When Should You Let Go Of Your Partner in Relationship

When Should You Let Go Of Your Partner in Relationship

As always, relationship is not a do or die affair, though it can be painful, when you’ve believe with all your might, that this particular relationship you are in, is the one that will take you to the promise land. But you should understand that oftentimes, one of you may get irritated with the behaviour of the second person. And it can bring up argument between both of you often, and in most cases, you don’t resolve this issue.

When Should You Let Go Of Your Partner in RelationshipIt is expected that, the coming together of two persons, to unite in relationship and work as one is not always easy. It may be nice at the beginning of the relationship and at which time, you seem not to see any of the things you may latter on consider not too good to be part of your partner.

Now how do you get rid of these attitudes, or how do you communicate it with your partner and make him or her realize your uneasiness with such attitudinal behaviour. To some persons, it is easy for them to accept change and amend their behavioral pattern, but to some, it takes a lot of effort from partner before they can accept changes. The question here is that, how patiently can you wait to correct your partner for certain behaviour, that doesn’t work well with the way you want to live your life in relationship?

Now, before you should consider to let go of your partner in relationship, it is always advisable not give up too soon from the one you love, and that is if truly you love him or her. As no one is perfect, you’re coming to each other’s life to help or rather assist one another to fill in those imperfections, with your own area of life that can perfect or near-perfection to your lover imperfection.

The more you grow together in your relationship, the more you will understand each other as to what this person want and want the other person don’t want. But if after all of your patient, things aren’t working out the way you expected it to be, the relationship is going toward south end direction, you love doesn’t seem like enough anymore, when what you’re giving is not being reciprocated and when it hurt you more than it helps you. IT IS TIME TO LET GO

Remember that, a broken relationship is much better than a broken marriage (100% times). People always think that the most painful thing is losing the one you love in your life. The truth is, the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, forgetting that you are special too. [Also Read; How to discover it it time to let go of that relationship]

I will love you to share your experience with me here using the comment box below, what is your thought concerning letting go of partner that doesn’t appreciate your effort in making your relationship work? Perhaps you don’t have such experience, when should you let go of your partner in relationship, that doesn’t care how much effort you put into that relationship so that it can work. Please like my Facebook Fan page below if you enjoy this article.

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12 thoughts on “When Should You Let Go Of Your Partner in Relationship”

  1. Have got a gf,we’ev been dating for almost 2years now,I dnt like the fact that she is too. Stubborn and arrogant and acts like she doesn’t care, each time I try to call her attention to these things she would blow up, it results to argument and I don’t like it,most times I wonder how I could ever fall so hard for her kos I love her so much despite her flaws,Yea..I hardly give up on Peeps so easily buh I always ended up being hurt…In her case she doesn’t wanna be corrected kos she seem too perfect in all doings..Am so sick bout her..

    1. I will advice you to take your time and re-access your love, I know how painful it will be when you love someone deep in your heart and the person don’t care about it. Anyone that fail to listen to correction will be hard to live with, if she cannot see reason why you’re not comfortable with the way she’s behaving now that you’re still in relationship, I’m sure, she will not change even when you get married.

      A broken relationship is always better than a broken marriage. Consider this and take the necessary steps if she does not care about what you think about her.

  2. Pls i ned to talk to u sir, am in a serious problem dat my life is even been treatnin rit now , bcos am tryn to make my marriage work . I wnt smbody to tell me wat to do to b save. 08108631098

  3. My guy broke up with me last year for no reason, we didn’t fight or quarrel. I heard that he is now dating one of his ex. I still love him, what can I do to get his off my mind.

    1. Hello Grace, sorry for the breakup, there are things you can do to get him off your mind and I can only recommend you to this my earlier article here; https://iloverelationship.com/how-to-get-over-broken-relationship/
      Just go through it, and before you know it, he will be off you mind. I know you will still love because, you don’t understand why he left you for his ex-girlfriend. You have to move on. Just go through that link I gave above, you’ll be fine.

  4. good Mr Anthony, I’m really impressed with the way you sort people’s problems for them, it’s not easy but I pray that God will continue to increase your knowledge ( amen)
    I have a girl friend, she looks to be caring, humble & be the best person in the world…. but there are these habit of jealousness in her which I tried all my possible best to correct but instead she does plead to forgive her….
    I’ve tried to stylishly tell her that we can’t marry each other, for her to understand me, she’ll burst into tears and started cursing not that alone promise me to kill me, any gf around me & kill herself…
    I’m tired of her but she doesn’t leave me. I’m at the sea, I don’t know what to do again cos I’m planning to have a happy and perfect live free of sins.
    help me out please. thanks.

    1. Hmmm, that’s a childish play on her part.

      The question you should ask yourself is, why is she so desperate to marry you?
      Is it that you dis-virgin her or she has swear with something that, only you is the only man who can see her nakedness?

      There are much more questions to be asked here but just let me say few things and I believe you will get my point clearly and take decisive action before it’s too late.

      If a woman is too jealous, there’s always a very big problem with their relationship and marriage. Truly, too much jealousy can make one to can kill and it is after the deed has been done before it clear it their eyes.

      If you know you can’t continue with her, tell her point blank in a place where you will not endanger your life, that you’re no more interested in any relationship with her.
      Ensure you cut off all avenue she can use to get you. If you have a clear mind, as I can’t really say here, report her to her parent or something one you know can talk to her.
      Let them talk to her, it is not compulsory that, she will marry you, there are thousands of guys out there, the can always find her type out there.
      Life has no duplicate, I beg you o, just run away from her until she come back to her senses and realize that, there’s more to life and only the living that can enjoy the good things of life to the fullest.

  5. Hi sir, it is my pleasure reaching out to you. There is this guy that I love, and we have just started relationship not long ago. couple with the facts that we are far away from each other, he doesn’t call or send messages to me frequent, and I just feel maybe he doesn’t love me. So what do u have to say about that?

    1. Since your relationship just started not too long ago, maybe you can still give it more time.
      But I believe with time, you guys can communicate better.

  6. I met this guy on last year December and he ask me out which at d end we start dating but I fine out am always unhappy with what he always does, anytime I call him and he did not pick he can never call back to tell me that he miss my call and when I say something about it he will say I nagg to much, when he dose something bad he can never say sorry rather I will b the one ending up tell him sorry am very tired n unhappy and am scar of letting him go and he keep comes to my mind, I want to let go help me pls

    1. If what you’ve said here is the truth, my best advice for you right now, is to quit the relationship.

      Just tell him, you’re no longer interested in the relationship with him.
      Don’t be deceive by any promise he will want to make.

      He’s not fit to be in relationship with you, it might even be that, he’s in another relationship and only wasting your time.

      Please and please, Let Him Go!

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