Parenting Hygiene Discussion With Children

Parenting Hygiene Discussion With Children

Children have a lot to learn as they are growing up and there is no better ways to learn hygiene other than from their parent in the early days of development. Parenting hygiene discussion with children at the early stage is the best time to instill in them how to be clean, although, it may not come as easy task but the responsibilities of the parents is to ensure their children learn it the proper way.

Parenting Hygiene Discussion With ChildrenThese few steps will ensure the smoothness of parenting hygiene discussion with children

Hands Washing

Teach your children and let them develop the habit of washing their hands before eating, after meal, when they go out to play, handling animal, when they return from the toilet and may other areas you know they can easily get in contact with germs and dirt. Let them be aware of the important of hand washing, which will prevent the spread of infections and also avoid developing threadworms, which cause itching around genitals.

Bathing Daily

Daily washing of their body will ensure that they look clean and fresh everyday especially when they first take their bath. You as a parent need to let them be aware of the hidden places where germs will hide and the best way to get them wash or clean out of the body with water and soap. Make the discussion with them a casual talk so that they will be confortable in a more relax environment. Daily bathing shouldn’t be a one time off, but should be at least morning and night.

Dental and Oral Hygiene

The best way to teach a growing up child is to demonstrate before him or her how to do proper brushing of teeth. Show them toothbrush, paste as well as how to floss, by so doing, children will learn how to take proper care of their teeth as well as their mouth. You can take it further by inviting a dentist to your house for a professional handling of dental and oral care; they will also explain where those germs can be found in the mouth, why they are there, and how to get rid of them through proper brushing and flossing. Brushing should be done for at least morning and night; a proper way of doing it is to brush after each meal.

Developmental Body Changes

This is a very crucial stage in child development; a good parent should pay close attention to changes in their children body. As children are growing up and reaching certain stages of their life, there is bound to be some developmental body changes. This could be that of puberty signs which will bring in some sort of smell and strong body odour. Parent need to engage their children with private discussion about it as soon as they notice the changes in the body. Being the first to talk about it with your children will help them in their growing up rather than going out to learn it in the wrong way. This will also help them to understand their body changes early in life so that they can easily get used to the changes with their body. They will learn how to get themselves clean up and not allow bacteria and some certain infection to build house in their body, there will be so much infection at this stage, if they fail to properly take care of their body.

Get Them Deodorants and Antiperspirant

Teach them how to make use of them after taking their bath most especially in the morning and also after every shower

Other Parenting Hygiene Discussion with Children You should also have with them

  • Ask your children to consult you if they are feeling ill.  Seek medical attention if you feel it is necessary, and wait until the child is feeling normal before returning them to school.
  • Explain the menstrual cycle to your daughter as early as nine or 10 years. Teach them when to expect it and what to do when it arrives.  Have some feminine hygiene products on hand and explain how often they should be changed.
  • Let your daughter know that a suitable hair length and style such as a bun, is a very easy way of minimizing the risk of lice.
  • Make a point of explaining the anatomical changes a body goes through during puberty.
  • Nail biting should be discouraged. A lot of germs live and breed inside nails and when bitten, there is a transfer of these germs to the mouth from where they can get into the digestive tract.
  • To discuss shaving with your children. Teach them how it is done.

Well! This is where I’m going to stop now; please do share with us, other area you think parent should teach their children in term of hygiene and also what are your experience in teaching your children about all these. I will love to hear from you and if you find this post interesting, do appreciate it with just a Facebook like button below.

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