4 Things You Need Not Share With Your Partner

4 Things You Need Not Share With Your Partner

Relationship is something all us cherish and love and it is an undeniable fact that we love sharing lots of things when we actually get into that relationship. But have you ever consider keeping to yourself some area of your life and never share them with your partner? Well! That’s a question you should personally have an answer to.

4 Things You Need Not Share With Your PartnerIdeally, there are things you need not share with your partner, sharing them with him or her may put you at disadvantage and you’ll not like that to happen to you in your relationship. You may go sharing cup of coffee, win glass, sharing the same bath tub, and so many other things you can share together with your partner, but these 4 things you don’t need to bother sharing them with your partner.

1. If you don’t get well with your partner’s parent, you need not share it

Your partner may not talk well about his or her family, there may be quarrel in the family, you may not like the way the mother in-law is doing her things or any of the family members of your partner. You need not share them, because if you do, it will first of all create awkward moment for you from your partner. The reason is that, no matter what, they are still your partner’s family and he can only have one family which is the only one he got. In other not to have your partner’s mood swing to the negative side about you, just keep to yourself your feelings about his or her family especially if they are not too good.

2. For personal hygiene perspective, don’t share your toothbrush

If you visit your partner in his house and somehow you don’t think of passing through the night over there but you ended up sleeping over. When morning comes, you will need to brush your teeth right! But don’t be tempted to make use of his toothbrush all because he is your guy and you’re ready to share things with him. Toothbrush is meant to be personal and not to be shared by two people no matter your closeness. And if anything did not fear you, you should be wary of gingivitis.

3. Your best friend’s misdeed

It may sound funny and interesting to you, if your wayward friends woke up in the morning in your room with no remembrance of how she got there and where she was coming from. It does not make any sense sharing it with your partner, why? Because your friends misbehave might be used to measure how you too behave since you’re best of friends and remember that, bird of a feather flock together. [Also Read; Certain things you should not share with your man]

4. Keep your bank statement close to yourself

Generally women love fashion and there is nothing men can do about that, you can splash your cash on your girlfriend as you desire but for a precautionary purpose, you don’t need to share your bank statement with her, else you will ended up buying what is more than necessary. Sure, you won’t know why she just blow such money with the seventh pair of red show that she might not even need with such amount worth an equivalent of a flight to Paris. For reasons such as this, your account statement should be kept to yourself.

There you have the 4 things you need not share with your partner that I consider very important out of several others. I’m aware that you too may have some several others, and I really want you to share in your list of other things you think shouldn’t be shared with partner. Please use the comment box below for your contribution and don’t forget to like my Facebook fan page

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3 thoughts on “4 Things You Need Not Share With Your Partner”

  1. Thanks for your useful information like this, I really appreciated. Pleased I have a question to ask, and my questions are this. Is it proper to be jealousy in your relationship, Or sharing tailwal and sponge? Thanks. Hoping to from you.

    1. Hi Nwichi Micheal, I will say yes it is proper to be jealous in relationship but the jealous has to be the positive one not the one that will harm your relationship.
      As sharing of towel and sponge with your partner, I will say no, you should have yours personally and not share it with your partner.

  2. Olamilekan Tsquare

    No: because in term of relationship jealousy always make the relationship very short and with this it may result to heartbreak and treacherous….
    sharing of brush and towel is very dangerous because each partner must have his or her towel and brush… in order not to be able to share any disease in sharing of such things.

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