The Best Tips On Using Fashion Jewelry

Everybody loves fashion jewelry, even the people who don’t like wearing the jewelry certainly enjoy looking at some pretty accessories; it can be beautiful circles necklaces, or bejeweled earrings or a lovely ring, all these pieces look amazing together, of course, if used in moderation

The Best Tips On Using Fashion Jewelry
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In this article I have listed the most popular tips that you can use when trying on fashion jewelry, for more details you can always visit Modern Living Trends:

1. This is one tip that works best for people who have a short build, that is, never pair maxi earrings with maxi necklaces. This will create an over exaggerated look and will look chunk and give away an illusion of weighing you down.

2. Even if you want to wear a maxi necklace and if you have a short neck, then avoid pairing the accessory with a high-necked blouse; moreover, if you are wearing a high neck blouse avoid wearing chokers as well.

3. When you wear silver, gold, and pink toned jewelry at the same time can look good if paired well. In the past, these metallic tones would not look good together.

4. Bracelets and rings can go well together, contrary to popular belief. They do not have to match, as long as they complement each other, it will look good.

5. Layering necklaces are beautiful, as long as, you do not go over the top and keep the look decent and discreet. You can layer little necklaces and pull off a chic appearance. One can be longer and thinner, and the other can have more details. As long as all the accessories go well together, you should be fine, make sure that the necklaces do not overpower one another.

6. Invest in beautiful and classic pieces of fashion, as they will last through time and you can pair them with any outfit, these pieces of jewelry will never go out of style. Pearls and stones are great combinations and go well together. As you grow older, you will realize that you will gravitate more towards classic jewelry and you will begin to use more of them because of their versatility.

7. The stones that are used in rings, necklaces, and earrings do not have to be the same color or style, as long as they go well together and match well it should be fine.

8. When you spot a piece that seems to be in fashion go ahead and purchase it but do it in moderation. You can do this so that you are not stuck with a bunch of jewelry that is no longer in trend.

9. Women that have massive fists should avoid wearing too many bracelets at once. Even if you have larger hips, you should prevent stacking bracelets, this is because of your hand’s resting position, and it will only draw more attention to the area you are trying to hide.

10. When dressing up and putting on fashion jewelry, you need to focus on one area that will stand out, one feature that will look good adorned with silver and will also pull your outfit together. Once you pick the primary function, then you can add on simple pieces that will balance out your look.

11. Ensure that you do not excessively match your jewelry, for e.g., if you are wearing red pants, red shoes. Red bracelets and a red necklace, you will look like you came from the Christmas village.

12. Always be creative when mixing your jewelry, don’t be afraid to buy something that can be eccentric and a show stopper. Be bold enough to take risks; this is the best way you can discover your style.

13. Play with your basic outfit, by doing this you will set a tone that will reflect your accessories. A basic outfit can be a simple tee shirt and jeans or a plain maxi, anything that can serve as a canvas for your jewelry to stand out. You can pair a long necklace or a bejeweled bracelet and witness as this transforms your basic look into something unusual.


You can wear and buy  fashion jewelry from Adina Eden new arrivals almost every day; even on dull days you will see how one statement ring can make you look and feel amazing. It is essential that you have fun with the styles and pieces that you choose and know what parts will anchor your style. For more information, you can always visit Modern Living Trends.

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