12 Sure Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love You

12 Sure Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love You

Relationship love at times can be confusing when you get to a certain stage of your love life, you will begin to wonder if the relationship you’re into really worth it. You will come to think of it that does this guy really mean this love and question like this will want to help you to know where exactly you’re standing in his life. There are signs that show if your boyfriends truly love you and these signs are all you need to know to really access the kind of love he’s showing you.

Signs that Show if Your Boyfriend Truly Love YouWhen you first got into relationship, issues like this, don’t even come to your mind really but as time goes on, even if it is infatuated kind love it get fade away and seems to be true love can set in but you need to be sure of your position in his life, you wouldn’t want to waste your life and time with someone who doesn’t have a future with you. The earlier you know these sure signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you the better if can be for you.

Feeling insecure sometimes is a part of experiencing love, it’s normal and at times all of us feel it now and then. But what matters is what your lover does to reassure you, and make you feel more loved that will build your confident level toward your relationship.

Take a look at these 12 signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you and make your decision on where exactly is your position in his life and this will help you to get more focus as to concentrate on the love or move on to secure a better relationship that has something positive to offer you.

Signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you

1. Communication: If your guy really love you, he will want to communicate with you at every point in time no matter what. He will talk more often to you than any other person in his life, even his friends will receive much less communication than he talks to you.

2. He gets captivated by you: Have you ever caught him in the act staring at you when you’re busy doing something else? It’s a sure sign that he really love you and he want to get more of you and can’t wait till you’re free.

3 He can goes all the way for you: if a man truly love you, he can do all things for you to make you happy at all time even if it’s something he does not enjoy doing ordinarily. He can even go all the way with you to the market and help you in your shopping.

4 Together time matters to him: A guy will go all the way to look for how he can spend more time with you than any other person in his life, spending time with his best friends or family will surely take a back seat and the time he’ll be spending with you will take the front seat.

5 The impression Continue: The impression he gave you that won you over will not stop after you’ve become his girlfriend, he will continue to make it happen again and again and even extend it to your family members as well.

6.  He Love hugging you: He will hug you for no reason at all and hold you more than a few second thanking you for being part of his life though he may not open his mouth to say this but right there in his mind is making the statement.

8. Your thoughts always on his mind: He can’t stop thinking of you always because he has you as top priority in his life. For you to know this, call on his attention at times when you know he will be busy doing something elsewhere to come assist you in sorting something out, he will go all the way to come around and help you out.

9. He flaunts you: Because he love you, he can talk about in front of any damsel that he knew before and make you proud because he is sure of his love for you, something guys who don’t really love you cannot do.

10. He let out his secrets: He will share with you the secret he has never share with anyone before, the secret that he’s afraid of telling his friends so that he will not be mocked. He will be opened to let you know those secrets because he trust and love you.

11. He’s not judgmental: He will not scold you even if you’ve done something wrong, he will just let you understand in a friendly manner what you have done and at times he may even try to pull your leg but is just to make fun of it.

12. He’s changed his world: If a guy truly loves you, he won’t mind changing his lifestyle all because of you, he can miss a crucial game of football that even you yourself know very well that he love. He can as well miss a movie he wants to watch and put you first to attend to your need before his.

There you have them the 12 sure signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you. Do you think there is something missing out that we did not mention here? We will really appreciate it if you can let us known that using the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. My boyfriend do care for me and even talk to other girls in my present, but he does not pick some girls calls in my present, I want to know if he’s. Real to me.

    • Hey Sandra, because your boyfriend do not pick calls from certain girls does not make him unreal, if he cares for you enough and you love each other, you don’t need to worry too much except if there is another thing you’re not saying here. guys will always be guys and the same things with ladies, the opposite sex will keep in contact with you whether you like it or not.
      If you trust him enough, you can ask him why he does not pick some girls phone call, let him tell you the reason if you care to know, but I don’t think you have much to worry about it.

  2. Maia burrell says:

    My boyfriend and I started dateing two days ago and im afraid that my boyfriend does not love me and that it really is my exboyfriend wanting to date me again and is

  3. my boyfriend loves me alot…he’s much than u mentioned above

  4. Yap,al d 12 things u write,is exactly wt my bf is.i even try settin up wit a galfrnd of mine,bt he didnt even pay an attention ear 2 her,but wil kip telin her dt he luv his galfrnd so much nd cnt cheat on her.But d problem ryt now,is dt he ask me 4 sex nd i am scared,bcos if he rely do,he wnt ask me 4 dt.nw my ques is,does he rely luv me by askin 4 sex?pls i nid reply.

  5. how to knw if ma g.f truly luvs mi

    • Ebukaaaa! You can know that by how she treat you, your friend and your family. If your girlfriend truly loves you, she will love because of who you are and not because of what you have.

  6. Maryjane says:

    There is a guy i love, but i don’t know how to express it.. I need help please

    • There is nothing wrong to love a guy and even expressing it but where the problem might be is that, most guys will want to take such expression for granted.
      What you need do is that, get closer to him and let him sense it but don’t offer any words that suggest you’re dying for him, it is the responsibility of the guy to ask you out. If the guy has another person, during your conversation you should be able to know and that will mean, you have to move on and forget about him.
      It will be totally wrong to continue expressing love to him thinking that he will notice you and ask you out, even if he notice you, his thought about you might not be clean because he knows you’re aware that he has someone else in his life.

  7. queeneth says:

    Pls what is the best and matured gift you can give to a guy,tha he may value so much?

    • Individual guy has different taste, if he’s your guy, take a look at some of the thing he value in his life that you can buy for him. But generally, a good wristwatch will be ideal and again that depends on if he’s a guy that love to wear wristwatch. A T – Shirt also will make some sense, but it has to be quality one and not just anyhow T-Shirt.

  8. Ebenezer says:

    Hey, well done. But there is an issue that we need to look at from your writing. The part that says he would continue his impression. When a guy is dating a lady he is well to do anything to get her to love him more, but when his efforts or the little things his doing is not appreciated he begins to slack. And this can also lead to the death of what you two have together. It’s also natural for a guy to naturally withdraw from a lady he loves. When he does this give him space. He would come loving you more.

  9. My guy and me have dated getting to two months now… He does all this that you mentioned above and he also have proposed to marry me and he is God fearing but d issue is that by august he will b going for a nine months training and thre wnt be any communication cos they will sieze their phones and its anly when he comes back we will do the neccessary thing…and i trust him…. Pls i need advice cox now he is planning to follow me to d house and he is not yet ready financially bc d training raquires money

    • Hello Ifeoma,
      Let me approach your issue this way, two month seems to be too early actually know much about anyone in relationship, whether it is a guy or a girl. Although your gut or your mind might be leading you in the right direction but you need to take sometimes and access the situation with different probing questions. If he propose to marry you within two months, how serious is the proposal, what happen to other guys you’ve had relationship with in the past as per their promises that were not fulfilled today, can you really wait for nine months for him to get back after that training and still hold on to yourself without having any secret affair with another person, is the training involves only guys or ladies are included too?
      There are many more questions you need to ask your self.
      If he wants to follow you to the house without financial commitment and you’re satisfy with it and you know your family will not reject him. I will say there will be no problem as far as he can keeps to his promise.

      My real concern is the 9 months without communication, it is a long period dear, if both of you believe it is workable, then go ahead but if your mind is telling you otherwise, please think twice.
      I pray everything should work out for you guys.
      Thanks Ifeoma.

  10. Goggles

  11. Cj nworah says:

    hi.my boyfriend and i ave been datin over a month but he refuses to pick my calls..this as been going on for a week how will i know if he truely love me

  12. I lv my b.f nd he lvs me to but for smtym nw we are nt moving well cus he saw me wit a guy which i’ve told hm about. I need ur advice pls. dis a yr we’ve dated.

    • Hello Tonia,
      What did you tell him? Have been able to convince your boyfriend that there’s nothing between you and the guy. Go to him and plead with him, not every guy can understand that, there is no way their girlfriend will not be found in the company of other guys which are just friends.

      By the way, how did your boyfriend meet you and the guy that resulted into things not moving well again?
      Please in plain words, I don’t like reading short hand words, I most time ignore them.

  13. Hi, my boy friend and i have been dating for about one year now but yesterday he told me it was over between the both of us and he doesnt want to tell me why he quit the relationship and the funniest thing is that he was happy with me in the morning did he truly love me

    • Something is wrong somewhere, he can’t just take such decision without seeing something he can’t cope with.

      You may have to find your way around it and ask him to please tell you what went wrong and promise him that you’ve wont take it personal with him.

  14. I have a b.f,he has a girlfriend,but she is far from him,he walk up to me,he told me hewant me to be has friend were he is stilling nw,I said ok,but each time he talks with her I will get angry,which if I ask him he will say,that love me more,idont knw what to do,if I should still or not.

    • You got let him go, his mind is still with the other girl, no need not waste your time with him and wait on empty promises he made to you.
      It is your life and not his’s, take a walk and you’ll find other guys who are interested in you. Until you set yourself free, you may not be able to listen well to other guys with genuine intention.
      Wishing you best of luck Emelda.

  15. precious val says:

    my guy loves me and promise to marry me. but he is living wt other girl

    • Living with other girl can mean different thing, why not find out from him, the reason he lives with other girls and not you that he promises love. If he can’t defend himself well to your conviction, you’ve got to leave me and look for someone else that’ll love you live with you.

  16. I have just one question to ask. My boyfriend is not romantic and anytime I try to let him know about this…he always say that he can’t change..cos he was brought upt hat way..please what can I do?

    • Your boyfriend has to change, if he was born into a family leaving a poverty life, would him not desire leaving in a more comfortable life?

      He is carrying a wrong mentality and he MUST CHANGE HIS MINDSET about not being romantic. No woman will stay with un-romantic guy, even if he has all the money in this world, at a certain stage the woman will leave him to go after men that know how to be romantic.

      This maybe hard on you but the truth is that, if he’s not going to change, you need to look for another boyfriend who’s romantic plus every other good qualities you want to see in a guy.
      You can’t stay with someone with wrong mindset, you’ll be dissatisfied every time and you will only feel being used even having having sex with him.
      Tell him and teach him how to be romantic, tell him to start with little things you are sure of and that turn you on, I’m sure with time he’ll understand why good romance is part of a healthy relationship.
      But if he’s not ready to change, I warn you now, leave him before you start to feel lonely and depressed even if you said to have been in relationship with him

  17. Thanks for the advice..i so much appreciate..but then I think I need to make some things clear here..i don’t know maybe because we’v not had sex that’s why he is acting this way.I don’t know to to teach him on how to be romantic..and him acting this way does that mean he does not love me?

  18. I’m 22 years old now. I still believe in my mother’s adage which says (until a man learn how to love like a mother,then there can be true love.)..I’m still a virgin.and have promised to live a virgin till I found a man that will love me like my mother. Pls I don’t know if I’m getting it confuse. Please I need your advice.

    • I don’t think the one you’ve found is the man and so, hold on to your virginity until you’re convinced beyond every reasonable doubt. If you’re ready to live for the rest of your life with a man that is not romantic, you can go ahead with him and if otherwise, shine your eyessss

  19. I think I need to make something clear here..it is not upto 6month that me and my boyfriend started dating..nd we haven’t had sex since then..could it be the reasons for his actions?

    • What action are you talking about, do a guy need to wait for six or above six month before being romantic?
      He doesn’t and he need to learn, tell him what turn you on and your own definition of being romantic so that he can learn how to please a woman, you don’t need to have sex with him before you discover if he’s romantic or not.

      There are lots of romantic text messages on this website that your boyfriend can learn alot from, tell him to come read them or give them to him to read and learn how to be romantic and what it takes to be romantic.

  20. I’m a lady of 33.. I have this guy who I love most, we have been dating for the past 4 months but known each other since 2009 as friends…

    The issue is, I want a kid but him since not interested.. I think I am ready to settle with him, is he ready to commit or is he still searching… Help

    • He’s not ready to commit for now, it is possible he still want to really know you more than the casual knowing of each other since 2009. Although 4 months is not too small for both of you to struck a deal about long-term commitment, but he might be thinking you’re too desperate because age is not much on your side.
      You both need to sit and really have a kind of heart to heart talk about it, if he’s not going to be committed for a long time, he shouldn’t waste your time.
      Just pet him a little and let him calm down before you introduce the matter and don’t tell him in advance you have to talk heart to heart, doing that may make him be preparing all kind of defensive way to avoid the talk or prepare to hide something from you.
      Take him unaware for the serious talk and from his response you can know where you stand in his life.
      I hope this help.

  21. my boyfriend and i started dating 3month ago, the first month was like waking up me in the morning with chats everyday at a point he now stopped, why because he jokingly said something to me that i don’t like, when he left my house i thought about it grew angry with him, but i didn’t let him know about until two days after he text me and i refused to reply him because of what he said to me which himself did not know the word he said hurts me until i told him about it and now is behaving as if he doesn’t love again, but if i call him he wil answer me (yes dear) my confusion is did he still love me? please help me out cause i love him so much.

    • It’s normal, he still love you but he need to realize that at some point, he’s going to get you hurt and you too. Now the issue depend on his level of maturity, any guys that is really mature enough should be able to appreciate your telling him about what he said that hurt you and be able to correct it so that next time he won’t say such words to you again.
      He still love you but both of you just have to understand how relationship really works as you’re just starting to learn it.

  22. My boyfriend always scold me,tho he is older buh i dnt fnk dat is right.he collects money from me and has neva given me a dime b4.my friends said he will be giving out to other girls.i met his parents circumstantly cos i guess he didn’t want me to meet them buh i met them somhow.he tells me he loves me buh av neva showed it.he didn’t want me to meet his parents again.but anytime i wanna leave, he will do somthing to bring me back.he said he wants to marry me buh he has no plan for me i think. I don’t know what to do ,pls advice me.

    • Run as far as your leg can carry you. Why are you still there wasting your time?
      Do you think he loves you?
      Guys can date for many years and still still good even at their early fourties but ladies can’t do that and the better you understand this now, the better it will help you save your time and stop wasting that your precious time with a time waster guys claiming to love you.
      Let no one deceive you, he does not LOVE YOU.
      Full Stop!

  23. Hi,i hav a boyfrd,we hav been dating for 5yrs nw.he promise he wiil marry me and he hav tak me to their family member and all his frnds,all of them knws me as his girlfrnd.i luv d guy so much and he luvs me bt he usually get veri angry when he notice that i get contant with any guy bt he hav 2much frnds in girls ,he told me dat.my parents knws him bt them dnt wat me to marry him becos he is frm ebony state and My parent dnt wat to see me with him again and told him dat he started crying and said he will neva let me go dis way and me too i dnt wat to loose him.the problem is dat i get another boyfrnd and we having been dating for 4months nw and he is madly inlove with me nw and he said he wil marry me bt is nt ready to marriage nw until 4years and am 20yrs nw and i luv d guy becos he is doing everytin for me.am veri confuse i dnt knw which one to follow,plz help me out.

    • Follow your heart but since your parent don’t want you to marry the first guy and you’re already dating another guy, then leave the first one and go with the your new found love.

      You actually not love the first guy or maybe as a result of what’s happening between both of you, and that account for why you agree to date another guys. To double date often times is not always good for anyone, not just for ladies but also guys too.

      Just follow your heart anyway and don’t be deceived by the few good treatment you’ve received from him in the past 4 months.

  24. Hi, I have a friend in school that helps me in almost everything I wanted financially, he is very nice, gentle and caring. But he says he is only helping me as a friend and nothing more, and there was also a time he told me that he fell in love with me but withdrew the feeling cos he doesn’t want to love while he is in school. We had set several times, and that made me love him. He says he will discuss love with me when we are done with school. I don’t know what he is up to. Is it that he is hiding his feelings for me or he doesn’t want me and want to maintain a good friendship with me? He could have helped me too even without having sex with me. Please I need u to advice me on what to do. Tnx

    • Your friend is not emotionally ready to be in love with you and he’s not in a hurry to do that right now if according to your statement.

      It might also be possible that he has another girl in his life that he’s not done with and he want to finish business with her and by the time you both finish your school, he can now come to you.

      Sit him down and ask him serious questions why he want both of you to finish your school before he’s going to really show his feeling for you, let him know that there is someone else asking you out and you might consider that person but just waiting to confirm his desire about you. If he’s not going to be emotionally committed to you but just want to remain your friend, he’s hiding something from you.
      Make your decision about what he says when you ask him these serious questions.

  25. i am very much confused about my boyfriend.. earlier he used to talk to me a lot.. i dont know whats happening now.. since last 2 weeks he does not talk to me by messages even though he is online still do not reply.. i never found his mobile busy.. but we are talking over the phone.. still somewhere i am feeling ignorance.. please suggest me what to do..

  26. My guy always ask me about sex, he always wants me to b romromantic but if I say that I don’t like to talk about sex then he says that if I don’t want to share my personal things with him then he asks me that now what he have to do?? Whom he go to share this thinGS if I don’t??? and also says that he will go to other girl who likes him n will have sex with her one night but also says that he really loves me and without me he will die. Now I want to know does he really loves me??? And m I have to get ready to sex with him??? Coz I really love him n he also loves me care for me.. Plz tell me is he really loves me???

    • I’m sure he loves you, any guy that loves you should not threaten you with having sex with other girls ans till claim to love you. Don’t because of his promise that he’ll die without you and fall for his tricks, death is not an easy thing for anyone. Take your time and ensure you’re convince before giving in else, you may be disappointed.

      I will advice you for now, to not have sex with him, test his ability to endure with you and without having sex with you to determine how long can he take it and still remain committed to you and the one he really loves.

  27. Hi Av been dating a guy for 5months now he love and really cares for me I fought with one of his friends last week it really got him angry that he told me neva to call his number again immediately I started texting and calling him to apologise but he was not picking my calls or replying my message then I called one of his friend to beg him for me and also apologised to the one I fought with, the fourth day I called him he picked it and told me he is not interested in the relationship again pls help me on what I can do to have him back quickly cos I love him and am not ready to lose him have not seen him since last week dat i fought with his friend cos our school is on Xmas break now and we resume by january 5

    • Hi Bimbola,
      I know how it feel like, when the one you love try to ignore the fact that you love him.
      But the truth is that, some guys use things like this to tell you that, they are not really in love with you in the first place, they are just pretending. They still believe their friend than the one they love and when anything happen between you and their friends, instead of trying understand the situation and end the contending issues, they go ahead to support their friend knowing full well that, that have no real love for the one they claim to love.
      Let me tell you the reality of thing here Bimbola, that your guy do not really love because if he does, will not use things like this to end your relationship with him.
      If his friends don’t like you, you will find it hard to enjoy his relationship with you, he won’t want to be separated from his clique and those friends too can influence his decision about continuing the relationship with you or not.
      But I think, fighting with one of his friend is enough for him to be disinterested in the relationship, after all, you’ve settled your disagreement with the friend in question.

      You can still try your best but in my opinion, you better let him go rather than wasting your time with him that value his friends thinking than yours.
      You may feel the pain for now, but it is better for you because you will save yourself from further and bigger pain ahead. Just let him go and put yourself up for another guy who will support you even before his family not to talk of his friend.

  28. I have a guy,we have been dating for 2years now,I don’t go to his place often because of my program in school but he do comes to my place almost all weekend, he introduce me to his family and friends,during this time I noticed he lied to me with a lots of things,e.g his position at work,academic life,when I discover I asked him he always say people are just saying trash abt him only d time someone mistakenly say it to my front in his presence that was when I asked him and he plead for forgiveness and I do,hoping he will change but still d same thing ,so when I finish my program I visit him often,later I travelled out of d country I told him when am coming back that am coming to his place he refuse until I went there without telling him ,I found a lady stuffs in his room,when he came back from work I ask him he said his one of his married man friend girlfriend that owns it and kept it his place cos of his wife,normally I don’t tell him I was coming back that day I just decide to come without his knowledge,now have bin there for about 6month ago but he keep doing many thing that is strange like ,after his working hour he will come back home instead of him to stay home with me he will come back home lates at night,even most time that his not a working hours period he prefer to hang out with friend or irrelevant person than to stay home,when his home that I even try to show him so love or a lovely moment he snub me and look me with some eyes like am doing what is bad or even concentrate more on TV program or chatting,moreso,when we have issues I realize he doesn’t care to settle with me until I go to him and begged him myself all most every time instead that time I always noticed his having a new girlfriend,anytime I shared my past or present with him he used it against me anytime we had fight, even at time he leaves me inside and go out to wait for a lady probably d one his trying to get her attention or new one,when he find out that am not happy he doesn’t even care to make me happy ,he shout at me most time even beats me when we had fight,he can go out for d whole day without even calling me to know how am feeling he prefferd to waste his call card with his friends on irrelevant talks rather than me ,I try to tell him what I don’t like abt his attitude and he kip promising he will change but to no avail ,and if I ask him what he don’t like about my attitudes he kip saying only that I don’t give him respect,I don’t know d kind of respect one as to give a man ooo am this type that I don’t club,I don’t disturb him of money or even social tins so I don’t know what to do …..d point now is I met a guy through a friend we have been chatting for 4month ago but have not seen him but I noticed anytime am down or not happy this new guy make me happy and even promise to marry me that if he finds out I truly love him like I said,I will b seeing d guy soon but am really scared and don’t know if I should leave this guy and go to the new guy ,the guy am with now really stood by me financially that the more reason y am confused,moreso he do show people outside especially my family side he do show to them like a gentle and cool person,that attimes even if I tell some of them they hardly believe me ,plz I need your advise…

    • Hello Folake,
      If I want to give you my words as a form of advice here, it is to terminate the relationship with your present guy if all you said here is nothing but the truth. These are signs that, you’re being deceived by the guy, he cannot eat his cake and still have it. The truth is that, he’s not sincere with you and I think he does not love as much as you thought.

      His eyes is still outside running after other ladies and that account for the reason why he doesn’t reason about you because, he believe he can get anything he want from other ladies outside. He’s just showing you what will happen if you go ahead to marry him, he’s going to cheat on you big time. Don’t be deceive with the money he has spent on you or because he has made you known to his family and believing all is well, my dear all is not well in this kind of situation.
      You need to save yourself from future occurrences, heartache and hear-broken. Made it known to him that, you’re tire of the relationship because of the way he’s treating you and you can’t take it anymore, that you’re going to quit the relationship anytime from now.
      It’s insanity to keep doing the same thing and expecting new result, if he doesn’t change now, he’s not going to ever change, just ignore his empty promise that he will change.

      Take your time to ponder on how you will live your life with such guy that treat you like this when you’re in a relationship, how much more are you going to endure when you get into marriage with him. A word is enough for the wise.

      As per your new found guys, please take your time before agreeing to enter into relationship with him, for the fact that he promise to marry you does not quarantee that he’ll marry you or you’re going to enjoy the relationship. Don’t just get out of one relationship and enter into another one immediately, take your time to evaluate what went wrong in the first relationship and promise to do your best not to repeat the fault coming from your own end in the new relationship.
      Above all, please follow your heart but don’t allow anyone’s promise of I love you to becloud your sense of reasoning. Think well and observe well before venturing into any relationship, and any relationship that doesn’t recognized or appreciate the kind of person you are does not worth taking lots of your time before you move on. There are better option out there that will suit your life style, though no one is perfect but you can meet someone both of you can grow together in relationship and marriage.

  29. Thanks so much for d advice…I really appreciate, I pray God will help me and direct me because am so confused ,he keeps treating me like that inside and act like a good person with perfect behaviors outside, seem to b like am d bad person in front of people,he never appreciated me,Romantic his zero and if I try to correct him and tell him what I want he always said if am not okay with him I should look for another person,There was a time he saw d guy txt message on my phone,he beats d hell out of me,later i begged him and made him realize i wasnt doing what he think,i made him realuze his pushing me out with his attitude.but still he dont care,since then he has bin using it against me,,mostly when we had little fight he mostly says d highest thing I will tell him is am not instrested in d relationship, I mostly got weak with such statement…
    my fear is am leaving his place soon and we gonna see after a year cos of my program, am going to d country d new guy is ,but I have d fear that d person am with now face to face that is treating me this way what if I leave him for d whole year…and I know him for one thing he can wait for me for d whole year just to convinced people am d bad person ,maybe when I leave him for another…..Am d only one that knows how his treating me.,but am scared what people will say or qualify me with ,Even if I want to take any decision I just want to be sure if such man can still b okay after marriage or am d one making me mistake or if all guys are d same ,just want to be sure before I go into another relationship

    Honestly I love this blog highly educating ,I learn so many lessons ,I pray God will increase your knowledge and bless your home too @Anthony

    • Folake just save yourself from all of these heartache and end the relationship with him, he has nothing to offer you. Don’t look at whatever anybody outside want to say, their say or thought can NEVER determine how you’ll live your life. Marrying someone who’s treating you this way is more like getting into battle you already know deep down in your heart that you CANNOT WIN.

      Any man that raise up his hand to beat his girlfriend when you’re still in relationship shows you that, you will even be beaten mercilessly then you get into marriage with such man. Run for your dear life my dear. There’s always a better person out there waiting to meet you and treat you well enough for you to marry him.

      It is your life and it shouldn’t be determine by what people say. Remember that whether you do good or bad, people will still talk against you while some other will still talk in support of you. Don’t live your life according to people’s opinion, whatever that happens to you, you’re going to carry your cross alone and no one will help you.
      Just quit that relationship now and some years later, you’ll be glad you did.

  30. Franziska Browney says:

    from all the points shown above, I can tel that my boyfriend really loves,sometimes he goes the extra mile just to prove his love for me.Now that I know that he really loves me I will forever treasure him

  31. my bf usualy cal m b4 very wel,nw he hd stp cal,wen i ask,he wl say dat he z out of cash,an card,am fed up

  32. I really don’t understand my bf.he has introduced me to his family.. but yet he acts somehow sometimes and I don’t understand that. Especially when he is with his friends sometimes (not all the time)he will talk to me in a funny tone.. Then we had a little misunderstanding and he stopped picking my calls or calling me.. Its difficult for me not to communicate with him. What is it that men really want.cos I never make demands from him in anyway. And I know I have been good n faithful to him..

  33. this guy work up to me and said he want me to be his girl friend mean while i have known him with his girl friend and when i ask him about his girl friend he will ask me to forget about her,we started dating and each time we are together he do ask things about marriage and also always putting me in his feature ,sometime i plan to live the relationship he will plead and ask me to stay .am confused i want to know if he truly loves me or just want to play and go

    • Demand you want to know what happen with his ex and ensure he’s telling the truth. From what you’re saying here, he might mean it but just to be sure because guys something can go any length just to get you committed into what they know is never going to last.

      When a guy is seeing you in his future and talking about marriage when you’ve know each other for sometimes, he’s probably ready to go all the way with you. But don’t close your heart and instinct about every details you can gather about him, you can smell if there’s anything fishing in the way he’s leaving his life.

      Most time our mind see beyond what we can think see clearly with our eye. Follow you mind, if your mind is telling you not to go with him.

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