People You Should Not Invite On Your Wedding Day

People You Should Not Invite On Your Wedding Day

People You Should Not Invite On Your Wedding DayWedding day happen to be one of the greatest day in couples life, in the spirit of that joyous  mood you’re going to be on that special day, you will want to invite everyone for your wedding so that people can see how happy you going to look like on that day.  It’s a good thing to invite as much as possible guest on your wedding day but it’s another thing if financial constraint won’t allow you to invite everyone.  There are people you should not invite on your wedding day that their presences are not that much needed. [Must Read: How to Have a Dream Wedding With Little Spending]

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style03″] Apart from financial constraint, there are other factors you may consider why you should not invite certain people for your wedding. Your list of guest for invitation should not include the follow people who are consider not necessary to be in attendance. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

1. You should not invite someone you know in your family as a trouble maker when drunk

In every family there is always someone that exhibit this kind of character, it may not be your immediate family but someone in your family cycle that you really know well and perhaps if you don’t get to him or her your close relatives or parent may even hint you on their character in such great occasion. So, avoid people like that if you really want to enjoy your wedding.

2. Don’t invite your ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends

You may have thought of it that everything is over, even if your bride or groom is aware of their past in your life. They are not to be invited to your wedding for any reasons whatsoever. For instance, when it’s time to dance with the couple and your ex happen to enter the stage to dance and pull you over, how will you as the bride or groom feel instantly in such situation. You may act badly than you think. To save yourself from such embarrassment, just omit them in your guest list.

 3. You don’t need to invite your boss

While it is generally accepted to invite your boss for such glamorous occasion, it may not be proper for you to do so, most especially if you’re not that close to your boss in the office or if you don’t feel free in the present of your boss. You don’t need to invite him or her for your wedding because that day is a day of intimacy and you won’t invite someone you don’t feel free in his or her presence to come spoil your mood on your supposed joyous day.

4. You should not border to invite your distance relatives

Because of travel expense and again so that they will not look at in such a way that you’re only interested in the gift they are going to offer you and not really in their presence on your wedding day. They are not required to be there and so they should be in the people you should not invite on your wedding day, save all those unsolicited thought that are not in your favour.

5. Your distance friends need not be on that list of invited guests

While they might be your close friends in the past, but now they are far away from you and you’ve lost that closeness over sometimes now, you need not bother inviting them because you wedding day is not a day or reunion where you will want to see your old pals that you’ve seen for very long time. Put them in the list of people you should not invite on your wedding day. If you want a day of reunion, you can call on them on another specially selected day and definitely not on your wedding day.

What do you think? Do you feel any of these people should be invited? If you still believe that there are some other set of people you should not invite on your wedding day, please feel free to contribute to this post using the comment form below. Every contribution is highly appreciated, and don’t forget to like our Facebook Fan Page.

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