These Tips Help You To Make Your Relationship A Priority

These Tips Help You To Make Your Relationship A Priority

Oftentimes people get to ask, what is the secret to happiness? And there are so many ways one can derive happiness in life, but then, in spite of many approaches or secrets to happiness, lots of people are not really happy in the world today especially in their relationship.

These Tips Help You To Make Your Relationship A PriorityIf you want to be happy in your relationship and make it a priority, then you will have to learn something through the most consistent finding from science of well-being which has it that, the best predictor of one’s happiness is his or her relationship with other people. This also means, if you want to make your relationship a priority, then you’ll need to develop a robust relationship with your partner.

How then do you develop such relationship with your partner?

To develop such relationship with your partner, you need to first ask yourself this question; can you at any time feel comfortable to share your worries with your partner without making him or her feel awkward?

If that’s not possible, then your relationship is not strong enough and this is when you need to start working on your relationship to make it a priority. It all start from cultivating a close friendship, you may think you’re close already but if you cannot say yes to the question above, then there still much work to be done in your relationship.

The truth is, if you make your relationship a priority, the positive effect will be reflected in your emotional, physical and even your financial health.

Tips to help make your relationship a priority

Follow the rule that says; change yourself first

you can’t change other person, you can only change yourself and the changes you make on yourself if positive can influence your partner to follow that part. You have the power at any moment to change how things are going between the two of you. Simple changes like raising your head to greet your partner when he or she comes into the room can spark a change in your partner response to you.

Create time to play together

Irrespective of your time schedule; it is important you create that time where you and your partner can feel great playing together. I’m not talking about bedroom performance kind of play here, I’m talking about physical play you both can enjoy even outside your home. Couple that participate in physical exciting activities together, feel much happier than couple that don’t value such play. You can learn a new hobby together, you can decide to learn and dance salsa together, and you may want to explore other recreational activities together. [Read; Top 3 needs of man and woman for a successful love and relationship life]

Chose to focus on your partner positive side rather than capitalizing on her uncooperative period to hit him or her below the belt. When you focus more on the positive side of your relationship, your relationship will be stronger and you’ll be able to really appreciate one another’s effort.

When there is need for face-to-face emotional conversation, put your phone away from you

Research shows that when your phone is with you during face-to-face emotional and deeply concerned conversation, your partner will be less satisfied during that important conversation. Why? – Because the moment your partner realizes that your phone is by your side or on the table, it sends him or her the message that your attention can be called away at any moment during that conversation, that’s not good because, it can create a kind of divided attention when you’re supposed to totally focused on what you’re being discussed. [Read; 7 Relationship turn-off that can ruin your romance]

When your partner raises complaint, don’t try to defend yourself

It is an easy way out of trying to avoid what should even be talked about. If you say No, I didn’t, what that basically mean is that you’re right and your partner is wrong and that’s when the argument get started, everyone is claiming to be right and if care is not taken, it can goes beyond just little thing you can easily talked over.

What you should do instead is to put on an attitude with something like; “Even though I feel that I’m doing my best, I see that you are still not happy. Because I care about you, I want to understand what you need and will try and make it better.” This is not giving in, kowtowing to the other person, but being a sensitive, reasonable adult.

Don’t forget to try out these tips too;

  • Try to check in on each other
  • Treat each other with respect, courtesy and be sensitive
  • Solve problem together and create intimate conversation.

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  1. Hello sir m in relationship with a lady, my jnr sister friend nd she love me more dan I do to her because am her first love to d extent thT if we had any argument she do cry either m at fault or she is but m not ready to loose her , pls how can I love her more because i also knew that m not treating her well.
    Pls i need the answer,. Thanks

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