Strictly for Ladies only: 7 Things You Must Know About Your Man

Strictly for Ladies only: 7 Things You Must Know About Your Man

It’s a general believe that when you first meet a man, you’re actually meeting his, “representative.” If you’re the serious type, this “representative” will show you his honest, straightforward style in an effort to win you over. If you’re an adventurous Lady who loves to have a great time, he will reveal his outrageous sense of humor and may even suggest a mountain climbing trip. If you’re a tad old-fashioned, he’ll nearly trip over himself to open your door. Find out below what you need to know about your man (guys)
 Strictly for Ladies only: 7 Things You Must Know About Your Man

Things You Must Know About Your Man No.1.

Is Your Man Actually Free?

First things first: Ask your man if he’s married or in an otherwise committed relationship. That’s right, some men who are so eager to get to know you better may employ the don’t ask, don’t tell policy about the women in their life. Some men will hide the fact that they’re married if they are unhappy in their marriage, or if he wants to have his cake and eat it too, and is still living the life of a bachelor. For instance, upon meeting him, if your-man-to-be doesn’t offer you his home number, or cell phone number, be suspicious. (The same rule applies if you are given a home number but are only allowed to call during specific hours.) “Trust your gut feeling about the man, if he is doing things and taking you places that indicate that he’s hiding out, you should raise questions about his availability for you.”

Things You Must Know About Your Man No.2.

What Are His Intentions?

Don’t assume that just because his face lights up like a Christmas tree every time he sees you that he’s in this relationship for the long haul. And since there is a wide spectrum of relationships ranging from the “just hanging out” phase to marriage, Sisters should ask their potential mate immediately what his expectations are.

You need to know if what he wants is compatible with what you want. For example, if you are looking for a permanent romantic relationship leading to marriage, you ought to know if he’s the marrying type, you need to know if he’s able to commit himself to you, or if he’s looking for a friendship or just a romantic liaison, it’s best to ask rather than assume.

Pay attention to how he refers to you in public (does he call you `just a friend,’ or `the love of his life’?) and ask the right questions (where are we headed in this friendship?). It’s more fruitful to listen and pay close attention to what’s actually flashing on the wall than to assume.”

Things You Must Know About Your Man No.3.

What Is His Sexual History?

Inquiring about your mate’s sexual health is definitely your business, especially if you decide to have an intimate relationship with him. Unfortunately, not many people will be open and honest about at-risk behavior, so it’s always best to protect yourself, even if Mr. Right swears he is an adult virgin who was born and reared in the Holy Land. “Nowadays you need to get a very recent lab report on guys, you should take a step further and get tested as well.

Things You Must Know About Your Man No.4.

Are There Skeletons In His Closet?

Let’s face it, Ladies, all men (and women) have a past. And as many history buffs will declare, if you don’t learn from the past, you are bound to repeat it. It’s best to ask about your mate’s previous relationships, this is not to get the gossip on what went wrong, but rather, to discover if your mate has a pattern that will inevitably manifest in your current relationship. We are likely to do the same thing over and over again, unless we make a conscious effort to change.Things You Must Know About Your Man No.5. Does He Have Money Problems?

Warning! Inquiring about how your partner handles his money does not translate into asking how much money he earns, which is a major no-no, asking a man how much he earns is rude. Most men see that as a gold-digger’s inquiry, it sends the message that money is all that you’re interested in. But money should not be topmost issue since money is not everything but its important anyway.It’s no surprise that many major relationship arguments occur because of money or the lack of it, how one partner spends it or envy because one partner makes more than the other. In a budding relationship, financial issues may not arise because, generally, both partners spend their Naira separately. But if this is a relationship that is inching toward a permanent union, experts advise couples to sit down with a financial planner to avoid future conflict. In the meantime, observe your partner’s spending habits to determine if his habits are in line with your own; and ask about his views on saving and investing.

Things You Must Know About Your Man No.6.

Does He Have A Criminal Record?

Safety experts often advise women to check out their mate’s past thoroughly before getting involved. But delving into his background or paying someone to round up all of his traffic tickets may cause you to miss out on a good thing, you may prejudge a man because his record isn’t squeaky clean, and that says that you don’t believe that a person can be rehabilitated. Regardless of his past, it’s imperative to trust your instincts about your man. Dr. Jennings says that a woman should ask herself the following: “Do I feel physically and emotionally safe with him?” “Does he permit me to grow and develop in this relationship?” And, “Does he allow me to feel secure in this relationship?”But remember any body can change that’s the facts.

Things You Must Know About Your ManNo.7.

Does He Love And Respect His Mother And Other People In His Life?

Is your man a mummy’s boy? Did she instill in him the importance of loving and respecting women, or did she groom him to believe that he’s God’s gift to the female species? The best way to get quality information about your man is to observe his behavior with family and friends. Look at his mother and father and the relationship they have. Basically we learn how to treat others from our families. We learn how to `do’ relationships from watching how our parents treat each other. If there is a bad family system (i.e., one parent is verbally abusive), it doesn’t mean that you should write your man off. “Some men become conscious of the things that are going on badly in their family and are able to correct themselves when they get involved in relationships.

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  1. how to you handle a man that say he want your affairs to be just friendship and yet will want to have sex with you.

    1. Turn him down, how can he just want to be your friends and at the same time, want to have the canal knowledge of you. Tell him to go away.

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