How To Maintain Your Personal Hygiene During Menstrual Period

How To Maintain Your Personal Hygiene During Menstrual Period

Most women if not all women never enjoy menstrual period because of the associated pains, stomach cramps, lack of energy, discomfort doing some certain activities, and even limiting normal activities. In some culture and in the olden days, women who are menstruating are not allow doing some certain things and are banish from even coming near their place of worship.

How To Maintain Your Personal Hygiene During Menstrual PeriodSo, it is important to maintain highly personal hygiene during menstrual period, though it comes with more work but it is better you rise up to the challenges because, you’re not just going to do without the challenges. And for you to be able to stand where people are and participate in the activities going on, you need to be at your best hygiene .

Improper personal hygiene during menstrual period will make you smell, not just smelling but offensive odour that you’ll be ashamed of yourself going near people for any kind of activities.

Your personal hygiene during menstrual period start here now

1. Carefully select the kind of product you wish to use during your menstrual period. Most ladies will go for either sanitary pad or tampons, but if you’re just starting, it is better you made use of sanitary pad.

Sanitary pad is easier to maintain than tampon, but the only discomfort with pad is that it get bulky when you have heavy flow, it is not always recommended during the summer because it becomes noticeable when there is heavy flow. You’ll need to avoid fitting clothes during summer days and ensure you use proper sanitary pad size.

2. It is always recommended to change and wash your sanitary pad often, not just for the cleanliness only but also to avoid offensive odour from the menstrual flow. And before and after changing the pad, always wash your hand to prevent bacterial infection in your private part. There’s not much need to clean the inside of your woman private part when menstruating, why – because, it can disturb the normal body floral and encourage infection.

3. Ensure you take your bath daily and as many times you want it in a day, it is sometimes preferable to bath with warm water which will also help you to prevent menstrual cramps. There are many moisturizing products you can use to make you look and feel fresh with good scent after taking your bath.

4. If you prefer tampon to external pad because of the longer times it take to change it, you should ensure you don’t forget to change it or left it unchanged beyond 6 hours. In some brand of tampons, it is stated that, if left unchanged beyond 12 to 18 hours, there is possibility of having a toxic shock.

There seem to be a connection between tampon and Toxic Shock Syndrome. Staphylococcus aurous bacteria is being carried by some women under menstruation in their V. Absorbent tampons provide the right medium for this bacteria to be cultured, grow and spread infection associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Toxic shock is known with severe vomiting, high fever and diarrhea, these symptoms can range from mild to severe ones.

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