7 Relationship Turn off Behaviour That Can Ruin Your Romance

Inasmuch as no one is perfect, sometimes we often fall into some not too good behaviour that hurt our partner. Some of these behaviors are unconsciously and that you may require your partner to let you know how bad they really feel about them. So keep an eye on any of these 7 relationship turn off behaviour that can ruin your romance and make necessary adjustment to it so that you can have smooth running romantic relationship.

7 Relationship Turn off Behaviour That Can Ruin Your RomanceAnd if you are the one that notice it from your partner, don’t fail to let him or her know about it, don’t just sit and allow your relationship go sour over what you can talk about with your partner. The more seriously you take the issue, the better for your relationship.

Here are the 7 relationship turn off behaviour that can ruin your romance

1. Doing all things together: This is not encouraging, as an individual, you will need a personal space and having your partner invading your personal space will make you sometimes uncomfortable. Spending some time alone has its own ways of enhancing your relationship, when you’re able to think about how to better something about yourself which of course will benefit your relationship at the end.

2. Taking your partner for granted: It is always good to remember that you love that special person beside you and you won’t want to take him or her for granted in whatever circumstance, because it will come back to backfire and make your relationship go sour. Appreciate your partner when need be, when something is done for your or for the relationship, it is always good to show appreciation. [Also Read; Bad habits that will hurt your relationship]

3. Arguing in public place: No matter what, taking your quarrel to public place is a total relationship spoiler. Don’t try it; wait until you get home before trashing it out. Get it all private and don’t make it public.

4. Overlooking what hurt you: At times, you can overlook something but not those things that hurt you because it will bottle up and get busted one day which can result in serious quarrelling. Please talk it out; your partner may not notice it hurt you since he can’t read your mind.

5. Comparing your partner with others: Except you’re ready to ruin your relationship with your partner, comparing your partner to your ex, or friends outside who possess something your partner don’t have is a sure way to sabotage your romantic relationship.

6. Trying to forcefully change your partner: We know that nobody is perfect and we all need some changes in our life but when you try to forcefully change your partner to something you’ll preferred, then you should know that you’re looking for bigger trouble because it will seriously affect how you relate romantically in your relationship.

7. Forgetting to forgive: Surely there will be argument between you both and one person will be offended, maybe somehow you manage to quench the quarrelling but still hold on to that grudges. It will surely give you some emotional stress and anxiety and when you’re stress like this, it will cause serious damage to your relationship. It is important you forgive the mistake of one another to help you have smoother romantic relationship when your heart is free of any grudges. [Also Read; 7 Relationship success spoiler]

Have you made any of this error in your relationship? Do you also think there are some other relationship turns off attitude that are not included in this article? Please feel free to let me hear your thought, use the comment form below for your contribution. Don’t forget to like my Facebook Fan Page as well as use any of the social media icons below to share this information. Cheer!

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11 thoughts on “7 Relationship Turn off Behaviour That Can Ruin Your Romance”

  1. mine is the issue of having your own privacy. my partner always want to visit him twice in a week. and I really don’t like the idea. I try to talk it over he till do not want to listen. how will make him to understand this.

    1. You still need to properly communicate with him about it.
      Say for instance if he can accept you just getting into his privacy uninvited, how will he feel when such happen. He should remember that, whatever you do to others, will be do to you too.

  2. Please i need ur advice Mr, Anthony, I realy got problem with my Girlfriend, Because of Quick ejaculation, Pls what will i do?

  3. mine is a little very bit complicated, because at the first in-stick she was the first to propose to me but at that time am not ready for any relation, so after a long while, i started to feel the same as she was but am too late by then. i try all my best to convince her but it far beyond my knowledge. my question here is that what should i do.

    1. Move on to look for another girl.
      It will be much more difficult for you to get her attention.
      She might have gone through some emotional pain when you turn her down, owning to the fact that, women hardly toast men.


    1. If you know your partner is just a goal digger, why still waiting around.
      Get out and find another person who has a future for you and your family

  5. Dear Anthony, pls kindly help me, i have a friend that i like so much, for me i want to get married to Him, but he has not yet propose but the problem here is that am too tight for him i mean His manhood is too big to enter mine.n has been thinking that this issue might stop us. On the second note i have someone that has proposed to me n i have accepted him but not too sure marrying him pls advice me on what to do.

    1. If he did not raise the issue of tightness, I don’t think that can prevent him from marrying you. And beside, women vagina is elastic, in a little time, if you’re having sex together, your womanhood will give space for his manhood.

      Accepting proposal from another man mean, you’re double dating which is NOT good for any serious minded person who desire to get married. Think about it, if any of your guy knows about your commitment to the other person, don’t you think, he will call it off with you?
      I can’t say much in this regards, but follow your mind to make your decision about it.

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