Latest Top 10 Party Makeup Guide

Latest Top 10 Party Makeup Guide

Party makeup is a specific kind of makeup that’s done in such manner that it looks like a formal kind of makeup and is totally different from the casual makeup. While attending the get-together parties, wedding parties, dinners, dance parties and evening parties, this kind of makeup helps you to beautify your personality by giving you a very stylish and eye catching look among the whole crowd of the party! Knowing the secret guide to makeup has a significant importance among people of present era as everyone is much conscious about to show an attractive and the best looks of all. So, we’re here to guide you in the best possible way always, because it’s the matter of your looks and style!

Here come the latest top 10 party makeup guide and idea!

1. High Shine Lip Gloss

You cannot do without this, because lip glosses are so much in fashion these days! High shine lips give you the hottest and sexiest look out of whole crowd of the party you’re attending! So, it’s assumed a big trend in 2012. There is a big set of various coloured lip glosses that are trendy and stylish. You just have to opt for the right shade that should be in accordance to your dressing tones and your complexion needs in 2012. But the main feature to be concentrated in this matter is to choose a shimmery, shiny and glossy lip colour to rock the party in 2012!

2. Bright Eye Shadows

The bright eye shadows is no doubt one of the top 10 latest party makeup, we come to know about the fact that the brighter shades are so much in vogue this year as it was displayed in the bright eye shadows upon the sparkling faces of fashion models in 2012. You can choose any brighter hue like pastel colours, orange, pinkish or any other hue of your own choice and according to your dress colour tones and show your beautiful part in 2012 just as your always do.

3. Pink Makeup

Pink makeup is going to be a big fashion this year. There are no boundaries or limits for this kind of makeups because pink makeup looks much stylish and trendy while combined alongwith any kind of dressing. This makeup is a proper choice for any party going to be held in 2012, so try pink eye shadows and pink lip glosses to sparkle in the parties 2012!

4. Softer Makeup Shades

Softer looks are the highest demanded looks of the year in terms of party makeup 2012. Soft shades give you an extreme of the attraction and beauty that’s matchless! Soft coloured eye shadows as well as lip colours are just awesome to combine with any kind of dressing you wear, that’s the reason of the high demand of this trend in 2012. You can opt for peachy eye makeup with some softer lip colour to rock the party or some other choice of your own this year!

5. Dramatic Makeup

Bold and vivid kindof makeups are a big fashion in terms of party makeup or evening makeup 2012. Eyeliner done in a dramatic style or having a bold lip colour gives you a prominent look in the crowd. So, if you’re deciding to catch the eyes of the whole crowd, you must opt for this kind of makeup arts in 2012. Fake eyelashes, thick coats of maskara, thick lines of eyeliner and bold eye shadows make you prominent and stylish person among the whole party members. So try this look in 2012 to be stylish and trendy!

6. Scarlet Lip Colour

Hot red lip colour is just fabulous choice of the year regarding to party/evening makeups 2012. If you want the hottest and sexiest look in the party, you’ve to opt for the scarlet lip colour alongwith any kind of eye makeup mentioned in this article. Red lips are very hot and trendy as displayed in runways as a hot trend of the seasons 2012. You can have red lip colour alongwith any kind of dress design and colour combination. So have fun with this trend and go rocking in the parties 2012!

7. Natural Makeup

The fashion displaying events disclosed some ideas of the latest fashion of the recent year and the conclusion of those ideas is that all kind of makeup looks that look natural are going to be the best choice of the party makeups 2012. All shades that look natural or light are so much voguish this year. Natural blushers and natural lip colours are the most appropriate choice of the latest party makeup arts 2012. So if you go for a natural looking makeup for some occasion like dinners etc, you look gorgeous!

8. Thick Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are the top listed feature of the latest and hottest party makeup trends in 2012. Thick eyebrows give you a look that can never ever be competed because this is the need of the latest fashion ideas and trends 2012. This trend is deduced from the fashion launching events displayed by fashion models on the ramp. But be careful while defining your brows for party makeup 2012 as black brow pencil is improper for your natural looks instead you’ve to go for a brown brow pencil and you’d go rocking in 2012.

9. Smoky Makeup

Smoky eye makeup is a very nice trend that’s been in high demand of the fashionable ladies and girls for a long time period. This kind of makeup is the most suitable eye makeup for parties 2012 because it’s full of the looks that are extremely hot! If you’re planning a romantic dinner with your loved one or going to a dance party, you must try this eye makeup and you’ll be surprised to have the response! But you’ve to be careful while opting for smoky eye makeup in choosing the right lip colour as the bold lip colours decrease the charm of your party makeup while combined with the smoky eye makeup. And there are some newer techniques than those of before also, like using other dark shades rather than typical black, chocolate brown and copper etc. So, have fun with the latest smoky eye makeup trends and enjoy your parties in 2012!

10. Golden Makeup Trend 2012

Golden makeup is so much sophisticated and glamorous kind of party/evening makeup this year! Use golden lip colours, golden eye shadows and golden shimmers to rock the parties this year. Golden makeup provides you the latest trendy looks as this trend is seen in runways 2012. It’s a soft kind of makeup and if you do have this kind of makeup in a nice way, you just give the most beautiful looks! So enjoy this party makeup trend in 2012! Source
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