus as to concentrate on the love or move on to secure a better relationship that has something positive to offer you.

Signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you

1. Communication: If your guy really love you, he will want to communicate with you at every point in time no matter what. He will talk more often to you than any other person in his life, even his friends will receive much less communication than he talks to you.

2. He gets captivated by you: Have you ever caught him in the act staring at you when you’re busy doing something else? It’s a sure sign that he really love you and he want to get more of you and can’t wait till you’re free.

3 He can goes all the way for you: if a man truly love you, he can do all things for you to make you happy at all time even if it’s something he does not enjoy doing ordinarily. He can even go all the way with you to the market and help you in your shopping.

4 Together time matters to him: A guy will go all the way to look for how he can spend more time with you than any other person in his life, spending time with his best friends or family will surely take a back seat and the time he’ll be spending with you will take the front seat.

5 The impression Continue: The impression he gave you that won you over will not stop after you’ve become his girlfriend, he will continue to make it happen again and again and even extend it to your family members as well.

6.  He Love hugging you: He will hug you for no reason at all and hold you more than a few second thanking you for being part of his life though he may not open his mouth to say this but right there in his mind is making the statement.

8. Your thoughts always on his mind: He can’t stop thinking of you always because he has you as top priority in his life. For you to know this, call on his attention at times when you know he will be busy doing something elsewhere to come assist you in sorting something out, he will go all the way to come around and help you out.

9. He flaunts you: Because he love you, he can talk about in front of any damsel that he knew before and make you proud because he is sure of his love for you, something guys who don’t really love you cannot do.

10. He let out his secrets: He will share with you the secret he has never share with anyone before, the secret that he’s afraid of telling his friends so that he will not be mocked. He will be opened to let you know those secrets because he trust and love you.

11. He’s not judgmental: He will not scold you even if you’ve done something wrong, he will just let you understand in a friendly manner what you have done and at times he may even try to pull your leg but is just to make fun of it.

12. He’s changed his world: If a guy truly loves you, he won’t mind changing his lifestyle all because of you, he can miss a crucial game of football that even you yourself know very well that he love. He can as well miss a movie he wants to watch and put you first to attend to your need before his.

There you have them the 12 sure signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you. Do you think there is something missing out that we did not mention here? We will really appreciate it if you can let us known that using the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. My boyfriend do care for me and even talk to other girls in my present, but he does not pick some girls calls in my present, I want to know if he’s. Real to me.

    • Hey Sandra, because your boyfriend do not pick calls from certain girls does not make him unreal, if he cares for you enough and you love each other, you don’t need to worry too much except if there is another thing you’re not saying here. guys will always be guys and the same things with ladies, the opposite sex will keep in contact with you whether you like it or not.
      If you trust him enough, you can ask him why he does not pick some girls phone call, let him tell you the reason if you care to know, but I don’t think you have much to worry about it.

  2. Maia burrell says:

    My boyfriend and I started dateing two days ago and im afraid that my boyfriend does not love me and that it really is my exboyfriend wanting to date me again and is

  3. my boyfriend loves me alot…he’s much than u mentioned above

  4. Yap,al d 12 things u write,is exactly wt my bf is.i even try settin up wit a galfrnd of mine,bt he didnt even pay an attention ear 2 her,but wil kip telin her dt he luv his galfrnd so much nd cnt cheat on her.But d problem ryt now,is dt he ask me 4 sex nd i am scared,bcos if he rely do,he wnt ask me 4 dt.nw my ques is,does he rely luv me by askin 4 sex?pls i nid reply.

  5. how to knw if ma g.f truly luvs mi

    • Ebukaaaa! You can know that by how she treat you, your friend and your family. If your girlfriend truly loves you, she will love because of who you are and not because of what you have.

  6. Maryjane says:

    There is a guy i love, but i don’t know how to express it.. I need help please

    • There is nothing wrong to love a guy and even expressing it but where the problem might be is that, most guys will want to take such expression for granted.
      What you need do is that, get closer to him and let him sense it but don’t offer any words that suggest you’re dying for him, it is the responsibility of the guy to ask you out. If the guy has another person, during your conversation you should be able to know and that will mean, you have to move on and forget about him.
      It will be totally wrong to continue expressing love to him thinking that he will notice you and ask you out, even if he notice you, his thought about you might not be clean because he knows you’re aware that he has someone else in his life.

  7. queeneth says:

    Pls what is the best and matured gift you can give to a guy,tha he may value so much?

    • Individual guy has different taste, if he’s your guy, take a look at some of the thing he value in his life that you can buy for him. But generally, a good wristwatch will be ideal and again that depends on if he’s a guy that love to wear wristwatch. A T – Shirt also will make some sense, but it has to be quality one and not just anyhow T-Shirt.

  8. Ebenezer says:

    Hey, well done. But there is an issue that we need to look at from your writing. The part that says he would continue his impression. When a guy is dating a lady he is well to do anything to get her to love him more, but when his efforts or the little things his doing is not appreciated he begins to slack. And this can also lead to the death of what you two have together. It’s also natural for a guy to naturally withdraw from a lady he loves. When he does this give him space. He would come loving you more.

  9. My guy and me have dated getting to two months now… He does all this that you mentioned above and he also have proposed to marry me and he is God fearing but d issue is that by august he will b going for a nine months training and thre wnt be any communication cos they will sieze their phones and its anly when he comes back we will do the neccessary thing…and i trust him…. Pls i need advice cox now he is planning to follow me to d house and he is not yet ready financially bc d training raquires money

    • Hello Ifeoma,
      Let me approach your issue this way, two month seems to be too early actually know much about anyone in relationship, whether it is a guy or a girl. Although your gut or your mind might be leading you in the right direction but you need to take sometimes and access the situation with different probing questions. If he propose to marry you within two months, how serious is the proposal, what happen to other guys you’ve had relationship with in the past as per their promises that were not fulfilled today, can you really wait for nine months for him to get back after that training and still hold on to yourself without having any secret affair with another person, is the training involves only guys or ladies are included too?
      There are many more questions you need to ask your self.
      If he wants to follow you to the house without financial commitment and you’re satisfy with it and you know your family will not reject him. I will say there will be no problem as far as he can keeps to his promise.

      My real concern is the 9 months without communication, it is a long period dear, if both of you believe it is workable, then go ahead but if your mind is telling you otherwise, please think twice.
      I pray everything should work out for you guys.
      Thanks Ifeoma.

  10. Goggles

  11. Cj nworah says:

    hi.my boyfriend and i ave been datin over a month but he refuses to pick my calls..this as been going on for a week how will i know if he truely love me

  12. I lv my b.f nd he lvs me to but for smtym nw we are nt moving well cus he saw me wit a guy which i’ve told hm about. I need ur advice pls. dis a yr we’ve dated.

    • Hello Tonia,
      What did you tell him? Have been able to convince your boyfriend that there’s nothing between you and the guy. Go to him and plead with him, not every guy can understand that, there is no way their girlfriend will not be found in the company of other guys which are just friends.

      By the way, how did your boyfriend meet you and the guy that resulted into things not moving well again?
      Please in plain words, I don’t like reading short hand words, I most time ignore them.

  13. Hi, my boy friend and i have been dating for about one year now but yesterday he told me it was over between the both of us and he doesnt want to tell me why he quit the relationship and the funniest thing is that he was happy with me in the morning did he truly love me

    • Something is wrong somewhere, he can’t just take such decision without seeing something he can’t cope with.

      You may have to find your way around it and ask him to please tell you what went wrong and promise him that you’ve wont take it personal with him.

  14. I have a b.f,he has a girlfriend,but she is far from him,he walk up to me,he told me hewant me to be has friend were he is stilling nw,I said ok,but each time he talks with her I will get angry,which if I ask him he will say,that love me more,idont knw what to do,if I should still or not.

    • You got let him go, his mind is still with the other girl, no need not waste your time with him and wait on empty promises he made to you.
      It is your life and not his’s, take a walk and you’ll find other guys who are interested in you. Until you set yourself free, you may not be able to listen well to other guys with genuine intention.
      Wishing you best of luck Emelda.

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