Radiant Skin: Why It Is Best To Wash Your Face In The Skin Than Shower

All of us desire a very attractive and a radiant skin, but what we sometimes don’t know is that we are responsible to how our face and skin look. Your secret to a radiant skin may be related to what you use on your face and where you give your face a wash on a day to day basis.  Your shower or bathe routine may include the use of a whole lot of things like the use of  a lot of soap for your body, shampoo for your hair, shaving gel, body wash and then again the use of  a facial cleanser. The soap may be of different type but the amount of the soap is always plenty. This is a natural thing that majority of us are inclined to doing daily but that does not mean it is good for our face.

radiant skin

Stages of skin care

When you are very young, you basically wash yourself up and you do nothing more but then your skin still look great. As you are growing, your skin demand and skin care routine will get more complicated. As a teenager, when you are about 18 years, your skin would start requiring additional skin care routine to look more radiant and wide awake. Continuing with the skin care routine you followed when you are a bit younger won’t help at this time if you desire a radiant skin and glowing face.

Face washing is one skin care routine that persists even after childhood

We tend to continue with the daily routine of washing our face. Sometimes we wash our face to get makeup off our faces at other times, we are washing of dust, dirt and sweat all because we want a radiant skin and a glowing face. Often times our preferable option for washing our face is the shower although it is not a good practice for the health of our face. New face scrubbing tools are current made water proof for some reasons. Experts warn us the dangers of washing the face or doing face scrubbing in the shower. It is especially damaging to the skin of your face.

Advantages of washing the face on the sink over the shower

A good and recommended practice is to wash your face in the sink rather than in the shower because in the sink you can easily control the temperature of the water than in the shower.  The best water to wash your face is with is cold water but if you can’t manage cold water lukewarm water is recommended for the good health of your delicate face.

The advantage of using the sink over washing your face in the shower is that the temperature in the sink can easily be controlled. The slender skin of our face is better off in cold water, but if don’t particularly love cold water bath or shower, your best alternative is warm water.

You can also easily alter the temperature in the sink; you could wash with lukewarm water and speedily rinse the face off with a splash of cold water.  That swift cold splash stimulates circulation and is immensely beneficial to the general appearance of your skin.

Is the face cleanser a good alternative?

You may think that it is because of the effect of cold water on your delicate facial skin that face wipes were developed. Far from it! They are cold and as convenient as the shower but they should only be used occasionally and with caution because expert says that they are very harsh on the skin.

Conclusion on the best radiant skin care routine

To get a healthy looking and radiant skin, the best option is to go for the traditional and conventional method of washing face with mild antiseptic in the lavatory sink. Apart from that the next option is to go for cold shower. You don’t really mind going this extra mile to get a radiant skin and face; do you?


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