Women Should Never Do These 10 Things at the Beginning of Relationship

Women Should Never Do These 10 Things at the Beginning of Relationship

Lots and lots have been said about what should be done and what should not be done in relationship, but is important to still remember oneself some no go area when one is just starting a relationship.

Women Should Never Do These 10 Things at the Beginning of RelationshipIn this post, you will get to know what women should never do at the beginning of their relationship, it is possible that you may have come across some of them or you may not have come across any of them, whichever way, one thing is sure here, they will be your guide as you’re going to another relationship and if you’re already there in the new relationship, it will direct you toward the right way of saying it so that you can keep your relationship and eventually get fulfilled by being taken to the alter for marriage. [Read: What do men want from women]

Women should never do these 10 things at the beginning of relationship because they are done by women that are desperate to get any kind of man. Men don’t like it when women show the desperation of frustration in the life in trying to get man to marry them.

Here we go now for the No – No’s when it comes to dating in the earlier part of your relationship. [Read: Top 3 need of man and woman for successful relationship]

1. Don’t tell any guy that you have been searching for the Mr and thank God you arrived. This is very wrong for any woman to say that to a man that is just coming into her life or he’s just trying to access her base on how on what guy perceived you to be.

2. Don’t dress like a slut, if you do, the possible outcome of this is that, you can only get laid and left. The saying that the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed.

3. No no nooo…… don’t even go there, don’t talk about the last guy that break up your heart.

4. Don’t show any kind of desperation, over talking without giving him room for him to have some few words. Let him have the opportunity to get a word in and that will give keep the conversation going smoothly.

5. Very important, never “cook” for some guy who you’ve just met. You might come across as his “Mama”.

6. Don’t even give this an attempt, never volunteer to pay for the first date. Any man worth his salt will pay for the meal or movie. but, it doesn’t hurt to keep some extra cash just in case. A “slacker” is born every day.

8. Never you act “clingy” with a guy. This will definitely run a good one off.

6. Don’t take a guy to your home, remember you’re just starting the relationship. There are crazy people in the world and the last thing you want is some “whacked-out” guy showing up at your house “after” you’ve broke off the relationship.

9. This may not concern everyone but for those that it may concern, please take note; never introduce a guy you’ve just met to your children.

10. This is total turn off, acting as if you know everything. There’s nothing worse than a know-it-all. Furthermore, men have “egos”, let him feel like he’s smart.

These are just 10 of the many DON’T and NEVER do or say for women when you’re just starting a relationship with any man. Got questions or contribution? Please make use of the comment form below to let us hear you. We value all contribution as far as it relate to the content of this post. Remember to like our Facebook Fan Page as well

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6 thoughts on “Women Should Never Do These 10 Things at the Beginning of Relationship”

  1. I met a guy and i think he loves me but he is asking me about my past. And he is a very sensitive guy how would i not tell him about my last relationship. I will like you to reply me on what can be done in instances like this.

    1. Hi Seun, it is fine if the guy ask you about it, since he’s sensitive kind of guy, you too should be sensitive about your response, don’t try to paint the last guy as devil and paint yourself as saint, just let him know that, it does not worked for both of you because you have different view about life.
      Your new found boyfriend will still get to know more about your past as the relationship grow but at the beginning of it like this, just try and keep things tight, there are plenty of time, both of you will really share every details about both of your past experiences.

      Thanks for your question

  2. I Jux met a guy doh we ve been friends for long buh lost contact n later met again. he came over to my place n slept over. is it bad??. I need advice please

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