Why Do Men Dump Women Again And Again

Why Do Men Dump Women Again And Again

It has been this way for long and for those one who have learnt what it take not to be dump again by men have now find their way into the heart of men and many of them are getting married. I was in a forum, where lots of questions about why do men dump women again and again are being asked and it seems it won’t stop in the foreseeable future.

Why Do Men Dump Women Again And AgainTrue, it will not stop because is just part of the game and for those that have master the game, good luck for they have found their way around it. This is not to say something is wrong with you that cannot be corrected, is just that you allow yourself to be dump by men because of some certain things you continuously doing when you try to get into relationship with men.

We will together see to those things that make men dump you over and over again. Though, everything may actually not your faults but the fault of the men involves but when it has become a continuous thing, then you need to check into the way you’re living your life.

So why do men dump women again and again?

These following pointers will help you to access yourself and see some of the reasons why men dump women every now and then

You may be too jealous of him

Yes it is true, though jealous has its own good side but when you feel jealous every time you see your guy with other women can put you into the state of being dump by men when you don’t give them breathing space. Even if the fear of other women taking over your man is constantly visiting you, you’ll need some form of control on how you feel you’re jealous. We all know that a little bit of jealous is ok, but if you allow it to eat too much into you, you will be getting dump by men over and over again because you have the problem of trust and men love to play the game if you like it or not but that doesn’t meant he does not have a special place for you in his heart.

You act desperately most time

You don’t allow the relationship to grow naturally; you take things too fast and desperate. Feel lonely and jump into bed and fall in love too quickly without proper assessment of the guy you’re falling in love with. Doing any of the aforementioned above will make guys look at you as someone too cheap, because it will show that you’re needy and that account for the reason why you’re being desperate.

Your self-esteem is too low

You get easily intimidated when you want to voice your feeling, worry he might not like you if you make know to him that he’s wrong with the steps he’s taking. You don’t even argue over what you know is even right, you just allow everything to go in his favour thinking you’re submissive. I’m sorry, he will surely dump you because all of these show that your self-esteem is too low and no man will want a woman with too low self-esteem because it’s demoralizing.

Other reasons why you’re being dump by men include;

  • Exaggerating your fault or downgrading yourself before him so that he may feel good about himself and before you know it, he will start thinking he’s better than you and you don’t worth his love.
  • You purposefully withhold some personal information, your feeling and thought, thinking if he knows, he will started disliking you, belittle you and eventually reject you. [Read; 4 things you need not share with your partner]
  • You secretly hold some great deal of anger and that make you react to situation as if you have been attacked. This is creating endless drama and causing you your relationships.
  • You’re scare of making some important decision for yourself and always seeking out for him to tell you what to do in so many situations.

All of these pointers discussed and highlighted above are the ones causing you to lose the love you seek from men. Until you learn to change all of these, if all of them are happening to you and if it is only some of them that do happen to you, you just need a change of attitude and character to defeat your own worst enemy. [Read; Don’t get stuck in friendship zone if you want relationship]

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