12 Sure Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love You

12 Sure Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love You

Relationship love at times can be confusing when you get to a certain stage of your love life, you will begin to wonder if the relationship you’re into really worth it. You will come to think of it that does this guy really mean this love and question like this will want to help you to know where exactly you’re standing in his life. There are signs that show if your boyfriends truly love you and these signs are all you need to know to really access the kind of love he’s showing you.

Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love YouWhen you first got into relationship, issues like this, don’t even come to your mind really but as time goes on, even if it is infatuated kind love it get fade away and seems to be true love can set in but you need to be sure of your position in his life, you wouldn’t want to waste your life and time with someone who doesn’t have a future with you. The earlier you know these sure signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you the better if can be for you.

Feeling insecure sometimes is a part of experiencing love, it’s normal and at times all of us feel it now and then. But what matters is what your lover does to reassure you, and make you feel more loved that will build your confident level toward your relationship.

Take a look at these 12 signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you and make your decision on where exactly is your position in his life and this will help you to get more focus as to concentrate on the love or move on to secure a better relationship that has something positive to offer you.

Signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you

1. Communication: If your guy really love you, he will want to communicate with you at every point in time no matter what. He will talk more often to you than any other person in his life, even his friends will receive much less communication than he talks to you.

2. He gets captivated by you: Have you ever caught him in the act staring at you when you’re busy doing something else? It’s a sure sign that he really love you and he want to get more of you and can’t wait till you’re free.

3 He can goes all the way for you: if a man truly love you, he can do all things for you to make you happy at all time even if it’s something he does not enjoy doing ordinarily. He can even go all the way with you to the market and help you in your shopping.

4 Together time matters to him: A guy will go all the way to look for how he can spend more time with you than any other person in his life, spending time with his best friends or family will surely take a back seat and the time he’ll be spending with you will take the front seat.

5 The impression Continue: The impression he gave you that won you over will not stop after you’ve become his girlfriend, he will continue to make it happen again and again and even extend it to your family members as well.

6.  He Love hugging you: He will hug you for no reason at all and hold you more than a few second thanking you for being part of his life though he may not open his mouth to say this but right there in his mind is making the statement.

8. Your thoughts always on his mind: He can’t stop thinking of you always because he has you as top priority in his life. For you to know this, call on his attention at times when you know he will be busy doing something elsewhere to come assist you in sorting something out, he will go all the way to come around and help you out.

9. He flaunts you: Because he love you, he can talk about in front of any damsel that he knew before and make you proud because he is sure of his love for you, something guys who don’t really love you cannot do.

10. He let out his secrets: He will share with you the secret he has never share with anyone before, the secret that he’s afraid of telling his friends so that he will not be mocked. He will be opened to let you know those secrets because he trust and love you.

11. He’s not judgmental: He will not scold you even if you’ve done something wrong, he will just let you understand in a friendly manner what you have done and at times he may even try to pull your leg but is just to make fun of it.

12. He’s changed his world: If a guy truly loves you, he won’t mind changing his lifestyle all because of you, he can miss a crucial game of football that even you yourself know very well that he love. He can as well miss a movie he wants to watch and put you first to attend to your need before his.

There you have them the 12 sure signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you. Do you think there is something missing out that we did not mention here? We will really appreciate it if you can let us known that using the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. My boyfriend do care for me and even talk to other girls in my present, but he does not pick some girls calls in my present, I want to know if he’s. Real to me.

    • Hey Sandra, because your boyfriend do not pick calls from certain girls does not make him unreal, if he cares for you enough and you love each other, you don’t need to worry too much except if there is another thing you’re not saying here. guys will always be guys and the same things with ladies, the opposite sex will keep in contact with you whether you like it or not.
      If you trust him enough, you can ask him why he does not pick some girls phone call, let him tell you the reason if you care to know, but I don’t think you have much to worry about it.

  2. Maia burrell says:

    My boyfriend and I started dateing two days ago and im afraid that my boyfriend does not love me and that it really is my exboyfriend wanting to date me again and is

  3. my boyfriend loves me alot…he’s much than u mentioned above

  4. Yap,al d 12 things u write,is exactly wt my bf is.i even try settin up wit a galfrnd of mine,bt he didnt even pay an attention ear 2 her,but wil kip telin her dt he luv his galfrnd so much nd cnt cheat on her.But d problem ryt now,is dt he ask me 4 sex nd i am scared,bcos if he rely do,he wnt ask me 4 dt.nw my ques is,does he rely luv me by askin 4 sex?pls i nid reply.

  5. how to knw if ma g.f truly luvs mi

    • Ebukaaaa! You can know that by how she treat you, your friend and your family. If your girlfriend truly loves you, she will love because of who you are and not because of what you have.

  6. Maryjane says:

    There is a guy i love, but i don’t know how to express it.. I need help please

    • There is nothing wrong to love a guy and even expressing it but where the problem might be is that, most guys will want to take such expression for granted.
      What you need do is that, get closer to him and let him sense it but don’t offer any words that suggest you’re dying for him, it is the responsibility of the guy to ask you out. If the guy has another person, during your conversation you should be able to know and that will mean, you have to move on and forget about him.
      It will be totally wrong to continue expressing love to him thinking that he will notice you and ask you out, even if he notice you, his thought about you might not be clean because he knows you’re aware that he has someone else in his life.

  7. queeneth says:

    Pls what is the best and matured gift you can give to a guy,tha he may value so much?

    • Individual guy has different taste, if he’s your guy, take a look at some of the thing he value in his life that you can buy for him. But generally, a good wristwatch will be ideal and again that depends on if he’s a guy that love to wear wristwatch. A T – Shirt also will make some sense, but it has to be quality one and not just anyhow T-Shirt.

  8. Ebenezer says:

    Hey, well done. But there is an issue that we need to look at from your writing. The part that says he would continue his impression. When a guy is dating a lady he is well to do anything to get her to love him more, but when his efforts or the little things his doing is not appreciated he begins to slack. And this can also lead to the death of what you two have together. It’s also natural for a guy to naturally withdraw from a lady he loves. When he does this give him space. He would come loving you more.

  9. My guy and me have dated getting to two months now… He does all this that you mentioned above and he also have proposed to marry me and he is God fearing but d issue is that by august he will b going for a nine months training and thre wnt be any communication cos they will sieze their phones and its anly when he comes back we will do the neccessary thing…and i trust him…. Pls i need advice cox now he is planning to follow me to d house and he is not yet ready financially bc d training raquires money

    • Hello Ifeoma,
      Let me approach your issue this way, two month seems to be too early actually know much about anyone in relationship, whether it is a guy or a girl. Although your gut or your mind might be leading you in the right direction but you need to take sometimes and access the situation with different probing questions. If he propose to marry you within two months, how serious is the proposal, what happen to other guys you’ve had relationship with in the past as per their promises that were not fulfilled today, can you really wait for nine months for him to get back after that training and still hold on to yourself without having any secret affair with another person, is the training involves only guys or ladies are included too?
      There are many more questions you need to ask your self.
      If he wants to follow you to the house without financial commitment and you’re satisfy with it and you know your family will not reject him. I will say there will be no problem as far as he can keeps to his promise.

      My real concern is the 9 months without communication, it is a long period dear, if both of you believe it is workable, then go ahead but if your mind is telling you otherwise, please think twice.
      I pray everything should work out for you guys.
      Thanks Ifeoma.

  10. Goggles

  11. Cj nworah says:

    hi.my boyfriend and i ave been datin over a month but he refuses to pick my calls..this as been going on for a week how will i know if he truely love me

  12. I lv my b.f nd he lvs me to but for smtym nw we are nt moving well cus he saw me wit a guy which i’ve told hm about. I need ur advice pls. dis a yr we’ve dated.

    • Hello Tonia,
      What did you tell him? Have been able to convince your boyfriend that there’s nothing between you and the guy. Go to him and plead with him, not every guy can understand that, there is no way their girlfriend will not be found in the company of other guys which are just friends.

      By the way, how did your boyfriend meet you and the guy that resulted into things not moving well again?
      Please in plain words, I don’t like reading short hand words, I most time ignore them.

  13. Hi, my boy friend and i have been dating for about one year now but yesterday he told me it was over between the both of us and he doesnt want to tell me why he quit the relationship and the funniest thing is that he was happy with me in the morning did he truly love me

    • Something is wrong somewhere, he can’t just take such decision without seeing something he can’t cope with.

      You may have to find your way around it and ask him to please tell you what went wrong and promise him that you’ve wont take it personal with him.

  14. I have a b.f,he has a girlfriend,but she is far from him,he walk up to me,he told me hewant me to be has friend were he is stilling nw,I said ok,but each time he talks with her I will get angry,which if I ask him he will say,that love me more,idont knw what to do,if I should still or not.

    • You got let him go, his mind is still with the other girl, no need not waste your time with him and wait on empty promises he made to you.
      It is your life and not his’s, take a walk and you’ll find other guys who are interested in you. Until you set yourself free, you may not be able to listen well to other guys with genuine intention.
      Wishing you best of luck Emelda.

  15. precious val says:

    my guy loves me and promise to marry me. but he is living wt other girl

    • Living with other girl can mean different thing, why not find out from him, the reason he lives with other girls and not you that he promises love. If he can’t defend himself well to your conviction, you’ve got to leave me and look for someone else that’ll love you live with you.

  16. I have just one question to ask. My boyfriend is not romantic and anytime I try to let him know about this…he always say that he can’t change..cos he was brought upt hat way..please what can I do?

    • Your boyfriend has to change, if he was born into a family leaving a poverty life, would him not desire leaving in a more comfortable life?

      He is carrying a wrong mentality and he MUST CHANGE HIS MINDSET about not being romantic. No woman will stay with un-romantic guy, even if he has all the money in this world, at a certain stage the woman will leave him to go after men that know how to be romantic.

      This maybe hard on you but the truth is that, if he’s not going to change, you need to look for another boyfriend who’s romantic plus every other good qualities you want to see in a guy.
      You can’t stay with someone with wrong mindset, you’ll be dissatisfied every time and you will only feel being used even having having sex with him.
      Tell him and teach him how to be romantic, tell him to start with little things you are sure of and that turn you on, I’m sure with time he’ll understand why good romance is part of a healthy relationship.
      But if he’s not ready to change, I warn you now, leave him before you start to feel lonely and depressed even if you said to have been in relationship with him

  17. Thanks for the advice..i so much appreciate..but then I think I need to make some things clear here..i don’t know maybe because we’v not had sex that’s why he is acting this way.I don’t know to to teach him on how to be romantic..and him acting this way does that mean he does not love me?

  18. I’m 22 years old now. I still believe in my mother’s adage which says (until a man learn how to love like a mother,then there can be true love.)..I’m still a virgin.and have promised to live a virgin till I found a man that will love me like my mother. Pls I don’t know if I’m getting it confuse. Please I need your advice.

    • I don’t think the one you’ve found is the man and so, hold on to your virginity until you’re convinced beyond every reasonable doubt. If you’re ready to live for the rest of your life with a man that is not romantic, you can go ahead with him and if otherwise, shine your eyessss

  19. I think I need to make something clear here..it is not upto 6month that me and my boyfriend started dating..nd we haven’t had sex since then..could it be the reasons for his actions?

    • What action are you talking about, do a guy need to wait for six or above six month before being romantic?
      He doesn’t and he need to learn, tell him what turn you on and your own definition of being romantic so that he can learn how to please a woman, you don’t need to have sex with him before you discover if he’s romantic or not.

      There are lots of romantic text messages on this website that your boyfriend can learn alot from, tell him to come read them or give them to him to read and learn how to be romantic and what it takes to be romantic.

  20. I’m a lady of 33.. I have this guy who I love most, we have been dating for the past 4 months but known each other since 2009 as friends…

    The issue is, I want a kid but him since not interested.. I think I am ready to settle with him, is he ready to commit or is he still searching… Help

    • He’s not ready to commit for now, it is possible he still want to really know you more than the casual knowing of each other since 2009. Although 4 months is not too small for both of you to struck a deal about long-term commitment, but he might be thinking you’re too desperate because age is not much on your side.
      You both need to sit and really have a kind of heart to heart talk about it, if he’s not going to be committed for a long time, he shouldn’t waste your time.
      Just pet him a little and let him calm down before you introduce the matter and don’t tell him in advance you have to talk heart to heart, doing that may make him be preparing all kind of defensive way to avoid the talk or prepare to hide something from you.
      Take him unaware for the serious talk and from his response you can know where you stand in his life.
      I hope this help.

  21. my boyfriend and i started dating 3month ago, the first month was like waking up me in the morning with chats everyday at a point he now stopped, why because he jokingly said something to me that i don’t like, when he left my house i thought about it grew angry with him, but i didn’t let him know about until two days after he text me and i refused to reply him because of what he said to me which himself did not know the word he said hurts me until i told him about it and now is behaving as if he doesn’t love again, but if i call him he wil answer me (yes dear) my confusion is did he still love me? please help me out cause i love him so much.

    • It’s normal, he still love you but he need to realize that at some point, he’s going to get you hurt and you too. Now the issue depend on his level of maturity, any guys that is really mature enough should be able to appreciate your telling him about what he said that hurt you and be able to correct it so that next time he won’t say such words to you again.
      He still love you but both of you just have to understand how relationship really works as you’re just starting to learn it.

  22. My boyfriend always scold me,tho he is older buh i dnt fnk dat is right.he collects money from me and has neva given me a dime b4.my friends said he will be giving out to other girls.i met his parents circumstantly cos i guess he didn’t want me to meet them buh i met them somhow.he tells me he loves me buh av neva showed it.he didn’t want me to meet his parents again.but anytime i wanna leave, he will do somthing to bring me back.he said he wants to marry me buh he has no plan for me i think. I don’t know what to do ,pls advice me.

    • Run as far as your leg can carry you. Why are you still there wasting your time?
      Do you think he loves you?
      Guys can date for many years and still still good even at their early fourties but ladies can’t do that and the better you understand this now, the better it will help you save your time and stop wasting that your precious time with a time waster guys claiming to love you.
      Let no one deceive you, he does not LOVE YOU.
      Full Stop!

  23. Hi,i hav a boyfrd,we hav been dating for 5yrs nw.he promise he wiil marry me and he hav tak me to their family member and all his frnds,all of them knws me as his girlfrnd.i luv d guy so much and he luvs me bt he usually get veri angry when he notice that i get contant with any guy bt he hav 2much frnds in girls ,he told me dat.my parents knws him bt them dnt wat me to marry him becos he is frm ebony state and My parent dnt wat to see me with him again and told him dat he started crying and said he will neva let me go dis way and me too i dnt wat to loose him.the problem is dat i get another boyfrnd and we having been dating for 4months nw and he is madly inlove with me nw and he said he wil marry me bt is nt ready to marriage nw until 4years and am 20yrs nw and i luv d guy becos he is doing everytin for me.am veri confuse i dnt knw which one to follow,plz help me out.

    • Follow your heart but since your parent don’t want you to marry the first guy and you’re already dating another guy, then leave the first one and go with the your new found love.

      You actually not love the first guy or maybe as a result of what’s happening between both of you, and that account for why you agree to date another guys. To double date often times is not always good for anyone, not just for ladies but also guys too.

      Just follow your heart anyway and don’t be deceived by the few good treatment you’ve received from him in the past 4 months.

  24. Hi, I have a friend in school that helps me in almost everything I wanted financially, he is very nice, gentle and caring. But he says he is only helping me as a friend and nothing more, and there was also a time he told me that he fell in love with me but withdrew the feeling cos he doesn’t want to love while he is in school. We had set several times, and that made me love him. He says he will discuss love with me when we are done with school. I don’t know what he is up to. Is it that he is hiding his feelings for me or he doesn’t want me and want to maintain a good friendship with me? He could have helped me too even without having sex with me. Please I need u to advice me on what to do. Tnx

    • Your friend is not emotionally ready to be in love with you and he’s not in a hurry to do that right now if according to your statement.

      It might also be possible that he has another girl in his life that he’s not done with and he want to finish business with her and by the time you both finish your school, he can now come to you.

      Sit him down and ask him serious questions why he want both of you to finish your school before he’s going to really show his feeling for you, let him know that there is someone else asking you out and you might consider that person but just waiting to confirm his desire about you. If he’s not going to be emotionally committed to you but just want to remain your friend, he’s hiding something from you.
      Make your decision about what he says when you ask him these serious questions.

  25. i am very much confused about my boyfriend.. earlier he used to talk to me a lot.. i dont know whats happening now.. since last 2 weeks he does not talk to me by messages even though he is online still do not reply.. i never found his mobile busy.. but we are talking over the phone.. still somewhere i am feeling ignorance.. please suggest me what to do..

  26. My guy always ask me about sex, he always wants me to b romromantic but if I say that I don’t like to talk about sex then he says that if I don’t want to share my personal things with him then he asks me that now what he have to do?? Whom he go to share this thinGS if I don’t??? and also says that he will go to other girl who likes him n will have sex with her one night but also says that he really loves me and without me he will die. Now I want to know does he really loves me??? And m I have to get ready to sex with him??? Coz I really love him n he also loves me care for me.. Plz tell me is he really loves me???

    • I’m sure he loves you, any guy that loves you should not threaten you with having sex with other girls ans till claim to love you. Don’t because of his promise that he’ll die without you and fall for his tricks, death is not an easy thing for anyone. Take your time and ensure you’re convince before giving in else, you may be disappointed.

      I will advice you for now, to not have sex with him, test his ability to endure with you and without having sex with you to determine how long can he take it and still remain committed to you and the one he really loves.

  27. Hi Av been dating a guy for 5months now he love and really cares for me I fought with one of his friends last week it really got him angry that he told me neva to call his number again immediately I started texting and calling him to apologise but he was not picking my calls or replying my message then I called one of his friend to beg him for me and also apologised to the one I fought with, the fourth day I called him he picked it and told me he is not interested in the relationship again pls help me on what I can do to have him back quickly cos I love him and am not ready to lose him have not seen him since last week dat i fought with his friend cos our school is on Xmas break now and we resume by january 5

    • Hi Bimbola,
      I know how it feel like, when the one you love try to ignore the fact that you love him.
      But the truth is that, some guys use things like this to tell you that, they are not really in love with you in the first place, they are just pretending. They still believe their friend than the one they love and when anything happen between you and their friends, instead of trying understand the situation and end the contending issues, they go ahead to support their friend knowing full well that, that have no real love for the one they claim to love.
      Let me tell you the reality of thing here Bimbola, that your guy do not really love because if he does, will not use things like this to end your relationship with him.
      If his friends don’t like you, you will find it hard to enjoy his relationship with you, he won’t want to be separated from his clique and those friends too can influence his decision about continuing the relationship with you or not.
      But I think, fighting with one of his friend is enough for him to be disinterested in the relationship, after all, you’ve settled your disagreement with the friend in question.

      You can still try your best but in my opinion, you better let him go rather than wasting your time with him that value his friends thinking than yours.
      You may feel the pain for now, but it is better for you because you will save yourself from further and bigger pain ahead. Just let him go and put yourself up for another guy who will support you even before his family not to talk of his friend.

  28. I have a guy,we have been dating for 2years now,I don’t go to his place often because of my program in school but he do comes to my place almost all weekend, he introduce me to his family and friends,during this time I noticed he lied to me with a lots of things,e.g his position at work,academic life,when I discover I asked him he always say people are just saying trash abt him only d time someone mistakenly say it to my front in his presence that was when I asked him and he plead for forgiveness and I do,hoping he will change but still d same thing ,so when I finish my program I visit him often,later I travelled out of d country I told him when am coming back that am coming to his place he refuse until I went there without telling him ,I found a lady stuffs in his room,when he came back from work I ask him he said his one of his married man friend girlfriend that owns it and kept it his place cos of his wife,normally I don’t tell him I was coming back that day I just decide to come without his knowledge,now have bin there for about 6month ago but he keep doing many thing that is strange like ,after his working hour he will come back home instead of him to stay home with me he will come back home lates at night,even most time that his not a working hours period he prefer to hang out with friend or irrelevant person than to stay home,when his home that I even try to show him so love or a lovely moment he snub me and look me with some eyes like am doing what is bad or even concentrate more on TV program or chatting,moreso,when we have issues I realize he doesn’t care to settle with me until I go to him and begged him myself all most every time instead that time I always noticed his having a new girlfriend,anytime I shared my past or present with him he used it against me anytime we had fight, even at time he leaves me inside and go out to wait for a lady probably d one his trying to get her attention or new one,when he find out that am not happy he doesn’t even care to make me happy ,he shout at me most time even beats me when we had fight,he can go out for d whole day without even calling me to know how am feeling he prefferd to waste his call card with his friends on irrelevant talks rather than me ,I try to tell him what I don’t like abt his attitude and he kip promising he will change but to no avail ,and if I ask him what he don’t like about my attitudes he kip saying only that I don’t give him respect,I don’t know d kind of respect one as to give a man ooo am this type that I don’t club,I don’t disturb him of money or even social tins so I don’t know what to do …..d point now is I met a guy through a friend we have been chatting for 4month ago but have not seen him but I noticed anytime am down or not happy this new guy make me happy and even promise to marry me that if he finds out I truly love him like I said,I will b seeing d guy soon but am really scared and don’t know if I should leave this guy and go to the new guy ,the guy am with now really stood by me financially that the more reason y am confused,moreso he do show people outside especially my family side he do show to them like a gentle and cool person,that attimes even if I tell some of them they hardly believe me ,plz I need your advise…

    • Hello Folake,
      If I want to give you my words as a form of advice here, it is to terminate the relationship with your present guy if all you said here is nothing but the truth. These are signs that, you’re being deceived by the guy, he cannot eat his cake and still have it. The truth is that, he’s not sincere with you and I think he does not love as much as you thought.

      His eyes is still outside running after other ladies and that account for the reason why he doesn’t reason about you because, he believe he can get anything he want from other ladies outside. He’s just showing you what will happen if you go ahead to marry him, he’s going to cheat on you big time. Don’t be deceive with the money he has spent on you or because he has made you known to his family and believing all is well, my dear all is not well in this kind of situation.
      You need to save yourself from future occurrences, heartache and hear-broken. Made it known to him that, you’re tire of the relationship because of the way he’s treating you and you can’t take it anymore, that you’re going to quit the relationship anytime from now.
      It’s insanity to keep doing the same thing and expecting new result, if he doesn’t change now, he’s not going to ever change, just ignore his empty promise that he will change.

      Take your time to ponder on how you will live your life with such guy that treat you like this when you’re in a relationship, how much more are you going to endure when you get into marriage with him. A word is enough for the wise.

      As per your new found guys, please take your time before agreeing to enter into relationship with him, for the fact that he promise to marry you does not quarantee that he’ll marry you or you’re going to enjoy the relationship. Don’t just get out of one relationship and enter into another one immediately, take your time to evaluate what went wrong in the first relationship and promise to do your best not to repeat the fault coming from your own end in the new relationship.
      Above all, please follow your heart but don’t allow anyone’s promise of I love you to becloud your sense of reasoning. Think well and observe well before venturing into any relationship, and any relationship that doesn’t recognized or appreciate the kind of person you are does not worth taking lots of your time before you move on. There are better option out there that will suit your life style, though no one is perfect but you can meet someone both of you can grow together in relationship and marriage.

  29. Thanks so much for d advice…I really appreciate, I pray God will help me and direct me because am so confused ,he keeps treating me like that inside and act like a good person with perfect behaviors outside, seem to b like am d bad person in front of people,he never appreciated me,Romantic his zero and if I try to correct him and tell him what I want he always said if am not okay with him I should look for another person,There was a time he saw d guy txt message on my phone,he beats d hell out of me,later i begged him and made him realize i wasnt doing what he think,i made him realuze his pushing me out with his attitude.but still he dont care,since then he has bin using it against me,,mostly when we had little fight he mostly says d highest thing I will tell him is am not instrested in d relationship, I mostly got weak with such statement…
    my fear is am leaving his place soon and we gonna see after a year cos of my program, am going to d country d new guy is ,but I have d fear that d person am with now face to face that is treating me this way what if I leave him for d whole year…and I know him for one thing he can wait for me for d whole year just to convinced people am d bad person ,maybe when I leave him for another…..Am d only one that knows how his treating me.,but am scared what people will say or qualify me with ,Even if I want to take any decision I just want to be sure if such man can still b okay after marriage or am d one making me mistake or if all guys are d same ,just want to be sure before I go into another relationship

    Honestly I love this blog highly educating ,I learn so many lessons ,I pray God will increase your knowledge and bless your home too @Anthony

    • Folake just save yourself from all of these heartache and end the relationship with him, he has nothing to offer you. Don’t look at whatever anybody outside want to say, their say or thought can NEVER determine how you’ll live your life. Marrying someone who’s treating you this way is more like getting into battle you already know deep down in your heart that you CANNOT WIN.

      Any man that raise up his hand to beat his girlfriend when you’re still in relationship shows you that, you will even be beaten mercilessly then you get into marriage with such man. Run for your dear life my dear. There’s always a better person out there waiting to meet you and treat you well enough for you to marry him.

      It is your life and it shouldn’t be determine by what people say. Remember that whether you do good or bad, people will still talk against you while some other will still talk in support of you. Don’t live your life according to people’s opinion, whatever that happens to you, you’re going to carry your cross alone and no one will help you.
      Just quit that relationship now and some years later, you’ll be glad you did.

  30. Franziska Browney says:

    from all the points shown above, I can tel that my boyfriend really loves,sometimes he goes the extra mile just to prove his love for me.Now that I know that he really loves me I will forever treasure him

  31. my bf usualy cal m b4 very wel,nw he hd stp cal,wen i ask,he wl say dat he z out of cash,an card,am fed up

  32. I really don’t understand my bf.he has introduced me to his family.. but yet he acts somehow sometimes and I don’t understand that. Especially when he is with his friends sometimes (not all the time)he will talk to me in a funny tone.. Then we had a little misunderstanding and he stopped picking my calls or calling me.. Its difficult for me not to communicate with him. What is it that men really want.cos I never make demands from him in anyway. And I know I have been good n faithful to him..

  33. this guy work up to me and said he want me to be his girl friend mean while i have known him with his girl friend and when i ask him about his girl friend he will ask me to forget about her,we started dating and each time we are together he do ask things about marriage and also always putting me in his feature ,sometime i plan to live the relationship he will plead and ask me to stay .am confused i want to know if he truly loves me or just want to play and go

    • Demand you want to know what happen with his ex and ensure he’s telling the truth. From what you’re saying here, he might mean it but just to be sure because guys something can go any length just to get you committed into what they know is never going to last.

      When a guy is seeing you in his future and talking about marriage when you’ve know each other for sometimes, he’s probably ready to go all the way with you. But don’t close your heart and instinct about every details you can gather about him, you can smell if there’s anything fishing in the way he’s leaving his life.

      Most time our mind see beyond what we can think see clearly with our eye. Follow you mind, if your mind is telling you not to go with him.

  34. I met dis handsum luking man on chrismas day he ask me out an i made a little shakara 4 him an agree 2 his peposal, we so much luv oursalves dat a day if we dont talk 2 oursalves we cnt stay, i guest it was all bcuz we never new oursalves den bt cauld belive dat da guy fell in luv has reveal his original self 2 me? His nt romatic , nt carin, cnt treat a lady dnt no hw 2 dress properly say tinz dat re very annoying an senceles, atimes listen 2 his frdz advice. So am confuse wheathe to stay or live i realy nid yr advice

    • Nobody should force into a relationship you never want, please leave the relationship if you think the man is not good enough for your kind of person. It’s your life, do what that pleases you and save yourself from the stress if you don’t love him anymore.

      but always remember that, there’s no perfect human being here on earth, but just look for someone you believe you can actually leave together even with his imperfections.

  35. Hi tony luv yr advice keep it up. Am in a relationship wit a guy hve nt met 4 four years, he loves m so much,he care 4m n he promise to marry m. Each time he asked 4us to meet n I gve him excuses, he lives in Benin n I live in awka. just yesterday I told him its ova bcos guys hve dated mde m cry. he said I can’t leave him afta hve put him in bondage nt to date any gal,he also told m dat he has no gal friend except m n I told him I dnt luv him mxh, pls wat should I do?

  36. My boyfriend cheaT me ,, but he dont know regarding this,, what can i do now ,, i cant live without him,, but i dont know he loves me or not ,, or he loves her ?

    • Ask for him for time together where both of you can really talk important matters, if he gives you the time where you can sit and discuss it, let him know that he cheated on you and tell him how you get to know about and let him tell you why he cheated on you. I’m sure the reason will not be good enough to justify why he cheated on you but you can either give him second chance provided he has not been doing it before to tell him whatever is on your mind (to quit or not).

  37. didi gurl says:

    i av bn wit a guyfrnd for a 1yr nd five months nw,wen we met,he was rly a brokn man due hs past relationship wia he loved d gurl dearly.tru out d whole yr,he nva sd he loved me nd he always mde sure he tld me dt we re nt datn,so i dnt gt ahead of myslf…but ds man,never for ones treated me badly,he always shows he cares abt me but always says he’s scard of loving and wen i try to leave him,he wldnt let me,vry persistent.jes recently he tld me he loved me and he dsnt love the fln cos he’s scard…we stl not datin and im not in a hurry,im willing to stay nd show him dt it’s alryt to love again…i jes wna knw if im doin the ryt tn by stayin bk wit him

  38. didi gurl says:

    i also wnt u to knw dt hs overly sensitive nd a vry emotional pesn…all you mentioned above he does all nd evn more but neva says a word…unless hs complimentn me or teln me hw scard he is of al dt hs fln,we spnd quality tym togeda,he’s just a man any woman wld love to b wit,cos hes dia emotionally,physically nd financially.smetyms i forgt dt wt we re dsnt av a name attached to it.

  39. shreya mehta says:

    i got my boyfriend on facebook he is far away from me ,from last 4 months we are in relationship we have fouught many time ,then he doesnt txt me or call me but aftr somedays he cum amd say dat i did tympass with him and started luvng me agn but m confused weather he loves me truely or not

    • You’ve got to give him some time and let him prove his love for you. Don’t be quick about it, if he has disappeared before, he might still do it again. But if after some time, you see the seriousness in him, you can consider his love as geniune love for you but you have to be careful assuming he really love at least for now.

  40. av dated my bf for 8months and he has shown me to his parents and siblings. but the problem is that he hardly calls me, a times he wont call for a whole day though we chat on watsap.Arnd feb period we had quarrels for 4days, on d day we reconciled I noticed a love text he sent to his ex, he kept apologizing saying that he was tempted after out quarrels. I accepted him back. but my problem ryt now is that he hardly calls.he only calls well after quarrels and thereafter d calls begin to diminish and this is my only problem wt him and it really makes me feel unloved and disturbed

  41. Av complained about it to him countless times. he shows care after d complaint afterwhich it diminishes

    • Something is wrong somewhere, though he supposed to get in touch with you every time, but it is not compulsory he does that if he’s not financially capable to call you morning, afternoon and night. I’m just guessing about this, but you still need more work to do because, you might not be the only one in his life. Just as you have said that, he still contact his ex whenever you guys have little quarrel. He is still having a devided attention presently and until he focuses on you before you can get the best of his attention just as you want it.

      You still need to continue talking to him about how you feel, if it is only when you express your dissatisfaction to him that he seems to pay more attention to you, then you’ll need to get him this way.

      If trully he loves you, it shouldn’t be long before he let you understand why he has not been able to meet up with your attention.

      You still need to learn more about him and understand why he does behave like that, the truth is that, there’re people like that and until someone let them understand that, they can’t help their relationship like that, they will hardly changed.

  42. I met a guy on my bus stop we board a a bike together he said he was my guardian angel then after that year we started dating we had a lovely beginning but he seems too attached to his ex girlfriend when I asked him he will say that nothing will separate their closeness, then I said to him to continue with her if he so much loves her why is he using me to cheat on her then he will say the girl is yoraba that the father said she most marry a yoraba guy and he is from delta that he wants to marry me but each time I see the both of them am a very jealous type and my love started depreciating. In his phones he has a lot of her pictures and not even one of mine if I complain he will tell me that I don’t send him my pictures, he gave me an old laptop which I told him I don’t like because is always hot, when he got a new one I even helped him to access it to see if it was ok later I found out that he no longer have it. I asked him said he gave it out when I asked him who he then mention his ex girlfriend’s name I changed my mood he now said he doesn’t regret anything he gives to her after a few days we had an argument I reminded him of how he gives what belongs to me to another person he then said that I didn’t appreciate the one he gave to me that is why he didn’t give it to me. If I ask him for money he will rise one excuse even saying that if a man wants to marry u he test u to see if u are the type of girl that will quarry because of money I have to bear it but am really tied

  43. Hi anthony my boy friend is romantic but i dont know if he truely loves me,he as never opened is mouth to say he loves me sometimes he look at me in the eyes and i cant jus tell wat is running in his mind.he holds my hands wen we walk in public he even kiss me ones in public.but we started to date last month and b4 i agreed to date him he told me alot about is ex girl friends and that the one he wanted to date b4 he got her cheating.they seperated febraury he said is plan is settle down this year.but he went to some people to find out about my kind of person.but b4 we started he do call often but now i even do d calling more but he still chart wit is ex girl friend on wat sup.and he always tell me to b a good girl and that he dont like lies and ladies that cheat.pls how will i knw how serious is he.and wat do i do

    • Maybe you still need to give him sometimes to make up his mind about you, it seems he’s still attach to his ex, it is even easy for people these days to tell you that they love you but deep down in their hearts, they don’t love. He might just be one of the guy that don’t joke with “I Love You” and when he says it, it really mean it.
      Meanwhile, if you’re not getting what you want from him, please I’ll advice you end the relationship and wait for someone else that will not just show you love but also tell you he loves you and coming from his heart.

  44. I have a boi frnd, we have been dating for 5 years now and he has been cheating on me and still tells me he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me.
    Buh am not sure if he really mean those words, bcus most times am with him he received calls from different types of numbers and they are all ladies. what should i do please!!!

    • If you’re not satisfy with what he’s doing, please just leave him and look for someone else that will really love you and have your time without cheating on you.

  45. I have a boy friend, we have been dating for two years now, I aborted over five pregnancies becus of him… and spend so much money on him, he is now dating another girl and I am pregnant for him and he was telling am the source of all the atrocities happening to him. Now am confused becus i love him so much, how can i be the source of his problems, is it bcus of the pregnancy. Please tell me, what can i do?

    • You’ve taken it too far, how can you abort for a single guy five times and he’s till treating you this way. To make the mater worse, you’re now pregnant for him again and he’s dating another girl right now. That’s barbaric from him and you too has let yourself down for too long. I hope he won’t ask you to abort the pregnancy again?
      I don’t know what to just say about this because I’m annoy with you. Your present position now does not show that he really loves you but whatever may be the case, just know that,he has no love for you.

  46. sometimes i feel my boyfriend interested to me but more than not.
    is it the sign that he not truly loves me?

  47. please i have been dating my boyfriend fr a year plus now. We had the best time ever together like we wre meant for each other. He left out of the country February and i hv not been able to cope. I always miss him so mch. I miss wat it feels to be loved to the extent i always have the urge to cheat which i dnt want to do. I cant cope wit distance relationships. Please what do I do?

    • What did he travel out for?
      For greener pasture?
      For Educational purpose or just for visiting relatives.

      You need to understand the duration of time he’ll be returning and if the time is too much for you, discuss it with him and let him understand how you feel. Now, it still depend on your age, there’s no crime in waiting for the person you really love and if the love is reciprocal even after he has left for some period of 6 months, you can still wait for him, you just need to control yourself. But if not, then tell him you can’t cope with the relationship and you’re ready to move on in your life.

  48. Have been in a relationship for close to a year, my boy friend loves me to the extend that he cries with me whenever am crying. he console me whenever am troubled, we are so deeply in love. but what i dont like about him is that he smokes weed. i have caution him to stop so many time. he will heed to my plea for one week. but go back to it the other week. and he does that through the inflence of the friends he keeps. sometimes i put him on condition that if he does not leave smoking i would leave him (i even tell him that he have to choose between me and weed ) which his response is to plead and cry that he cant leave me. but i hate smoking and i cant do without him also am confuse. should i continue with him or break up with him. because i cant afford to have a smoking husband(bad influence to my children in the future) but i rily love him. all i want is if there is any advice on how to stop him. and i want to know if hw would be able to stop………………………….. i am a student and he is also a student he does not smoke when ever we are on vacation. there was a time i wanted to call his mum attention to that but he beg me that i should not kill his mum. right now as i type he is in his smoking joint ‘smoking’ please help me out

    • You have a touch decision to make in this situation you found yourself. The truth is bitter and if I want to tell you the truth, you will have to face the reality. How can a young guy who’s a student be smoking weed?
      I’m happy for one things, which is you get to know that he’s actually smoking it. With this evidence alone, the truth is if it I’m the one in such relationship, I will quit.
      I personally detest people that smoke ordinary cigarette, let alone smoking weed, that’s too bad for a young man. It’s not even good health wise and if you continue to stay with him, it will affect you too, and I’m afraid, he may not be able to control his temper one day and start beating you after he might have taken his weed.
      See, if you know what is good for you, please just leave the relationship, it may pain you and give you lots of emotional dissatisfaction, but you will be better off in the long run.
      Let me tell something shocking, your guy is most likely belong to a cult, I can bet you this, 90% he’s a possible member of a fraternity in your school.
      You need to do something fast about it before he traps you into where you can’t leave him again.

      Since you have worn him to chose between you and his weed, and he has decided to chose his weed, I don’t think you still need to remain in that relationship. Forget the love, you can always fall in love many times over when you meet the right guy. Stop giving yourself emotional trauma at this stage of your life.

      Just start quietly giving him distance from now and don’t fall into his false crying to persuade you to stay in the relationship, he’s possibly never going to stop smoking weed now especially when he still keeps those friends. I don’t think he loves you, because if he does, he would have left smoking and not just ordinary smoking but jaja-weed. Even if you tell his mother, he will denied it and he might bounce on you to either harm you or send his friend to frame you up.
      My dear, run for your dear life and go through the emotional pain now that enduring if forever.

  49. Am in a relationship with this guy bt he dont call me to know hw am doing he normally do that once in a while bt i do call him all the time to know how he is doing?and if i dont call for days he will not call?PLS DID THIS GUY HAVE ANY LOVE FOR ME

    • It is possible he’s not into you as you might have thought. Please give him some space, if he needs you, he come to you. If he didn’t have you at heart, he will continue to ignore you and not calling you.

      Or, is it that, you’re pushing it to much?
      Some guy are really slow starter especially if they perceive the female is adding more pressure to the love stuff

  50. Hi my .bf use to call me bt for past 3 years now he has not give me money or buy me any thing does he truly love me? We are now 4years of relationship. I don’t know if he still loves me or not.

    • Learn to be independent. When a woman always collect from her man and depend on always getting something from him, such woman don’t always have much value before the men. The men will think, without them, such women cannot do anything.

      Just learn to be independent, nobody want to carry burden anymore.

  51. I really dnt kw wha to say. My boyfriend loves me buh wnt show it. He hates committment. He doesn’t communicate with me. I really don’t understand his own type of introvert. I really don’t kw wha to do. He isn’t caring. Should i leave him? Just advice me

    • I don’t think he really loves you if he can’t show commitment. He’s probably not the kind of guy for you. Just leave him and stop giving yourself headache over him anymore.

  52. I..met my bf last yr june n we started dating, he was so.carin n we lov each oda. buh am.gettin.jealous cos.he removed his relationship.status on facebook.n put single.i asked.him abt it. N he told mi nt to.wori or get jealoud dah he loves mi. he introduces mi to all of his friends, n am vry close wif his friends he knws my friends 2. I.asked him.1 day dat wat if i get pregnant 4 him n he told mi i..must get.married b4 i get pregnant
    Does he truly lov.mi

    • He’s telling you the fact now or did you want to get pregnant out of wedlock?

      The onus lies on you now, you need to know how to keep yourself from sexual activities that can lead to pregnancy.
      What’s really telling is that, if you get pregnant, he will ask you to abort it if he still wants to continue with you or he run away from you and disown you, that he knows nothing about your pregnancy.

      You can always use his words to hold him, if he wants to have canal knowledge of you, since he does not want pregnancy, he should learn to stay out of sex.
      So, let that sink into you right now and know the kind of guy you’re dating.
      He does not want pregnancy, whether he likes to have sex with you or not, I don’t know about that, but the truth is, without having sex with you, you can’t get pregnant, especially for him.

  53. Sir, i have a bf. Our parents knw da relationship. He says me get ready to marry him next year. Nw he is working abroad nd wil come in next year. My problem is dat he is always chating with his x girlfriend who is a close reltive of him. When he is in leave he usually visits her home. She knws our relationship. Bt he doesnt like to show her chat messages to me. When i check his phone he deletes all her messages. I told him i am leaving him bcz of his privacy. Bt he would nt allow me to leave. He continues his chat wit her. I cant understand him. Wat should i do? I feel lonely

    • You guy has issues, I don’t think he really loves you. Please take your time to confirm all necessary details you need and put it to his face. If he can’t stop whatever is going on with his ex, you should just walk out of the relationship. Don’t allow him to use you in the name of promising you marriage next year.

  54. i have a boyfrend and we have been dateing 4 4 month nd i dnt know any of his secret nd b4 i agreed 2 date him he call mi lyk 6 times a day but now am d 1 doing all d calling and i think i made a mistake by telling him how much i love nd cant do without him…if i say we should break up he will be pleading nd telling me he cant do without me he do cry atym begging mi d fact is i dnt know if e truly love me am cirously comfuse and i love him with all my life but we usually quarrel over little thing

  55. luv chima says:

    hi, i badly need ur advice pls am so confued ad very sad am 27yrs I use to date dis guy for four yrs but I left d relationship on my own ending of last year cox I find out I luved him more cox he happen to b my frist love but he love me too but he hv dis promble of womanlizing but we r so close dat many gals envy n my area but nor of them kn wat am passin tur cox am d jealious type. it all started 2014 month of oct. we had little promble he visit two gals to house dey spent like two weeks later he came beggin I forgive him cox of d luv we share but I was really hurt after very tin one of d gals call to apologise which I told her was nothin but she advise me not to marry him I sholud just date him i kept dat to myself so since then I d luv I hv for started dropin after some months I traveled to see my family which I spent a long time dere he kept calling cox he is good @ doing dat so he bcum afriad dat I may not come back single so he came to my house to tell me perent he wat to marry me but I refused cox I was scare he will nt change, after like a month I came back so he gave me a ring which I refuse to aspect was hopin to watch him more during all dis period he wat me to go pack my things ad start living wif him which I refused too so he started thinking I don’t luv him anymore cox I was really showin him but deep inside me I luv him so we had another promble again b4 than dere dis name bukyy dat always call or he call her one day I came to his house I found yoruba moive n d bed room which he don’t like or even understand dat it. so all dis make me unhappy he gv a fallow gal my number dat she wats to advise me I was pissed off I left his house dat day promisin myself never to go back cox he promise to change which he never did
    during xmas period I tot he will show up n my villiage he never did cox we use to travel together to his place ad my place his family members all kn me, ad dat time I was heart broken I need peace ad joy n my heart so an old frd 4rm my village but we never dated but was kind to me ad my family so he ask me to marry him which I aspect but nothin was done so I came back earliy dis yrs he ask me to come over to his place which I did hmmm am months pergnant for him but I don’t feel anytin for him cox I was finkin I was use him to forget my ex, his kind, God fearing, gud hearted but hot tempered just like me. ad now my ex is ready to even take care of d baby. d day he saw me n my new look we shead tears together he was promising to make tins right now dat i should allow him to return everytin d other guy did as tradition requries if I will say yes but I kn I still hv feelings for him, am still pergnant ad am so confused cox dis makes me sad every day pls help me wif ur advice as a brother

    • My advice, if the first guy could not change even after all you’ve tried to do, then you should not that, he’s never going to change. If the man that impregnate you is ideal for you, please go with him.

      Don’t because you think you love the first guy and made all the sacrifices for him get serious about being committed to the relationship, will make it all well at the end.

      YOu’ve made the mistake getting pregnant for him, believing that, you just want to use him to ease the emotional pressure caused by the guy you love.
      Just think about it. Now that’s telling you, he’s ready to take care of you and even the baby you’re carrying, I can’t be sure of his behavior as per something you don’t like in the past.

      And if you believe, it’s your hot temper that’s causing your being impatience with him, you can go ahead with him and learn to be patience.

  56. we have been dating since 210 I give him my pried and I love him so much he just called me telling me if I see someone I should marry DAT he is not ready for dat but I told him dat I will wet for him and I ask him if he will like to marry me but he said he can’t tell for now. pls help me I don’t understanding him anymore what do I do 08140901546

  57. i’av been dating my guy for four years now at first everything was smooth and sweet but with time we started having some mis understanding but we always make sure we settle our differences and I know he loves me because he told his family about me and I know them.but my question here is can my guy be too busy with work that he can’t call me to know how I am evening when he knows that am sick.please I need your advice cause am so confused here

    • I don’t think so, it is possible to be busy at work but not calling even when sick is not proper. It is possible you have don something to him before you fell sick, that keeps him away from you and not knowing you’re sick.

      Please amend any confusion between both of you and try find out what might warrant him failing to call on you when you’re sick. I guess is that, something is wrong along the line but that does not mean he doesn’t loves you, except if he continue doing that to you.

  58. hi AV been dating a guy for 5month now he love nd really care for me nd I also love him but the problem is that is a corper nd by October he will be leaving nd am nt sure may be we can see each other till next 2year but that is nt the issue the issue is that we re both the same genotype AS nd AS nd I am confuse I don’t no wat to do nd I have promises my self nd always pray dat whom ever dat disvirgin will be the one to get marry with wat can I do

    • Hey Laide, you better let him go and not return to you. Don’t play with your genotype AS should not marry AS, it maybe sweet for both of you now, but the bitter pills is surely coming when you begin to have children.

      I bed you in the name of God, please let the guy go and look for someone who is AA, forget about your promise to yourself now, if you had taken that promise seriously, you’d have demand knowing his genotype before you start dating him.


  59. Hi, I have bin dating a guy for the past 4 yrs. We luv each oda so well, he is all u wrote above and more. We are staying together but our parents does not know. He says he wants to marry me bh he has to start working first. The problem is we are not practicing the same religion. I am scared my parents will not accept him, bh he said my religion does not matter. We luv each oda so well, pls advice me on what to do

  60. hw can i know my bf stil loves me?he doesn’t cal n if am to complain al he say is dat he doesn’t fancy al dis callin tins.am tired of complaining al d time .he doesn’t even like to my complain wat shld i do n again am a year older dan him but he doesn’t show it

    • Probably he’s not mature enough or he has not enough money to make the call and as a result of that, he frisk out.
      In all honesty, I don’t think your boyfriend is ready for the relationship. It is not possible to be in love with someone and said, you don’t fancy calling your partner. How then will he build the desire rapport in the relationship.

      I will advice you, if you can’t take it anymore, please find your root, hoping that he will change is a long thing. If you complain about it, he picks quarrels, then what are doing in the relationship with him in the first place.

      I beg, find someone who will have your time. Every woman in relationship always want to hear from their lover and it give them joy in such relationship. I can feel your frustration, just leave him and be happy with yourself and stop being lonely even when you think you’re in relationship.

  61. He is finishing his degree program by march nxt yr,i knw his parents and siblings and dy knw me he knws some of my family membas.he was blaming me dat its bcus i dont com often 2 c hm dat he has bn missn m so he cud nt contrl it n me i dnt want 2 be hving sex wit him i dnt knw if it wil end d relationship.n dis wan he is demanding me 2 help him wit #2000 nt dat i dnt hv it but i dnt knw wot 2 do(4rm wot he sed dat afta his youth service as soon as he gets smting doin dat if its 4 marriage right his parent can )am scared plz advice me nw i beg u wit GOD t

    • Don’t be deceive, be on the guard. Lots of guys use marriage after service to deceive lots of ladies and after the service, it is one excuses or another. Follow your heart and not because of what he’s promising you.

  62. I and my ex have been dating for two yrs now but i left him last month bcos he always demand for sex,he’s also d one that disvirgin me. whenever i ask him for money or anything he will be giving me an excuses i bear all d excuses with him coz i love him with all my heart,i usually say “money is not love” but i think he is mistaken dat statement and he dnt like double dating i think am his only gf. He never remember my birthday since we av been dating ,i celebrated my birthday june i waz at skul den xo i expect him to call or message me but i didn’t receive any cal frm him dis made me angry xo i called him and i told him am nt interested in him again he also didnt cal me back.last month i met one of my senior at sec skul and we started dating and am in love with him,suddenly my ex bf cum to my place last week to beg me and i told him am datin anoda guy but he insisted i shud accept him back.right now am very confused dnt no which one to chose mayb my ex or i shud continue datin my senior

    • Can you still accept what your former boyfriend had done in the past, that you’re not comfortable with?
      If he repeat such act again, will you not call the relationship with him off again?

      These are some of the question you need to ask yourself and also know that, nobody is perfect, we all have one thing or the other that’s not too good about us.
      Weigh his goodness compare to what you don’t like about him and make your decision.

      Your senior in school has not been known like your formal guy, but if you feel with the little time you’ve spent with him, you’re satisfy with who he’s, then you can let go your formal guy and hold on to the new guy you’ve found.


  63. I accepted my bf afta skul after 5yrs of serious proposal bck den in skul. W’ve bin datin 4 ova 4mnths bt b4 i gav in he’s already avin a gf. He luvs me xo much nd has introduced me 2 his mom n brodas I often visit him during d wikend nd we make out. He often talk abt d future wit me… Bt i’m stil nt convinced dt d luv is true… Anytym i ask abt d oda girl, he wil tel me dt he loves her bt he luvs me more bt dix same guy tld me dt d luv he as 4 her is meant 4 me b4 i acepted him nd i av tld him 2 tel d girl, bt he sed he doesnt av d mind 2 do dt… We used 2 call each oda vry well as well as chat bt lately, his callin rate reduced, if i chat him up on watapp he wont reply promptly if @ al he wil reply nd he wud b online. Dia ws even a tym i cald him n he sed he ws nt in d ryt mood 2 pik ma cal ; i tried persuadin him on watap 2 tel me wat spoilt his mood nd he ws lyk he doesnt want 2 talk abt it… I tried settlin issues wit him bt he wont hear me out nd kip tellin me its 4rm him nd dt he wont repeat it again nd apologised. I dnt ask him 4 anytin nd he hasnt given me anytin except transport fare bck hom 4rm his house. I love dix guy xo much bt i want 2 knw if he stil luvs me nd if i shud continue in the relatnship. 10x

  64. Hi I’m 19yrs nd my guy is 26yrs of age, we started dating like 3months ago and during this 3months he never showed me emotions-he keep saying he’s been through heart breaks before so he don’t love any girl again, though he always said he wish he had meet me before then so he can show me emotions but hence I’m late he can’t. Honestly, I tried everything I could to prove my love for him but he always use his past experiences to take my feelings for granted. Unfortunately I got pregnant nd when I told him, he said I shouldn’t abort the baby-that he was going to see my parents and ask for my hand in marriage but having gone through on how he’s been treating me and the worst thing is that he is running a per time program in one or the University and I’m just a SSCE holder so I told him I was going to get rid of the baby. He precisely begged me not to get rid of his baby but because of the depression, anxiety I felt thinking of what will happen in future if he happens to be a graduate then who knows maybe he might end up choosing an literate girl over me and that we’ll hurt me more. So upon all those explanations which I gave to him, he end up accepting my decision but he always said he wasn’t happy with it. Eventually when I aborted the baby he told me that he don’t love me anymore because of what I did to him and his baby so he can’t pretend to be dating me when he know very well that he is just keeping me-that he’s gonna date whomever he feels like. I pleaded with him not to live me to be frank but he refused and told me not to worry that he believe that if only we are meant to be then definitely nothing can change and that even I can’t change. He also told me that we were gonna to be just friends but later on when I tried begging more and more because I couldn’t control my feelings, he end up blocking me and even get upset with his own sister who was against his decision. Well to cut everything short, he’s now in a relationship and still he hasn’t unblock me, so I called him when last and told him how we both have move on so I suggest he should unblock me but he said he’s gonna unblock me but at the right time. But to be honest ever since I left him I haven’t been on myself even though I try to ignore the memories we had… Though I’m also in a relationship as well in oder to get over him but the feelings ain’t just the same and every time I’m with my present guy he’s always noticing me even though I tried to control. At times I wonder if only he is experiencing the same thing but I guess he is not, so why can’t I do same?? These are the questions I always ask myself but before I know I’m already there thinking about him and I can’t even forgive myself for aborting my baby-don’t even know if my baby will ever forgive me for being a heartless and careless mother. Actually, I wish I can turn back the hands of time but when we’ve done we can’t take it back. Though most of the people around me always advice me to forget about him-that he don’t love me and that he just used that as an excuse to quit, but I’m still finding it difficult to move on because I still love him so much and my feelings for him can’t just change no matter how hard I trying every now and then. Please help me with your advice on what to do because I’m confused right now…

    • Confuse no more.

      It is too early for you to be going through something like this, you should be talking about going further with your education and not trying to die loving someone who doesn’t love you as much as you’re trying to show how much love you have for him.

      Please move on with your life, forget about him, you still have greater things to do in life and stop being confused.
      I know you may feel hurt with the past experience, but you don’t have to let that forever hurt you and deny you of your happiness.

      A lesson for you about guy, don’t open your leg for them just because he promise to love, the mistake you made in the past can still repeat itself.
      Get into the relationship and let the person you’re going into relationship with understand your point at the onset of the relationship. But I think you should even be talking about relationship when you have gotten something doing with your life (schooling or learning something).

  65. Hi, Mr Anthony. It happens that I had a friend inwhich we went to school together for like past four years ago she do tell me her past very well and I does too even her boyfriend who breakup with her a year ago she told me about that too, but as times goes on I started having feelings for her but i didn’t tell her directly I only told her friend then but her friend said she dont think that can happen between both of us due to her familly. But since then i started calling and texting her time to time. But suddenly she just keep on asking me to visit her in the school but am not chanced to do so, so i dont call her for like two weeks. and few days ago i saw her missed call on my phone and i called her back so i was now telling her that i saw her call so she now said yes that she has heard from me since that’s why she’s flashing me. But what i noticed was that anytime i call her now she keeps on asking my mum, sister including my sister’s children, which she dont ask before. Please advise me on what to do…. I dont care if you send it to my E-mail @jelili4440@gmail.com thanks

    • I don’t know what advice you want me to provide for you here.

      If you want to go for her, go for her and if you don’t want to, tell her your mind.
      It’s simple.

  66. hi, plz I need your advice. I am dating a guy for over a year & some months now. he works but the funniest part is anytime I visit he wouldn’t give me t.fare back home. I noticed after d first 2 months. I called him & asked him y? he said I am a big girl..I kept him quiet. but later on I kept on visiting because I believe in change. but I realized I have not been fair to him by not buying him a gift as a lover. I started buying him gift that are not much expensive because I don’t want him to know my worth because guys of these days are funny likewise ladies too. but even at d lil gift I give to him he hasn’t for once given me just a flower or a pen as a gift. one day I asked him if he’s seeing someone else that he should tell me..everly he said no….but of a truth I sense he’s seeing someone else because he hardly call me unlike wen we started . but I love him so much I don’t know how to go about it again. plz I need help ooo

    • Since he has not open up that, he has another woman, I think you should continue to show him love. You might be right about him seeing another woman but you should understand that so many guys does this, though not right.
      Some do it just for testing which of the ladies is good for marriage or something similar (I never support the idea, just stating the obvious).

      But please don’t because of love and give him everything including sex, that might just be another way of enslaving you into the relationship even though, he knows he may not end up with you.

      Sometimes guys are very good in the beginning of the chasing and the starting of the relationship but once they are able to get you, the amount of energy applied get reduce before it pick up again. But if it’s going down for too long, then something has gone amiss.

      Don’t be too attache to him anyway, you might even ignore him for some times and see how he react about it.
      If he loves you, he will come calling you but if otherwise, he won’t bother himself about you.
      This will give a guide about your relationship him if there has never been sexual intimacy between you both.

  67. Em 20 n hv a bf hv bin dating fr close to 2yrs I luv him n he luv MI too, all of a sudden tinx change, he no longer calls MI he travel cus of sch n nw he z on brk he z refusing to kum c MI, he doesn’t show luv anymore n nw em getting tired buh still luv him I wanna brkup buh he’s Makin MI feel guilty n nw I call him cus hv bin calling him fr 8months all alone buh nw I call he told MI to end d call dt he’s cousin sis has kum……. Wah kinda tin z dt I feel he has Sumone else I gt angry n told him to Jex gt out n he end my call…… N he didn’t flash MI as he promise xo after a week I call him n he z actin strange n end my call again…… Wah do u think I shld do nw em confuse I wanna brkup buh it’s seem em d one dt gonna gt hurt

  68. i truly love my bf lot.. he too do the same .. we are together for 4 years he share everything with me, cancel his cricket match to spend time with me .. but when i ask him of future he says nothing and tells me to see other guy.. i am confused whether i truly love me and some day marry me?

    • He may just love you for the fun of it and not ready to get married to you.
      He just enjoy your company and not for marriage.

      Please look elsewhere for your love, he has already told you, to go see other guys.
      So, let him go, you can only feel lonely for awhile but when you find your love, you’ll look back to the day you left this present guy and give thanks to your God.

  69. Evening Mr TONY, i wrote on dis blog on June 16 of dis year asking u for ur advice which u did, and to My surprise like u knew what is going to happen.
    Sir TONY am short of words, juz want To thanks a million times and more grace to elbow, pls permit me to say in mother language:: e se gan ni o, ile ati ona yin o ni baje ooo…. amin

  70. K,i’ve been dating this fuy for like 4months now,i realy like him a lot but I dnt think he loves me that much.i like calls a lot nd he’s nt realy a call perso nd wen I talked to him about that he would always have an excuse for not calling.when we are not together,he wont call or chat me up but if I go to see him,he would act as if he is madly in love,then we would have sex nd he would go back to his normal self.am so confused because whenever I complain about his attitude towads me he will always reassure me that he loves me…but he is not showing it

    • I think he has an issue confronting him that you know nothing about.
      Until you find out what’s the thing that’s taking his attention when you’re not with him (it might be he’s seeing another women or he’s not just really into the relationship but love the sex part of it).

      So find out and take your decision base on your finding.


  71. Hi mr tony,am martha by name,i hv a b.f of which i loved him xo much nd he luvs me 2,nd we have been datin 4 over 3yrs,nd he is a student nd me am just a ssce holder.i do ask him 4 marriage nd wenever i do ask he will tell me he is nt ready 4 mariage dat he is still skulin,xo as tym goes on i told him i was pregnant 4 him nd he said i shuld keep d pregnancy ,nd i replied 4 wot hw i cn i keep d pregnancy wen u said u re nt yet ready 4 marriage,nd d home which i came 4rm u cannot be pregnant wen u re nt yet married,wot i meant by married is fully married xo i told him abt it nd he still insist dat i shuld keep d pregnancy,i was so scared,becos i dnt wnt 2 loose him, nd d next yr i was planin 2 traveld out of d state,xo i took d pregnancy dwn 2 d state hopin 2 terminate d pregnancy of which i did,xo we get in torch on facebook nd he was askin me were am i ,i neverd told i was travelin xo lete i told him dat i traveld dat hv left d country nd he was angry den wot abt his baby den i lied 2 him dat our baby is fyn ,xo i met a guy dere in d state who proposed 2 me dat he want 2 marry me,nd i replied we just met nd u re askin me 2 marry u.den he said dat he is tired of dating ,he needs a wife nt a gurlfrnd nd dat i worth it,nd he so much luvd me,den i was confused i ask him 2 give me tym 2 think ,he said dere is no need 4 me thinkin dat i shuld just tell him if i will marry him or nt den i said yes, dat my was let me be watchin him den afta sum tym i realised he is a kind of man any woman will wnt be wit.den i started luvin dix man ,everytin was goin well nd he was promisin me tins of which he did all,xo i told my former guy abt d new guy nd he was very angry wit me,bt i explained my self 2 him tellin him dat he dnt hv 2 be angry wit me becos he caused it,since he said he is nt ready 4 marriage xo nw dat hv found sum1 who is ready,xo last yr i and my new found lover came back 2 nig nd he did everytin he has promised,b4 d introduction of him meetin my parents nd his own parents,i went 2 my ex 2 tell him dat am gettin married o,he started begin me nt 2 get married nd beside we neverd broke up,i was d 1 who ran away wit his child nd nw am tellin him dat i wnt 2 get married,dat i should stop d weddin den i refused nd left his presence,den afta d introduction my husband 2 be traveld back on a business trip,he said wen cums back dat our weddin will take place ,since den we hv been chatin on phone every day ,he has been sendin me romatic texts,me 2 hv been sendin mine just 2 make sure i keep my relationship save wit him.2 curt d stroy short we luv each oda,and am very sure he luvs me,he left dis year january nd since den hv nt been cheatin on him hv been sincere 2 him.bt nw i hv a problem my ex do call me on phone ,tellin me he luvs me nd he want me 2 cum back 2 him dat he cnt do witout me.nd i told him am engaged he said he dnt fuckin care,rite nw am confused dnt knw wot 2 do.

    • You said, you’ve done introduction and you’re now confuse over what to do. I beg o, please make up your mind and stop putting yourself into unnessary confusion.
      Let the first guy knows, you don’t have a baby for him less he will accuse you of taking his child to another man. If you love the new man and you still want to continue with the marriage, let him know what is on ground and stop seeing the first guy again, even when he calls don’t pick it any more, otherwise, you will getting into confusion as per who to actually follow.

  72. hi i meet a guy last year and he want having a crush on me we started dating.i love him and he loves me too he did all of the above and we was staying together but in Febuary this year i went to school and he started ignoring my calls and texts and in june he started texting me claiming that he loves me.we dont yet meet he often tell me his screat and send me money for my school need,i dont ask him anything,but i still douting if he loves me still

    • I guess you both don’t take time to understand each others need. The relationship is till young and as both of you seemingly still young and still have a long way to go about love and relationship.
      Just take your time to learn along the line and the relationsip grows. He may have realise his mistake for ignoring you for the few months but ready to continue with the relationsip with you.
      Still continue with him as far as both of you have not agree to go separate ways in the relationship.
      Relationship is full of ups and downs. Just ensure you make use of the time spent in the relationship.

  73. Hy everyone, pls i nid ur help, Am between the devil and the deep sea. Presently am in a relationship wid two guys ‘1st and 2nd date’ combine together wid reason bt nw i wana settle dwn wid one bt i dnt no wch to go.
    (My story) I fell in luv wid my 1st date at the age of 18yrs afta my waec in 2011 gettin to 5yrs nw. Bt my problem wid him is dat he is nt financially balance bt he has possess all the above expression wch convince me dat he really luv me, although he tried his best to make me happy by sharing d little he has wid me, i ws nt still ok due to my condition xo i had to get an helper wch i later fell in luv xo deeply dat i couldn’t discontinue til nw bt my problem wid him is dat i dnt knw hw much he luvs me although he keep on tellin me dat he so much luv me. D main problem is dat he hardly call me lyk my 1st date does.
    Now, what am trying to say is dat I WNT TO SETTLE DWN WID ONE
    bt d questn is, wch should i settle wid? Is it my first date dat i knw he really luv me only dat ders no money bcos he’s still a student and he won’t even plan of marriage in d next 2yrs although he keep on pleading me to wait for him to finishd skul, get job dem cum for to marry me. OR should i drop him n move forward wid d second guy dat is already balance now waiting for me to accept his engagement ring so dat he can come n marry.
    Pls i nid advise

    • Let me start by asking you this question.
      What skill have you gotten for now?
      Education wise, or technical or artisans.

      It is easy to want to settle down but consider the implication if you don’t have anything doing at hand.
      You said you fall in love with someone helping you, I guess helping with money which the first guy has not been able to provide enough for your upkeeps.


      Getting into marriage without anything in this generation will give you more headache than you can ever imagine.

      I guess you fell in love with the second guy because of his pocket.
      And if I’m right, you’re going to have serious problem in the marriage if you go for that marriage.

      What stop you from waiting for the first guy, if truly as you claim he loves you.
      My dear, two to three years or even five years is not too late for you if you’re waiting for the right guy that loves you with whom you are.
      2011 to 2015 is just 5years plus your age 18yrs as at 2011 is just around 23yrs of age.

      I’m not saying you’re too young to get married, but if you don’t have anything at hand that you’re doing, my dear, don’t go into any marriage.
      Assuming you have something doing, something that is earning you money that you can even stay independently without the guy assistance, it could have be easier to consider. But with the reality of ground, go get something worthwhile doing before you say I do to anyone.

      If I were you, I would stay with the first guy and use the opportunity for him to finish his schooling to go learn something tangible and earn a living from it for at least.

  74. Thnks xo much Mr Anthony, for ur immediate responds. Am xo excited bt pls dnt b offended, here is another thing dat is bothering me: i use to see dis my second date in my dream nearly evry night, firstly we made traditional marriage together, another night, Wedding, another night i saw myself in his house as his wife, sumtymz i wil see him wid my family members and so on……… Bt I’ve never had such dream concerning my first date before. Pls is it dat my first date is nt d right person n he is d right person? Or what? Am really confuse. Sometimes u may say such a questn can b answered by a pastor bt i dnt care if u are a pastor or not. Am nt desperate of getting married bt i need to choose 1 bcos am tired of the combine service. Lol…
    Pls help.

    • It is not about getting tired of combine service but choosing one and remain with the person.
      When one is in love to a certain extent, you might dream of the other person at every point in time, but that is never a guarantee that the person is actually ment for you.

      You need to understand what is called thought pattern. What you think most often can become your dream, it is a repetition of your thinking especially when you do lots of time.

      I’m not a dream intepreter, but I’m talking to you in term of pshychology. I’m sure you love the dream and you woke up thinking about it the following day, that makes it to create some kind of pettern in your head, which will make it seems as if you’re 100% heading in the right direction.
      You derive joy from the dream becasue it pushes you toward your benefactor as the ideal man.
      Hmnnn, take some step back, and do proper thinking about it, it really worth it.
      Choose the one your heart goes with, not because of the material possession or what you have been getting from him which is not that easy to separate your heart from his love, but who you see you have a future with, and then dump the other person without regretting it.
      Then at the same time, if you decide to go with the second guy, don’t go into the marriage immediately, still take some month before you give a yes for a marriage proposal.
      Men are deceptive and you can remember the bible qoute that says “The heart of men are wicked, but who will understand it” For this reason, becareful with the decision you make at this point.
      Thank you.

  75. U are really a great adviser, tnz xo much 4 ur advice. I wil try my best to b faithful to my first date bcos i luv evrytin abt him infact d way he brags abt me even in d mist of his Frnds makes me go crazy for him, he appreciate evrytin abt me an alwaz tellin me hw much he wil care for me wen he has money. He even go extra miles to prove his luv for me by using my pix as his Facebook profile pix wch my second date has neva attempt nor av any of my pix on his fbworld. More grees to ur elbow my dea adviser. Tnz @Mr. Anthony

  76. Hi,i ve a boy frnd who is far older than me both in age,education and in life,he always cal to check on me but am afraid cox he has started taking bout marrying me which i tink am not yet ready for but he will aways tell dat ready.i dnt kno what to do cos am confuse.

  77. I have a boifriend dat I cherish so much but each time I ask him if he loves me,he would tell me dat he likes and dat loving me will come gradually. to u does it means dat he have any serious thing feelings for me?

  78. Hi mr anthony,av read in ur previous comment of hw u advice singles,,i mst comment ur doin grt,and tnx to u for that,,,,pls my problems goes like dis,i meet d guy on fb,thou he sch abroad,at first was lovin and carin wen he came brk on xmas,i meet is family,,bf he went brk,we talk on chat sometyms or cals,and somtym send money for my schs and to take care of my self,bt one day a lady frm on is frd list added m ,wit d motive she added m i no somtin is goin on btw dem,so i pretend and startd askin d lady questn abt im and she said dey ar both engage,and i ask my man abt it and he said nuttin like dt,dt hes goin to group chat us ,bt lata he sent all d conversation i and d gal had,and said its ova btw us,and stp calin nor chatin wit m,so i beg and beg im,he said he has heard and dt he had nuttin wit d gal,so he start by chatin wit m,bt wount cal,and wen i demand for cal he wil say he doesnt have crdt,,even wil nt ask abt my exams he had beenin sendin m money to write or sendin m money atall .so we continue chatin,till he finely came brk,he came to see m,gv m some money bt i refuse d money dt it wasnt wot i ask im,he got angry,bt leta i beg im ,went to visit im and apologise durin our agrument he wil hit m,and say am isatiable,i complain alot,i allwas lik diggin abt im,,so afterwards,i came brk,bt he dnt nt cal m,and startd chatin wit m on wasap bt i ignore im cux of d way he treatd m,and he cald m wen he saw i wasnt replin is msgs,and apologis dt hes sowie,dt wotever he do to m,i shld forget dt hes my man,dt hes jst doin dt cus wenever i he gvs m money ,i either complain or refuse takin it,and i told im am sowie too,after dt we kip chatin,on wassap, and i lata learnt i dnt av crdt and i beg im to send m crdt he said ok,bt lata cald m and told m he sent it on wassap,and i told im ma phone was bad dt i cnt get it cus am nt online,he said ok,,he wil send it wit his phone,,, til den he stop calin for up to a month nw,even his new apartment he rented he doesnt want m to come visit im,,some days brk he sent m helo on wassap wen he saw m online,dnt even care to no hw i got d phone to b chatin wit im,and i ask im if i have done anytin wrong? He said no,dt he jst gvin m tym to change,dts all he nid frm m,and i ask im hw? By refusin m to come visit im,he said i wil come,i beg im to forgv m, or i wil move on ,he wil say i shld change dts all,dt he love m,yet hasnt cal nor talk to mm,pls am diein dnt no wot to do please help m

    • First, I don’t like responding to comment written in short form or shorthand, it gives me headache when reading them.

      I only try to pick out some words from it and I think, there’s fire on the mountain top.

      Another lady has taken over your guy’s mind, I’m sure, he’s just buying time before he say it to your face that, he does not need you anymore. Except something changes at this critical time, you’re almost lost him now.

      If he said you have offended him, apologize to him and accept you’ve done wrong, don’t even prove you’re right at this stage because you want to get him back but if you can’t take it anymore from him, it is better you just forget about him and move on with your life.

      Life is too precious to be wasted on somebody that does not value it.

  79. blessing francis says:

    my name is blessing an event planner and am in my 3yr in sch,,,I have been in several relationships,infact,my last relationship was 2 lead 2 marriage after our introduction he said whenever he prays abt d relationship he sees me wit som1 else in his dreams and weneva I pray abt it & even in my last relationships I always see them (d guyz)passing me in my dreamz,wen I was 2 go 4 my introduction in my last relationship I prayed and saw myself wit a friend of mine i met in school,we were just casual friends until we started dating weneva I pray concerning dis present relationship I always see d both of us 2geda and being emotionally attached 2 each other (which has Neva happened b4)nw I don’t knw wht God is tellin me if I have a future wit him,I knw he luvs me bt another problem is dat they are 2 many ladies around him,I was in his huz oneday when one came and he boldly told her am his girlfriend and d girl left angryly and he apologized and ask me 2 be patient wit him dat he will soon get dem off his way,,am just confuse,I don’t knw if I should bliv him or move on,,,am just confuse…. Tanx God bless u

    • Since this is not your first relationship, I believe you should have gather some experience about how some unserious guys behave concerning relationship issues.
      Please follow your mind after praying over it.
      You can’t be seeing several other guys you’ve been in love with in the past whenever you want to take a closer step to being married. Something has gone wrong somewhere, it might not be spiritual but psychological.
      When you’re too attach to someone and suddenly, the relationship just end like that, you might find it difficult to let that person to completely go away from your mind.
      This is the reason why I said, you should pray over your decision and follow your heart.

  80. Good evening Mr Tony
    Am into a relationship 3 years and 4 month,I really love this guy,like a year ago I sensed he is cheating on me,which I asked him,bt he denied it but since I never caught him red handed I let it go. some months back I read his message with a Lady (love message) I was really mad bt he explained his friend sent those messages to the lady.I really love this guy have tried to break up with him more than five times, he always apologies and I will take him back,I feel he love me bt e doesn’t trust me. please what can I do?

  81. Am sowie,for abbrivating my words,,,,tanx for your respond,,,but have apologise to him,,yet he doesnt care of tryin to see if the relationship comes back,he said i should change thats all he need from me,but wount call,, but only be teasing me on wassap,like saying,,,hello princess,hi and all that,please i do not no what to do,,,cause now am feeling guilty,and finding it difficult,letting go of him.

    • You should realize this is your life and not his own life, whatever your decision now will tell much about you in the future. If he’s not meeting up to your expectation anymore and you don’t see him change very soon, you may have to give him some break. No communication, no chatting or whatsoever for some time and see if he still loves you.
      If he comes pleading, there’s still some element of love for you within him but coming to plead is not a guaranty that he really love.
      The bottom line is, if your heart can no longer bear the pain anymore, please get out of the relationship, someone, somewhere might be waiting for you but if you stick to the present guy, you don’t have the chance of meeting another person who might just treat you right.
      Don’t allow men to toil with your emotion. Emotional pain is the toughest and most painful of all pain.
      Please be safe.

  82. Thanks so much,,i will try and let go,and be my self,,,,i appriciate your advice.keepup the good job.

  83. Hi i nid ur advice
    ireally love my boyfriend and he loves mi too
    but my stupidity,iwrote for him lets break up as aprank
    he took it serious and withdraw al de feeling he had for mi and he is not ready to listen to mi,i text him he ignore it
    as 4 now he is away from mi bt he gave achance to mit him
    please help me ireally love him.

  84. i hv a b. f. and we have been dating. for two weeks now bt we have already have. sex. bcos he loves sex,i am. jst confuse bcos of his attitude on not calling jst two times in a week and wen eva i ask him abt dat he wil say he is not gud in callin. bt wateva i asked for he provides it toi me. i need help cos i dont no if he really loves me

    • You fall too cheap to him, you can’t meet someone within two week and have sex with him. You don’t really know him and he too do not really knows you well. Don’t give an excuse that he loves sex is the reason why you gave it to him.
      You should have allow him show more commitment before giving him such access if at all you do do it.
      I can’t tell if he loves you, it’s like what he wants, he has gotten it from you.
      And you might not even be the only one in his life since you said he loves sex.
      Just pray and he learn to love you more as you continue in the relationship.

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