How to make the best of your Wedding Night

Weddings! Weddings! Weddings! What aspect of a wedding celebration do you think couples look forward to? Is it the preparations, plans, church ceremony, traditional wedding, court marriage? Well, I would say all of it.  Aside all of these, one other very important aspect couples anticipate is their wedding night. Why do I say so? This is because for some couples, it will be their very first special night together after much waiting. It is therefore best to also prepare for this one night while making other preparations. I am not saying other nights together won’t be special but this very one marks the beginning of other nights together.

  • Are you wondering how to make your wedding night memorable?
  • Would you like to give your spouse the best wedding night ever?
  • Are you imagining how to make the best of your wedding night?
  • Are your eyes itching to read some juicy details?

I guess your answer is “YES.”

They say knowledge is power and you can only apply what you know so read up and get ready to make the best of your wedding night.

How to make the best of your Wedding Night:

Speed things up:

While making plans for your wedding, ensure it doesn’t get so prolonged that it drags through the night or late into the night. I have realized that weddings that take place these days do not waste much time so make sure yours is one of those. Ensure the person anchoring your wedding is time conscious and follows the programme so all can go well. This is so that you and your spouse can have some alone time after all the preparations.

Make bookings for a hotel:

How to make the best of your Wedding Night

Do not be too traditional or follow the norm by spending your wedding night in either your in laws place or your rented apartment. Do something different by making plans to spend that lovely night somewhere outside your comfort zone. Before now, you should make plans for an exquisite hotel room. It could even be a surprise for your spouse. Hotel rooms are normally well furnished so look for one that is excellent so you can have a nice time with your spouse.

Decorate your bedroom:

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If you decide not to book a hotel room, you can make use of what you have but it must be different. At least for that one night, change the look of that room. Put up flowers, tone down the room lights, play some cool slow romantic blues, have refreshments in the room, spray some nice fragrance so the atmosphere can smell good, let your beddings be brand new and look real good.

Be romantic:

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You have much anticipated this day and now it has finally come. Wouldn’t you make the very best of it? You are glad it all went down well and you now have your spouse all to yourself. You’ve got nothing to hide, right? So up your game and be romantic towards your spouse. Ensure you look really attractive.

Speak in hush tones:

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Since the atmosphere would be calm, you can decide to just hold each other in your arms and speak in hush tones. It is sometimes nice to go over all you’ve been through while making preparations and look forward to greater things.


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While the soft slow music is playing, hold each other’s arms and just dance to the music. Follow the rhythm, and let your hearts beat as one. You don’t have to say anything but let your bodies feel the music.

Appreciate yourselves:

You both couldn’t have done it without the help of each other so voice it out. Look him or her in the eye and be thankful that you now have one another.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Do you now have some ideas on how to spice up that special night? I guess you do. I wish you luck as you make the best of your wedding night.

We would love to know how it all went down. Care to share?

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