Uncommon Parenting Ideas That Work For All Parent

Uncommon Parenting Ideas That Work For All Parent

Ask any parent if they really enjoy parenting their children and you will be surprise by the answers they will give you. But really, what will surprise you from their answers? Well! Here are the most common surprising answers I have gotten overtime. Parents will tell you that parenting is never an easy task but they love it because it creates lots of fond memories for them and it really worth it. “Not easy but fun” isn’t that surprising enough?

Uncommon Parenting Ideas That WorkGet this fact; there is no any single idea or guide that is generally accepted worldwide to raise children. The way children are being raised in Africa are not exactly the way it is in American, and it also different from that of Europe. Albeit there is still some common ground but even with that, it still varies.

Parent will always want to do the best for their children so that they can grow up and become successful and happy adult that will one day look back with fond memories of the way they are brought up. The most memorable of them all are those uncommon parenting ideas that each of the parents try out on their children and see it really working fine. [Also Read; Parenting hygiene discussion with children]

In your quest to look for uncommon ideas to parent your children, these 2 uncommon parenting ideas that work for all parent should be able to provide you with some alternative to the conventional parenting ideas to raise your kids.

Hiding toy for a lesson

We all know that children like toy and it’s one of the first thing they first play with outside of theeir parent before even having any kind of childhood friends. Here is the idea behind hiding their toy; if you children are terrible leaving thing everywhere in the house, scatter things with no concern to get them arranged back. Even after several warning, they fail to heed to your warning. The next time they do this again; take away what they love playing with, as in what they cannot do without in the house and tell them to do certain things in the house, especially house chore that they don’t love doing. Do this by leaving a note where they kept their toy and tell them they will only have their toy back if they are through with certain task you set before them.

They will come to understand that, it is not proper to leave things everywhere in the house and if they continue, they will have to do that which they don’t love doing so as to get their toy back.

Reward box

Reward your children with gift, price or a chance to do something they love when they do something worthy of your approval, this is not the things they will get ordinarily; they will get this things through the reward box. Here is how it’s going to look like, when they do such worthy things, ask them to pick from the reward box and get something like playing outside a little longer, giving a little extra time to watch their favorite cartoon, gift and any other thing you deem fit for your children as reward.

By this approach, they will learn to earn privileges instead of material things and it will also teach them to do more of good thing in order to have some good times instead of doing bad thing, it is just an incentive for them. Give it a try, it really works. [Must Read; Parent’s Guide to Dealing with Sibling Rivalry]

These 2 uncommon parenting ideas has been working for all parents that give it a try and yours will not be different if you too give it a try. You can even mix it with your own uniqueness and creativity as well to make it suit your taste, it is all your idea to become a better parent.

Do you have some other ideas that worth sharing with us, we will love you to tell us here, leave a comment with your idea in the comment box below and don’t forget to like our facebook Fan page as well as help us to share this post with any of the social icons below. Happy parenting!

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