5 Tips for Being a More Beautiful Bride on Your Wedding Day

Tips to look more as a beautiful bride on your wedding day

Your wedding day is the day for you to be the queen of the world. One way you can feel your very best is to look your very best. Here are five tips for being a more beautiful bride on your wedding day, so you can radiate with confidence and feel like royalty.Beautiful Bride on Your Wedding Day

1. Beauty Sleep

A well-rested bride is a beautiful bride. Make sure that you get great sleep the week before your wedding in order to keep those dark circles from forming around your eyes, and for your whole face to radiate. If you find you’re having trouble sleeping, try finding a natural over-the-counter sleep aid or talking to your doctor.

2. Make-Up Rehearsals

Spending a little extra on your makeup is a no-brainer. Research, try different make-up brands, and come up with ideas long before your wedding. Since this is your day, you might want to consider hiring a cosmetologist to professionally apply your makeup before you walk down the aisle. In the days before the big day, try a few different styles and see how they look when paired with your wedding dress.

3. Hair Care

You want your hair to be at its very best before your big day. Get your hair professionally cut and styled within two weeks before your wedding. However, do not get your hair professionally cut within three days prior to walking down the aisle, just in case there are any mistakes you need corrected. If you color-treat your hair, get that touched up at around the same time you have your hair cut. Make sure that your chosen hairstyle will suit all the activities you plan on doing on the wedding day, such as dancing.

4. Skin Treatment

While you’re planning to tie the knot, you’re going to be stressed, and your skin will suffer for it. It’s a great idea to see a dermatologist at least a month before your wedding day to clear up any acne, uneven skin tone, spots, or concerns. This is also a great time to talk to your dermatologist about moisturizers that would be best for your skin type to keep your skin glowing as you walk down the aisle.

5. Dental Care

Nobody wants a swollen jaw or dingy teeth in their wedding photos. See your dentist a few months before you walk down the aisle to prevent any dental emergencies. While you’re there, either make an appointment to have your teeth whitened, or talk to your dentist about safe, at home teeth whitening regiments. Getting these done right before your wedding will ensure that your teeth look their brightest. White teeth will also make your makeup look better, and stand out with your white wedding dress.

As you plan your wedding, remember to take care of yourself because, for once in your life, it’s all about you. Keep these tips in mind so that you can look your best on your big day, for your new groom and for the photos that you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

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