The Top Jewellery Collections Everyone Should Know About

The Top Jewellery Collections Everyone Should Know About

Every season, there comes a new emergence of jewellery collections from all our favourite designers which are both breath taking and beautiful. Be it a shining sapphire or elegant design, it often leaves us awestruck.

However, there can be a slight problem with this is in that some of the collections from the ‘lesser known’ jewellers can slip under the radar slightly. These following collections are some of those which come from the brands that we don’t always see on the cover of our favourite fashion magazines – but are still as beautiful as the rest.Top Jewellery Collections

Theo Fennel Arts Collection

The Theo Fennel arts collection has been one of their longest and most popular selections of jewellery, and their latest upgrade is set to see that trend going.

Not only have they still got the beautifully unique designs which made their Arts Collection so popular, but they have also designed some truly fantastic pendants which are all shaped as love hearts – and they are designed as little animals! Some of these little animals look incredibly cute and are still very fashionable, the best picks have to be the black & white diamond penguin and the white sapphire & diamond polar bear.

Cartier Etourdissant High Jewellery Collection

The wonderfully sounding name Etourdissant is certainly something which instantly catches your attention, and when you see the jewellery on offer – you will understand why!

The name can be translated to ‘stunning’ and this name certainly fits with the product, with beautiful rubies, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds. Not only are these beautiful gemstones, but their creative and unique designs are gloriously eye-catching too.

De Beers 1888 Master Diamonds Collection

De Beers have been the producers of some of the finest diamonds to ever exist since they were founded 125 years ago, and with this latest collection, they have certainly continued that tradition!

The diamond master De Beers certainly doesn’t rush into bringing out their collections, and it took them three years to pick the non-heat-treated stones with the best colour and clarity for the 1888 Master Diamonds Collection.

This commitment and patience has resulted in the collection producing some of the most desirable diamond engagement rings seen in a very long time.

Chopard Red Carpet Collection

The Chopard Red Carpet collection has now been running for 10 years, and this year it was shown-off at the famous Cannes Film Festival.

As with years before, the jeweller wowed everyone with 68 one-of-a-kind pieces which were set with the very finest diamonds and coloured gemstones. The Swiss jeweller has certainly maintained the high standard they first set and some of the earrings which included emerald and sapphires looked truly breath taking.

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